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The reason why I started this site was because the combine harvester of Corporatism had utterly infested science, education, pop culture and the news media, to say nothing of politics.

Honesty and transparency had become stultified and skeptics of Corporatist narratives were sanctioned, personally destroyed, ejected from power or otherwise demonized.


Six years later, we see the rise of Populism around the world, and the beginnings of a potential dismantling of this genocidal Corporatist juggernaut. A recent such example is the likely appointment by President Donald Trump of Robert F Kennedy Jr to a new Vaccine Safety Commission.

RFK Jr has been well-acquainted with the ravages of mercury poisoning from the consumption of wild fish since 1984, when he joined the Riverkeeper’s Foundation as their Chief Prosecuting Attorney. He won many cases against corporate polluters, wielding the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act. He’s had a big hand in restoring the Hudson River to a much better condition than it was in when he started and today, he is President of the Board of its umbrella organization, the Waterkeeper Alliance.


Kennedy describes himself has having been dragged, kicking and screaming into the realm of vaccine activism by the parents of vaccine injured children but he has since become a leading voice in this arena. Two weeks ago, when Kennedy met with the then-President-Elect Trump, both were dragged through the mud by a Mainstream Media that is completely bought and paid for by an industry that is closing in on being worth $60 billion annually by 2020.

As revealed in the Independent Film, ‘VaxXed’ by MIT Computer Scientist, Dr Stephanie Seneff, there has been coincidental rise in the rates of autism in the US with the increasing schedule of vaccinations. The incidence of autism has gone from one case in 10,000 to now, depending on who you talk to, one in 65 to 25. She says that at the current rate, by 2032 one out of every two children in America will be autistic, with 80% of American males being autistic.

The Mainstream Media can ridicule RFK Jr and Trump all they want, but with autism rates like these, they’re digging the graves of their own credibility, endangering the lives of their children, besides looking at an average $5 million tab for the care of each of their own children afflicted with this epidemic condition.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It’s the aluminum…..
    If I want to force humanity to its knees, I would spray your food with glyphosate, I would pollute the air with aluminum and if that’s not quite enough, then I would vaccinate you with more aluminum!
    So I can make you all dumb down and bring two or three generations to extinction. What I need to do, are certain electromagnetic frequencies to put your detoxification enzymes lame. And these frequencies come through the mobile radio transmitting to us .
    If I were malicious, I would say, behind this there has to be a smart group of evil, evil scientists and politicians. But since I’m not mean, I suppose there are just coincidences!

  • Be grateful for each blessing as it comes instead of bitching because Trump hasn’t righted all the wrongs in a day!

  • If Trump’s intention is to look out for the health & well being of the United States’ citizens, he would have had s better backup plan before repealing the ACA, and he would stop pursuing the GOP’s agenda to defund Planned Parenthood (for the check-ups, access to educated disease & pregnancy prevention, birth control, diagnostics, and cancer screenings offered there. *Abortion is not a federally funded service provided.) Additionally, if he were actually concerned with the country’s health, he would cease pursuing the Keystone Pipeline, the Dakota Access Pipeline for their irreversible negative influence on our water supply and soil quality, and he could get real about Climate Change by reinstating the established move away from fossil fuels. Sadly, he values oil profits more than people, and unless he divests personally & again shuts down the pipelines, his hypocrisy is still plainly evident.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Yeah for Trump, finally a sane voice with some power pointing out the criminal harm Big Pharma is causing in the upcoming generation of children. Hopefully, he’ll drain Washington from the fucking pedophiles also.

  • Big Pharma shaking as Trump appoints top vaccine truth advocate

    A short video and declaration. Worth a view. An undiscussed difficulty is the effect on humans, especially mothers, when each one realizes they have complied with a policy thinking they were protecting their children, while this choice has put them in danger. There is no excuse for endangering children. The industry and government have made themselves enemies of the people. The numbers are in. The secrecy of the global conspiracy is broken. Respect here for all whose hearts and minds and souls come together on the truthful realization. Love, Safety, Forgiveness, Sovereignty. Important to support all in letting go of the guilt, shame, fear that comes when children are regressed by vaccine damage, and their life prospects shattered. There are solutions to help these kids, and damaged adults. Let’s get about it, forgiving along the way. Holding all appropriately accountable.

    This will be one of the biggest paradigm shifts of the Shift of Ages. And the most gripping of the emotions. Our babies have been knowingly attacked by the policies of incorporated insanity in which we unwittingly placed our trust.

    Encounter this with Relentless Love. I share your tears and embrace you, daughters. I share with you parents the outrage and grief. It is Love, and the incredible power of hearts joined in Unity that saves. The infiltration and hijacking of the planet is quite a story. It is not your fault. We are here to win through for the Light.

    Victory is near!

  • Thank you for your report. I fully support your views regarding vaccinations and the mainstream media. I think when Mr Soros gets his wings clipped you will see the mainstream mouthpieces embarrassed out of existence. Hillary’s foundation can’t afford to buy influence any longer, and still has payback due. You along with USA Watchdog, the golden jackass, x-22 report, zero hedge, and lots more, are the new true mainstream.

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