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    The Dollar Vigilante (TDV), Jeff Berwick welcomes returning guest Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets with a very interesting conversation about many clever ways to retain the most control over your assets, away from the world’s bankrupt governments’ desperate claws.

    They believe that it’s not a matter of if but when the US Government will begin seizing non-taxed IRAs, in exchange for phony promissory notes from the US Treasury (and how other governmental bodies will take similar actions against their citizens). They discuss options like and getting a Visa/ATM card backed by your precious metal holdings, which would be stored in a private offshore vault, away from any government’s ability to seize your assets.

    We’re living in a time when we’re seeing a war on cash being waged around the world. Cash is now being entirely phased out in Sweden and in other Scandinavian countries. A terroristic cash policy was recently unleashed by the Indian government, wreaking complete havoc on a billion people. There has also been talk of the USD $100 bill being taken out of circulation because “cash is for criminals.”

    Gus Demos goes on to give a glowing testimonial for the TDV Summit and the Anarchapulco 2017 conference, coming up this year, during the long weekend of February 25th-28th in Acapulco, Mexico, where he’ll be exhibiting again. Their tag for 2017 is Ev@cuate the $tate, Brave the Future.

    I was at the first Anarchapulco in 2015 and it was an incredible gathering of dynamic attendees and outstanding presenters. My only complaint was that I hadn’t arranged to stay longer than three nights.

    If my business weren’t ruined, leaving me broke, I would definitely go again this year. I heartily recommend that anyone with the time and a few extra bucks and if they’re interested in meeting a lot of great people, learning more about the blockchain, its many applications and about protecting your assets from an intrusive state, to definitely go check it out.

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    • How do these guys make their money? There are fees anywhere. Who are the third-party source systems noted as a “vault”? Are bitcoin/crypto-currency and gold the main investment “products”? Sounds like an investor needs to be fairly wealthy to participate in their protection program. The early conversation mentioned treasury notes investment only, nothing more. This does not sound like an investment program for the average investor in the USA. Sounds like millionaires doing battle with billionaires to stay in the black and not be knocked out of the big money game.

    • i get real agitated when supposed valid observers make completely half assed interjections. Mister Demos interjected the very one sided notion that much of the 20 trillion debt is on Obama. Talk about half thought through. Ey, Gus, how much did he inherit and what was the financial momentum dumped on his administration coming into the first term? Let’s add the incoherent war machine/burden and entertain just how he could have extricated America from that entire stupid scenario. He could have NOT chose to ‘lean forward’ and let international war criminality go unpunished, but that would have undoubtedly ended as JFK ended. I’m no bot by far, the man’s hypocrisy is in no way justified nor moral or ethical and therefore appalling, but, please, stop stirring bullshit that is unnessary and only a half truth, it jades the rest of your sale. Then Jeff comes through with the notion that the bankrupt countries are in that financial difficulty because they are socialist…geezus, I could not listen any further, these two guys are so distorted in their cause and effects that it’s comical.

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