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    The Outer Dark is a new YouTube channel founded in August 2016, which already has over 20k subscribers and according to YouTube has had some 2.3M views. Ed, the young Australian who created the channel here asks seven questions of intelligence professional, Robert David Steele. I’m always very interested in what Steele has to say and this is one of his juiciest interviews, yet, with mind-blowing predictions and a plan to save the planet from its current trajectory by putting all of the racketeers of the Deep State out of business by rolling out his plan for Open Source Intelligence and Open Source Everything Engineering.

    Here’s the  transcript of The Outer Dark’s first interview, ever with Robert David Steele, about the nature of our world.

    1) What do you think, overall about #PizzaGate?

    Steele: “PizzaGate is a tip of the iceberg and one of the things that I find most fascinating is that 2016 was the first year in which leaked emails, which the elite really never expected to get out blew the top off, as well as electoral fraud and charity fraud – and in the case of Hillary Clinton, actual treason, sending classified emails to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    “[#PizzaGate] is now called “PedoGate”. I find it absolutely fascinating that Google and Facebook are part of the establishment. They are censoring #PizzaGate as best they can. There is no question in my mind, that not only are we going to see more leaks, I think the Republican Party pedophiles will be destroyed by Julian Assagne in 2017.

    “We’re now starting to see much better citizen intelligence. I’m very, very impressed by the stuff that’s being published by I think that, over time, there will be no place for these people to hide.”

    2) Did the CIA or MI-5 or likewise intelligence agencies fund programs to create pedophiles? That is, MK ULTRA or Project Monarch?

    Steele: “The CIA, Mossad and everybody else, including the Mafia, going back to J. Edgar Hoover,  who used to accept small boys as gifts from the Mafia – so, pedophilia is a perversion that is several steps down from prostitution and the spy agencies use these perversions and these illicit activities as a way of getting videotape evidence against people.

    “Jeff Epstein and Lolita Island is a Mossad operation. It’s wired for sound and video and they have Bill Clinton, may have Hillary Clinton, they probably have Chuck Schumer. So, bottom line here is CIA did not create pedophilia, in any way shape or form. Pedophilia’s been with us for a long time and it’s very common among some tribes – for example, in Afghanistan.

    “MK Ultra is a completely separate program, which is now out, beyond CIA. The Mossad, George Soros – everybody on the planet, now knows how to do mind control, because Yale has been a real slut about spreading that technology.”

    3) With the recent mass expulsion of diplomats and other high-ranking officials from the United States, as well as the assassination of the actual Ambassador to Turkey and the recent diplomat death, in Athens on January 10th, what is really happening? What is the global picture and the reasoning behind this?

    “Well, first off, I think what I find very, very fascinating is that Russia, Turkey and Iran represent, together with Greece, after a fashion, the rise again of Byzantine Europe.

    “There is no question but that the global elite is in a massive panic, because on the one hand you have Russia, Turkey and Iran being the adults in the region and on the other hand, you have Donald Trump, very properly saying, ‘It’s stupid to want war with Russia.’

    “The NeoCons are not stupid, they’re just venal, evil people. War is a profit center. People do war because they made bad bets on oil futures – which is what Goldman-Sachs did. Goldman-Sachs bet the oil was going to go $200 a barrel. It didn’t. So, for Goldman Sachs, the solution is chart up the price of oil.

    “Saudi Arabia is, in my view the greatest threat to peace to the region. They have been spending hundreds of billions of dollars, basically bribing people, creating ISIS. The United States helped create ISIS. CIA has trained ISIS. CIA has also trained Chechen and Uyghur and other so-called terrorists, to send back to Russia and China, which is an act of war.

    “So, what I really see happening here is the Globalists are trying very, very hard to get Putin to lose his cool before Trump comes into power.

    “Putin, God bless them, did not. Putin’s restraint is what allowed Donald Trump and me and several others to basically slam CIA into small box. They lied about Russian hacking, the election. My two articles that Global Research has published have done very well, worldwide. I’m very pleased, that the public now understands that three so-called icons: 1) the secret intelligence community; 2) the media and 3) our politicians are lying sacks of crap that cannot be trusted.”

    4) If there is so much to lose from Trump taking a position of power, for the elites, how do you think they will try to hold onto power? Would they try to in fact, assassinate Donald Trump?

    “Yes, there is a risk of assassination for Donald Trump and I think that goes a long way toward explaining many of his choices for the Cabinet and his choice of the Chief of Staff. Reince Priebus is nothing more than a pimp for the Republican Party. He is an establishment frat boy. I hope that if Donald Trump gets himself well established, the first person he will fire is Reince Priebus.

    “Alex Jones and I and several others are at one on this. Priebus is a traitor within the Republican camp. He should be under constant surveillance and nothing he says or does should be trusted. I know for a fact, that Priebus is withholding from Trump vital information about how Trump could reconnect with the 73% that did not vote for him.

    “Now, on a more practical level, Lynn Rothschild can buy Trump several times over, from her kitchen fund. He’s got a total fortune that is estimated at between five and ten billion dollars. One of the most popular links on my website,, that if you look for ‘$20B”, for $20 billion, you’ll get right to the post where a number of senior intelligence analysts have speculated that Lynn Rothschild bribed Donald Trump to throw the election.

    “It was only at the last minute, when Hillary Clinton self-destructed, to include waving the flag of Russia, such that the Department of Homeland Security stepped-in and stopped her from stealing the 13 states that she stole from Bernie Sanders in the Primaries – and, of course the emails which had about three million of voters stay home for Hillary.

    “So, Lynn Rothschild, in my view, may have made Donald Trump – an offer he couldn’t refuse – to throw the election. Every time he started to move ahead, he did something that literally moved him back – and then, he won.

    “I’ve written a wonderful story that’s on Kindle it’s also free online, called ‘Donald Trump: The Accidental President,’ and I explain exactly how he won.

    “So, moving to my bottom line, Donald Trump is a businessman. I think he’s going to figure this out and if he embraces truth and reconciliation, which I’ve heard some good things from of, lately then he will make a deal with Lynn Rothschild, without taking the bribe.

    “My version of ‘truth and reconciliation’ is: everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. So, I am praying that Donald Trump will be the greatest president in modern American history, precisely because he is unshackled. He doesn’t know anybody anything and that is a real gift from Heaven.”

    5) What would we be likely I decided in the Clinton Foundation, if it’s investigated and opened up?

    “95% all monies that the Clintons have collected in the name of charity has gone to the Clintons. This is a massive electoral fraud. Charles Ortel [sp?] has done some magnificent citizen investigations. The FBI of Director should be impeached for failing to look into this. However, having said that, by my truth and reconciliation views, I think we need to move on.

    “Donald Trump is a very wise man, he’s got a lot of common sense. My bottom line is, if I were Trump, I would call Hillary Bill and Chelsea and say, “Listen, I hear another word from you people, you’re going to see the inside of Guantánamo. If you shut up and close the Foundation, everything’s fine.”

    6) You’ve spoken on education being dumbed-down the past. What other agendas are there? Is there an agenda, for instance with our food and water?

    “Oh, absolutely. I think there’s been a very deliberate move to poison the food, to poison the water, to poison the air. Electromagnetic pollution has been left unattended. Henry Kissinger has talked about how the globalist plan is to basically eliminate most of the ‘Useless Eaters’ – that certainly includes all of us “Deplorables.” There is, I believe, a very clear plan to cut the population of Earth in half, over the next 10 to 15 years and what I see is good news. The public is waking up. Vaccination, for example. I think Donald Trump’s youngest son has autism. He got it from a vaccination and Donald Trump has, in fact just appointed a vaccine skeptic.

    “I will say on the record: I am absolutely certain that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) are both criminal networks. These are people who are corrupted to the bone. Again, my view of Truth and Reconciliation is I want to get to the bottom of this. Everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. But if I were giving directions to the FBI, their first priority would be to wipe-out the 500 traitors that we have across the US government. Their second priority would be to do a very deep probe into the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration.”

    7) If you could focus our attention to one area of research, that would help us spill more light on this right now, what would you put a lens on?

    “Well, I sent a spy’s Christmas message to Donald Trump, that lists my seven priorities that I think would empower Trump:

    #1 You are not only an accidental president, you are a fringe president.

    #2 You cannot govern responsibility as long as our electoral system is corrupt.

    #3 The media purveys fake news.

    #4 Ike Eisenhower was the last president to have a grand strategy – you need one.

    #5 Eliminate All Taxes Less the Fractional Tax on All Transaction.

    #6 You are surrounded by traitors – financial, ideological, and religious.

    #7 You are being set up by Wall Street – a financial meltdown looms.

    “They would make him the benign Emperor of the World, that would reconnect him with the 73%, they would eliminate the members’ corruption and dependency on corporate money, they would eliminate all taxes, in place, putting in place an automated payment transaction tax, and they would empower the FBI to go after traitors.

    “But my two priorities, if Donald Trump were listen to me right now, I would say, #1, do an Electoral Reform Act, because that will release the members from their servitude to the financial community and it will reconnect Donald Trump to the 73% that did not vote for him.

    “I absolutely guarantee you the Republican Party is going to self-destruct in the next two years. Pedophilia is going to come up. Reince Priebus is going to be discovered to be an enabler, if not a practitioner of pedophilia. This is really bad, ugly stuff but leaving Priebus aside, the Republican Party is going to go down.

    “Trump is going to lose one or both Houses in 2018, unless he passes an Electoral Reform Act of 2017. The second part, for me is the Open-Source Agency. I have been an advocate for this for 25 years. An Open-Source Agency would give Donald Trump and the Cabinet and the Congress the decision-support they do not get from the secret intelligence community today.

    “As General Tony Zinni is on record as saying, ‘The secret intelligence community provides, at best, 4% of what the President needs,’ and I am on record as saying, ‘– and nothing for everybody else.’

    “So, an Open-Source Agency not only provides decision-support, to do evidence-based governance, that is totally transparent totally devoid of corruption in the public interest, it also funds my latest innovation, which is Open-Source Everything – Engineering.

    “I have communicated to the Secretary General of the United Nations, on more than one occasion – but to the new one, just recently, that with Open-Source Engineering, you can solve all 17 of the sustainable development goals and you can do it in less than 10 years and at 10% of the cost of the industrial paradigm, with Open-Source Engineering.

    “These are both huge. Electoral reform, Open-Source. You do that and it’s game over. The establishment goes down, the Deep State is gone.”

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    • Political analysis aside, when Trump restores the US Constitution by ridding us all of NDAA and the Patriot Act “he will be the greatest president in modern American history, precisely because he is unshackled. He doesn’t know anybody anything and that is a real gift from Heaven.”

      Otherwise, he’s just another talking head, one who needs his phone taken away and his Twitter account closed. We’ll see.

    • How delusional is Mr. Steele? With the shellacking the Democrats suffered in the last election, that included the media being an extension of the Democrat party, if any party is going to self-destruct it is truly the Democrats who have refused to change their leadership and moving further to the left.

    • Trump must also remove the Stealth UN. AGENDA 21 from all citys, states and federal agencies as soon as possible . Im afraid he may not know about this viper!

    • The one principle we must all bear in mind is ‘follow the money/cui bono’. Even to consider that the most lavishly funded, compartmentalized, unassailable, history long underminer of freedom and instrument of thugism on the planet as is the CIA and that it is in any way autonomous and NOT a tool of ‘them/TPTSB’ is utterly laughable. Steele, kins up with Alex Jones? His twist-o-flex-o on Priebus being a great choice as COS and preventing assassination but he should be fired immediately as he is a traitor? I must be missing a gaping nuance here…I can be thick on some things, waistline included. Priebus has ‘the secret’ to bring SEVENTY THREE PERCENT OF THE ELECTORATE WHO WERE ABHORED AT TRUMPETY, ON BOARD? Spin ’em Steele.
      Steele’s version of truth is…”My version of ‘truth and reconciliation’ is: everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail.”, wtf kind of expression of the scales of justice doing its job is that? My paranoid take is that Steele is in the same league as Moulitsas, Pieczenic, Cooper, Jones and a few others who have waxed questionable in ties and reporting…lots of bluster, little substance.

    • I haven’t always agreed with Steele and never trust the word of any ex-CIA. That agency I believe is the most dangerous and corrupt agency in the world because of the way it’s structured. The CIA has one master and it’s outside of the USG in my opinion. There is such a phenomenally huge gap between a very few rich families and even billionaires that they can bribe, blackmail or bump off whomever gets in their way. For instance look at the Saud family. Their man in Washington became President who appointed their man to the top CIA spot at the same time the Saudi’s, the USG, the CIA and others I’ll not mention waged wars against Saudi’s competitor nations .

      However I now find myself in agreement with Steele.

      • Well, Steele hasn’t worked for the Agency since 1988 and the views he’s propounded for at least a decade seem to be anti-CIA, even though his tenure there is a prominent feature of hi Bio. I agree with you that there’s every indication, especially in recent weeks, that the CIA does not represent the best interests of the US. They appear to be agents of the Central Banking System.

        • If you’ve been following the Where is Eric Braverman series, a much larger than CIA picture emerges. W/O discussing all the nuts and bolts of the CIA’s operations, it is my opinion that it needs to be restructured, just as the FBI needs to be restructured so as to make these clandestine agencies accountable to constitutional law. As they now exist, they are rogue outside of law under the fake egis of “national security”. This no small task and Trump needs deft handling of them which he seems to be doing. Some are impatient with him and I will admit he makes me nervous, but these agencies have way too much power and if he goes too far too fast, Katie bar the door.

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