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    There is a growing group of disenfranchised white Afrikaners, squatting in public parks and on former landfills, in what some of them feel is due to the “reverse Apartheid” of the very aggressive affirmative action-type policies which are now in place, whereby it is nigh impossible for these lower class whites to get hired.

    For the record, it was not the Boers who imposed the extremely cruel and violent system of racial Apartheid, it was the British, who defeated two Boer nations in South Africa: the South African Republic (Republic of Transvaal) and the Orange Free State in 1902. Institutionalized Apartheid was mandated during British Rule in 1948.

    Apartheid was enforced until 1991. Then Nelson Mandela was duly elected President of South Africa in 1994, a country remarkable on that Continent for never having undergone a coup d’état.

    The bitterness of the 80% black majority of South Africans, after three centuries of oppression and 50 years of unfathomable cruelty under Apartheid will take time to heal.

    While many blacks have risen to middle- or upper classes, the overall unemployment rate of blacks has also grown between 1994 and 2003. The current corrupt ANC-led government is failing to achieve both economic growth and redistribution of wealth. Since they took power, South Africa has fallen steadily in the UN’s Human Development Index, whereas it had been steadily rising until the mid-1990s.

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    • While confessing I do not know as much SA history as I would like, I do know that the early German settlers seemed to be getting on just fine until the Brits decided to move in and take over SA resources by force of arms. Seems that’s where most of their troubles began, for both native Africans and Boers.

      Mandela a communist, never made any bones about revenge. The regime he set up was all about revenge against all whites. I happen to know a couple of expats from there. They escaped with little more than the shirts on their backs having the government confiscate all they owned. Black SA were then still uncivilized and tribal.

      The face you are viewing in this clip is not the face these expats saw at all. What they rejected was the tribal behavior of black SA at the time. The white culture and the black cultures were two radically different cultures. Perhaps the best way to explain without becoming offensive is to look what is happening in Europe today with the invasion of a counter culture.

      In the beginning the Germans settled what was basically uninhabited territories. There was no nation as we know nations to be. That came later. English industrialization drew black labor in from neighboring regions and the English likely took unfair advantage, but being as racial groups don’t like to adapt either way, conflict was inevitable.

      Personally I don’t see it as a race problem, but as a monopoly capitalism problem. Absentee capitalists exploiting the land and the people for excessive personal gains. Same ole, same ole. Mandela and communism simply reversed the race roles and I’d almost bet the farm the same absentee monopolists are still exploiting the land and the people.

      • The Boers and the Afrikaans language are Dutch, not German – but I just received a feedback email that confirms what you say about the role of the British in creating the chaos seen in South Africa today: “I haven’t even watched this video, I am white, Afrikaans and stay in South Africa, Gauteng. It’s a very sad story but remember to tell the world that “Apartheid” was started by the f**king British and their Illuminati brothers. It was all of a master plan to destroy the so-called Boere Volk or Afrikaner. The new so-called democracy introduced by the Illuminati is killing more black people than ever before. NEVER TRUST A BLERRY BRIT. NEVER.”

        I see in this article that Apartheid was only imposed in 1948, during British Rule:

      • This is an un-investigated piece of cod wollip from Forbidden Knowledge without historical background and the lead up to this disgusting video of today which is extremely bias and anti white. It bears no truth except for the hard sad facts that white people are targeted here in South Africa as is in Europe and around the world. I would like to know how much money they paid these poor and desperate whites to say what they did.

      • We Boer farmers own very little land and being murdered, raped, robbed and maimed to this day so that the greedy mining and government corporations can take it all. The South African black people are being forced into little hovels in their masses and are living almost the same lives as these whites in this disgusting video. It was the bloody English together with the cabal who organised everything including the Zulu war. The true history around the world is being WHITED OUT and replaced with lies as usual.

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