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The bizarre charges coming out of left field from the US Establishment of “Russian Hacking” and “interference” with the US Presidential election, in the immediate wake of Donald Trump’s victory is elucidated in this interview of Mark Ames by the wonderful Abby Martin.

Ames is an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Russia, starting in the late-’90s, where he witnessed that country’s transformation from an American colony into America’s “number one threat.”

The scantly-covered story of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency explains how deeply the US government and Western corporations shaped and exploited Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, paving the way for the political system which they ironically condemn today.

There is much that is ironic in this story, being that the US Empire (as the enforcer of the Central Banking System) has interfered intensely – not only in Russia’s political evolution but in that of virtually every other nation on this planet.

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  • […] An utterly mandatory half hour engagement for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who hope that their capacity for citizenship might rise above the level of fatuous ignorance and lockstep group-think, in the event a recent installment from Abby Martin’s TeleSur-sponsored Empire Files program, in which she interviews Russian expert and award-winning journalist Robert Ames to deconstruct the basis for present day “anti-Russian hysteria” and to identify the U.S. interventions in post-Soviet Slavic affairs that provide the essential context for understanding realities that underlie actual relations on the geopolitical stage rather than grandstanding about nonsense and matters that either make no sense or simply result from opportunistic imperial attempts, which have thus far failed, to treat Russia as a puppet that exists to further corporate profits, a brilliant and transfixing presentation that seamlessly melds into a new Rob Kall interview with Paul Craig Roberts, an exchange about the Trump Presidency that challenges erstwhile ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ and ‘progressives’ both to recognize their own complicity in a system that has produced President Trump and to deepen their critique of what has really gone awry in the world today, to wit capitalism itself, which has ceased completely to work for most people while it chugs along like a sinister engine in producing profit and plunder for a now vanishingly small minority of investors and bankers and bureaucrats. […]

  • Abbey is wonderful, to date. A real journalist who so outmatches the MSM fakers that she leaves them in the dust coughing up their own lies. Go Abbey and thanks Alex.

  • God bless Abby for triumphing over the hordes of fake journalists in the oligarch owned MSM! You can trace all of this back through the bumbling, self serving, immoral, corrupt Bill Clinton and his cronies, to the corrupt political mechanics in the USG, the education system that teaches children nothing of importance about history and their complacent parents who indulge in televised propaganda!

    Bill Clinton blew a perfect opportunity to help Russians establish a free and open democratic republic! He failed in part because western oligarchs wanted to destroy Russia as a competitor nation and they saw it as a golden opportunity to cash in as they later did in Iraq , Libya, Europe and now America – period!

    Because of what little knowledge Americans have of Russia’s history is screwed up like their knowledge of the history of modern communism and capitalism, we are divided over nonsense.

    Hopefully Abby’s shock journalism stimulates listeners to turn off MSM propaganda and do their own homework. It’s a big order, but it’s doable. If a hick like me has done it successfully so can anyone who has a pure heart.

    White Russians are Europeans like any other, but they are tougher because they’ve been through the hell of Mongols, Huns, Muslims, Bolsheviks and western oligarchs! It’s time Americans grew up, threw off the social engineers and worked peacefully with them.

    Finally, the guest misjudges Trump as do a lot of people. Trump is a Celt by nature and Celts read other Celts. I am one of them.

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