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    In this gob-smacking part 1 of 2 episodes, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former US Assistant Housing Secretary, Financial Expert and Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts.

    Catherine’s deep analysis of the political forces working under the radar in 2016 shows some extremely unnerving trends. Fitts makes a strong case for the rise of autism as being purposefully engineered in order to completely hobble the American population, at a time when a similar outsourcing of the blue collar class is perpetrated on white collar workers. The cost of having an autistic child adds up to $5 million – and parents and family members will be too busy caring for them, while they’re laid off.  

    The incidence of autism has gone from one case in 10,000 to now, depending on who you talk to, one in 65 to 25. One researcher from MIT, who’s interviewed in the film ‘Vaxxed’ says that at the current rate, in 2032 one out of every two children will be autistic, with 80% of the males being autistic. State governments are rolling out schedules of vaccinations, mandating triple-shot vaccinations through the schools, which will undoubtedly dramatically increase that the likelihood of autism, in net.

    The proliferation of GMOs is also a part of this creation of mass-disability among the American populace, because even if you grow and eat your own organic food, most of those around you will be eating the bad stuff and suffering for it – and your taxes and your general quality of life will be degraded, no matter how “clean” you eat. If people are unable to get their kids into private schools or home-schooled, their children will be subjected to the debilitating dumbing down of the Common Core Curriculum – while they’re being fined for not having the right insurance to cover the autistic kids, under Obamacare.

    As she says, “If you look at every aspect of both your income statement, your expenses, your balance sheet – you’re getting attacked by centralization on all sides and each aspect of the centralization is trying to basically harvest you, financially for something else – so the least of your problems is that you’re getting laid off!”

    Fitts believes these are all in place to drive a massive Transhumanist Depopulation Agenda, in what she’s calling the “Endgame”.

    She sees the clash of political forces in the 2016 US Presidential election as all being pawns in a game run by Deep State, which deftly puts a friendly face on totalitarian policies. The election of corrupt Neocon Democrat, Hillary Clinton would fulfill a number of Deep State initiatives, under the façade of “social equality” and “female empowerment”, using the rhetoric of the “soft revolution.”

    On the other side, she sees the Trump phenomenon and his role as “outsider” as a strange contrast to his lifelong insider deal-making and status as a member of the one percent elite. Together, they consider the possibility that he developed his own rogue agenda of exposing issues like Common Core and the Transnational Corporate agenda and of revealing the secrets of the American establishment in the public domain as part of his plan. At this point, he’s certainly angering of the establishment by upsetting the insiders who helped his rise. 

    Fitts is quick to point out that Trump is hardly the “outsider” that many perceive. She goes into the function of casinos within the Deep State economy and how Atlantic City was developed to launder Deep State funds, after Cuba, which had formerly performed that function broke off from American control. Atlantic City was designed to launder illegal proceeds from the East Coast, while Las Vegas was created in the middle of the desert to handle this task for the West Coast, besides providing housing for the workers who are flown daily to nearby Area 51.

    As she says, “So, you’re telling me that the that the man who built the big casinos in Atlantic City is an “outsider”? I don’t think so!”

    Fitts brings her insights, as a firsthand witness of the unregenerate corruption of the US Government, like never before. This interview is so head-spinning and incisive, that I not only want you to watch it, I want you to read it, which is why I spent the whole day yesterday transcribing it (see below)!

    The main question that Catherine explores in this special interview is: ‘What is the Endgame?’ Her answer is as disturbing as it is informative. Get ready for a wild ride, in this shocking Dark Journalist Part 1 episode!


    Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts on the Elite Endgame and the Transhumanist Agenda

    DJ: Catherine, it’s just great to have you back here on the show. 

    CAF: It’s good to be back.

    DJ: One of the things that I noticed, while reading your latest report, “Where to Stash the Cash in 2016?” which is just a fascinating read and really contains some powerful information. What are these frequent references that you make to the “Endgame” and so let’s start off with that. What is this Endgame all about? 

    CAF: Well, I think what you’re referring to is the Endgame on centralization; the assertion of what George HW Bush used to call “Centralizing resources into tighter and Righter hands,” and we are watching the shift into a new phase of centralization…

    …My subscribers and clients are beginning to feel the pinch; people who hadn’t felt that pinch before are now beginning to feel the pinch and it’s getting very uncomfortable. 

    DJ: Why do you think this is happening now? Why is this the Endgame?

    CAF: Daniel, I can’t tell you. There’s a couple of possibilities. One is that it’s like a machine that works from outside in and now, it’s getting down to the core! The other thing is, as the debt growth model wears out, the system is hungry for resources and cash, so there’s all sorts of groups that it’s left alone but now, it’s coming for them, too… Whereas before, things that would only happen in the poorer neighborhoods. Now, they’re happening in the wealthy neighborhoods. Some of the wealthy are beginning to experience it and feel it…They were thinking, “It’s not going to happen to me. I’m in this bubble and we’re excluded from these problems” – but now, that the system has eaten the subsidy on the edges, now it’s coming for the subsidy, at the heart of the system.

    So, whether political or economic, the easy pickings are over and it’s coming at the heart of the matter. 

    DJ: So we may be, in this Presidential Election year, be looking at a big change in the economy. Maybe this is a major turning point?

    CAF: I think it’s a turning point for the people who have been untouched and are now being touched – but I do think we’re shifting into a new phase because, for example, up until this point, you needed a certain number of people running the train tracks and now for example, what you’re seeing that in the Presidential Election in the United States is you’ve had all sorts of people who were on the establishment payrolls, who figured out that when this election is over, they’re going to be thrown off the bus. 
    So, we’ve re-engineered manufacturing, we re-engineered…all sorts of different sectors, now we’re going in and re-engineering of the things happening, in the next phase is you’re seeing a very significant re-engineering of the management classes…Executives are suddenly waking up to the fact that they’re being re-engineered! 
    Part of it is technology…Before, you needed five people and now you need two and you can globalize one to India. So, that’s less bankers at JPMorgan-Chase!

    DJ: When you look at this period that we’re in and all that’s come before us; we had the labor unions and they were busted by sending their jobs and all of our manufacturing over to China and Mexico; so if we look at it now, they’re going to start outsourcing these executive jobs too, to get even cheaper labor costs for the corporations.

    The last time we did that with blue collar jobs, we got massive unemployment here at home; a lower quality of life, all around for average Americans and finally, massive amounts of people living on Food Stamps. So that definitely sapped the vitality of the average American. What’s going to happen when they outsource these white collar jobs? 

    CAF: Well, remember what happened with manufacturing is yes, we moved the manufacturing abroad and busted the unions. The problem, in that process was was not that we did that; I would argue, because technology said, “OK we can do it for lower price”…the problem was that we purposefully shut off the flow of capital and equity capital to the group that had been busted, so that they couldn’t start small business and compete effectively in the marketplace. 

    So, we used regulation and we used the manipulation of the financial system to basically make sure they couldn’t come back in the game. So I think there was a disenfranchisement which was counter to the law and counter to what was in the best interests of mutual fund investors and the taxpayers. 
    It’s very expensive for the taxpayers, to engineer that disenfranchisement. I think that the problem now, when you do the same thing to the executive class, the question is, are you going to shut off the cost of capital to them – and it looks to me like you’re planning on it.

    DJ: Catherine what is a real telltale sign that these globalist forces are moving into this Endgame phase…What will be the character of the narrative that they come up with, that will act as a sign for us to know that they’re really on the move. 

    CAF: This is going to sound like a shifting the conversation but I just finished whole series of interviews related to the latest documentaries on on vaccinations. Have you seen ‘Vaxxed’ yet?

    DJ: Yes, ‘Vaxxed’ is amazing. It’s the film that investigated the cover-up by the CDC of these links between vaccines in this case, the MMR vaccine and autism. 
    Robert De Niro got behind this film and actually got it in the Tribeca Film Festival, which is incredible and the media frenzy that came out of that was over the top so they put heavy political pressure on the Festival and they pulled it, so you know I think that only made people more curious about what was happening there. 

    CAF: Well, one piece in ‘Vaxxed’ relates to the increased growth rate in autism. Basically, in the United States we’re facing an epidemic. We’ve gone from one in 10,000 to now, depending on who you talk to, one in 65 to 25. There’s one researcher from MIT, who’s interviewed in ‘Vaxxed’, who says, at the current rate, in 2032 I one out of every two children will be autistic and 80% of the male’s will be autistic.

    DJ: Wow. That’s an amazing statistic. 

    CAF: …and one of the focuses of the documentary is a CDC whistleblower, who basically describes African-American males is four times as likely to get autism as white males – and males are, I think there are many times…more likely to get autism than women.

    So, let’s just connect the dots between two things we have a huge promotional campaign going on for the last 10 years, trying to promote the idea that the way to solve the problems in the world is to put women in leadership positions in business and government so we’ll end the corruption by putting women in charge (ha!)

    So, I that’s just one thing that’s happening, while you’re rolling out having schedules of vaccinations and mandating triple-shot vaccinations through the schools that we know will dramatically increase that the likelihood of autism, in net.

    Now, let’s take a look at those two things. One of the estimates I heard from one of the mothers who was interviewed in ‘Vaxxed’ is that the cost to family of having an autistic child is $5 million.

    DJ: That’s devastating!

    CAF: So, and I’ve had clients with autistic kids and what I will tell you is the ramifications, economically to a household, to a marriage to a family and to the siblings – to everybody, of an autistic child can be absolutely devastating. So when you talk about one out of every two children, you’re talking about wreaking havoc with American marriages, with American households – everything.

    Now, let’s go back to what we’re talking about: out-sourcing jobs in the executive class. You know, it’s one thing for the executive class to deal with that process. It’s another thing for the executive class to deal with that process, if every other household has an autistic child. 

    DJ: It would definitely wipe out any chance they had…

    CAF: Right. So that’s vaccines. Let’s talk about GMOs and food and health. I was just watching the trailer for Jeffrey Smith’s new movie. So, let’s add to that, one out of every two households is getting sick because of GMO food and bad food supply.

    DJ: Now, GMOs have in many ways been exposed but is that slowing down their growth, at all in the marketplace? 

    CAF: It’s clearly making a dent and one of the reasons it’s making a dent, Daniel is the marketplace is saying “No!”

    If you look at the percentage growth rates of fresh and organic food, it’s off the charts. It’s one of the few areas that’s going gangbusters in the economy. The message from the consumer is: “We don’t want it” – but if you look at the percentage of people who are still eating it, it’s very high – and the and the health ramifications are devastating. 

    DJ: Sure. 

    CAF: Remember, even if you’re growing all your food and eating very “clean”, your taxes and the quality of your life, is very much going to be dependent – you know – everybody around you is eating the crap, it’s going to impact your life, in many different ways, both financially and personally. 

    DJ: This goes to your ecosystem point, also. While it’s true that we can only take responsibility for our own actions, if we’re making good choices; going organic – and the general public is being duped into eating GMO foods, then it will affect everyone, across the board, in terms of the general kind of unhealthy environment that it creates.

    CAF: Right. The problem executive class has is the problem everybody has, which is you’re getting hit on multiple fronts by multiple forces. 

    Your banker’s stealing from you. So, let’s say you were an investor in Madoff and you’ve got a real food fight to find real food, unless you’re sitting next to the right store and you’re having to take your kids out of public school because of the vaccination policies, so you put them in private school or home school so or else, they’re getting attacked by Common Core – and the next thing you know, you’re getting a notice saying you have to pay a fine, because you don’t have the right healthcare policy, under Obamacare. 

    So, if you look at every aspect of both your income statement, your expenses, your balance sheet – you’re getting attacked by centralization on all sides and each aspect of the centralization is trying to basically harvest you, financially for something else – so the least of your problems is that you’re getting laid off!

    DJ: Right. I can definitely see that and what I find so fascinating is with you saying that these things are starting to come to a breaking point this year, this is how 2016 started. We talked about DeNiro backing the ‘Vaxxed’ film but there was also Trump in the debates, talking about 9/11 and the inconsistencies there and the 28-page report that implicated the Saudis, that the Administration won’t release and then we had Hillary Clinton on late night talk shows, talking about reviewing the secret files on UFOs and even new revelations around the JFK assassination 50 years later. 

    I can honestly say, we haven’t had a year that started with a tone like this in a long time and I seriously wonder if the establishment is running around, just trying to figure out how to co-opt these subjects and put them back in the box because the real questions are out there, in the public about what the truth is about all these things.

    CAF: Well, here’s some questions. Trump – I think the person who pulled it out of the box the most is Trump…Trump hit vaccines, he hit Common Core, he hit government statistics, he’s hit, not all of them – but a lot. The way he did this has opened things up right now and it’s almost given people permission to start talking about these things.

    DJ: Definitely, yes.

    CAF: When Trump first started he would run, I said he would be dead shortly and I think one of the things that kept him alive is by punching a crack in the dam, again and again and again. Then you had other people. On vaccines, Bob Wright, the former head of NBC came out with a book. 

    Part of this, Daniel, from 2006 to 2012, we lived through the financial coup d’état/Endgame and and that really woke people up. It shook their faith in the establishment but they were willing to go along and see what happened and when things haven’t come back and they haven’t gotten better, now they’re starting to say, “OK, what can we do?” 
    So I’ll give you a perfect example. From 1998-2009 I wrote and warned people the mortgage fraud and the extent of it and one of the things I discovered is nobody believed what I said – and even in 2009 – after the big drop, what I discovered is financial people really still didn’t understand or believe me. 

    In 2012, one of the top commentators on the web – financial commentators on the alternative web – wrote an article and it started off, “If this is true, ‘Kaboom!’ It’s all over,” and and then he started, “Catherine Austin Fitts has been saying this for a long time.” And then, he started to describe the extent of the mortgage fraud and I could tell, from writing, that to the first time in his life, he understood; it started to dawn on him, what I was saying was true. Until that moment, he couldn’t fathom it. 

    So the next week, I’m visiting a friend of mine, who’s a very significant professional in the financial world, who I’ve known for many, many years. Long-standing close collaboration. I would have told you this is a person who trusts me. So, I’m telling him about this article, that said that I’ve been saying this for a long time – and the guy who looks at me, stares straight in the eye and said, “Well you know I have to confess I’ve never believed you.” 

    And I said, “After 27 trillion dollars of bailouts? Let’s get the number straight: At the time we paid the $27 trillion in bailouts, $8 trillion would have retired all the single-family mortgages in this country.”

    DJ: Incredible! 

    CAF: You could have paid them all off! 

    So, it’s more than 300%! $27 trillion is more than 300% of what it would take to pay off every single-family mortgage in the country. So I said, “After 27 trillion dollars of bailouts, you still don’t believe me about mortgage fraud?” and he said, “Well, I’m starting to.”

    DJ: Ha! There’s so many layers of denial to get through there, it’s amazing.

    CAF: Now, I was the former Assistant Secretary of Housing, I was a former of media financial advisor. My company got taken down because they wanted to steal and shut down our databases. I’ve documented this all – but it is so hard for people to fathom. What one guy told me, “Look, you’re telling me is the sky is not the sky. You’re telling you this sky is really a ceiling and there’s a sky above it – and I just can’t go there.” 

    DJ: Yes, and this is the core of the problem. They can’t go there. So, it’s actually a consciousness issue, if you think about it; where they can’t grasp that the official version of reality is so different from the facts on the ground, so they just don’t want to see it, at all.

    CAF: Well there’s multiple phenomena – but they don’t want to go there unless the Establishment will go there, because they’re like, here’s Reality and then here’s Official Reality – and Official Reality has become its own morphogenic field. 

    Its MORE than just an Official Story – it’s now a field – and they don’t want to leave the field, because they perceive being in the field as being “safe”. 

    And the message is, they get laid off – and guess what? “It’s no longer safe! There’s a smaller field – and you’re not in it!”
    Then, they say, “Well then, if I can’t get in the smaller field, if I don’t have a locker in the underground base, why don’t I just check out reality?”

    DJ: Right – so now, they have to go in search of the real thing. 

    CAF: They leave and they go watch Dark Journalist! “OK, well now I’m going to watch Dark Journalist and figure out what our reality is,” right?

    DJ: Ha! Exactly, and now we’re going deeper than ever, because you’re here! 

    What I really find amazing is that you’ve called the 2016 presidential election ‘The Kingsmen Campaign’, after the new movie that deals with entrainment technology and there are elements in this campaign that are touching on the untouchable, in a sense, as you mentioned with Trump, a moment ago. 

    Now, Trump poses an interesting riddle, here because, as a billionaire hotel and casino developer, he must have incredible inside connections – and yet, the establishment media despises him with a passion, which makes him, in this scenario an outsider.

    CAF: Of course, he’s not an outsider! Let’s let’s go back. Why did Las Vegas get created? 

    DJ: Well, Mafia money is part of it. 

    CAF: Las Vegas is here – and right below it, is where? Area 51. 

    DJ: Exactly.

    CAF: Go to the airport in Las Vegas every morning and what’s happening? Tons of people are getting in a special plane to fly to Area 51 to do their job, right?

    DJ: Yes. 

    CAF: Right. OK. So what did Las Vegas do? So, when Barry Seal was running drugs into Mena Arkansas, he would stop at Area 51. Daniel Hopsicker, when he was doing the research on Seal, said to me, “Well, why would Barry Seal — ?” 

    DJ: On the surface, it seems like a weird combination.

    CAF: I said, “Danny, he was dropping off the money…Because Area 51 was a “Cash Need”, OK? Mena, Arkansas; the drug-dealing was a “Cash Cow” and the goal of the Cash Cow was to generate cash for the Need, right? 
    So, I told Daniel, “Look, it’s very simple, you know. Barry Seal was dropping by, to drop off the money. It’s pretty simple.

    DJ: Good point.

    CAF: So why did everybody want a casino? Because, you know, if Las Vegas is getting all the money laundering, right? Why did they want Cuba? The Agency’s plan was Cuba would do the casinos on the East Coast; Las Vegas could to do the West Coast – and you had it covered. 

    So, when they didn’t get Cuba back in 1963, you needed another plan. What was the plan? Atlantic City, right? 

    DJ: Right.

    CAF: OK, so why would the New York banks want Atlantic City? 

    DJ: That’s a good question. Probably to give them the East Coast Mafia contacts, that they would need and to make money laundering a more expanded operation, with that incredible New York financial engine.

    CAF: Whoever they wanted to deal with, you know, they had a need for significant money flows being handled through casino operations – and Atlantic City was it, OK? 

    DJ: So, it was money laundering, that they needed…

    CAF: Yeah. Now, money laundering done behind the National Security Council is considered to be legal, OK? So, what I’m not saying that it was illegal – in that sense. Everything the Deep State does is legal! Hahaha!

    So, you’re telling me that the that the man who built the big casinos in Atlantic City is an “outsider”? I don’t think so!

    DJ: Well, this is an excellent point you’re making, here but we have a bit of a conundrum because, as you say Trump, to be such a big part of Atlantic City, he needed the Mafia and the intelligence connections to do that but the reason we have him looking in this scenario, like an outsider is recently, we had a major meeting of the Bilderberg Group and one of their big aims this year is to “Stop Trump”. So, they look like they’re definitely enlisting the media companies to do it, so that elite machine doesn’t want him in there, apparently. 

    Maybe they’re afraid, that as one of them, he’ll go “off the reservation” and expose their operations, you know. It’s possible that could be the reason, as we’ve discussed. He’s let some things out of the bag…

    CAF: There’s no way that Trump could be – I go back to the ‘Kingsmen Campaign’. From what I could see, Trump and Clinton and Sanders, you know, within certain respects have entrainment. Because, you want to have a horse race. 

    Remember, part of this is entertainment. So, there’s no way Trump gets as far as he got without some kind of support, particularly from the media. Remember – you know, if you – I just did a book review on a book the by wonderful professor from MIT on the technology used in the online gaming and and machine gambling and it’s very much entrainment technology. 

    So, if you look at Trump’s background, both in gambling and in Reality TV, he’s like Mr. Entrainment!

    DJ: Right.

    CAF: OK, so there’s no way he gets this far without some level of entrainment technology and and those kind of systems, right? 

    DJ: Well, I wonder if he’s convinced that he can play an even bigger game in the establishment for them. He’s probably like a bull in a china shop and I recall in one of the debates, where he brought up the 9/11 Report with Jeb Bush and it was very uncomfortable and a real departure from the usual game and it seemed like he was at least defying the Republican Establishment – now, they can’t be too happy about that! 

    CAF: Here’s one question and this is a question: One possibility is if you were basically the Deep State and you want to put Clinton in, as President, the question is how? Because, if you look at her negatives, her negatives are so significant.

    DJ: Yes! 

    CAF: You look at those negatives – as a political campaign manager – will look at somebody with those negatives and say. “It’s impossible!”

    DJ: Right.

    CAF: The question is, how do you white-out the Republicans and put in someone who’s so bad, that you could get Clinton in?

    So, one of those possible scenarios is, how you white-out the Republicans and get Clinton in? That’s one possibility. 

    DJ: OK. 

    CAF: The second possibility is you really do have a group of people who are going to support Donald Trump and get him in, just so that they can get in control. 

    It’s very interesting, I keep coming back to an interview with James Baker and in the end – let me see if I can find it on the Financial Times. Let me see if i can get it for you. 

    DJ: Sure, definitely take a moment and find that for us and when we come back, we’ll explore the more telltale signs of Deep State involvement in this Presidential Election and some of the bolder moves they may have in store for us before we reach November, even.


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    • Thank you for connecting the dots regarding vaccinations, autism and our future economy. It is no accident that we sat and watched this video last night with great joy of your mention of the movie Vaxxed.. Today, we have just become aware, of the explosion of movie listings and showing nationwide. This has been a long journey for the Wakefields and now the truth behind vaccines is unfolding. Austin TX is a very awake community and would love to have Cathrine and/or Daniel visit sometime.

      In acknowledgment and honor,
      New Paradigm creators

    • “CAF: The second possibility is you really do have a group of people who are going to support Donald Trump and get him in, just so that they can get in control. ”

      I wish Catherine would elaborate on this group.. What group is that? Who are they and what do they want to do?

    • I know, I’m terrible, but I really DON’T follow all of this stuff that closely, but, if you’ve read ‘Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time’, by ‘insider’/chronicler, Carroll Quigley, which is a Blueprint/guideline (regardless of the exact mechanism: Those are just details…) for how the Elites PLANNED/are planning to take over the World; it’s all going according to plan! The tractor-trailer is bearing down on you, going 100 mph, and you’ve tried warning people and trying, in your extremely, limited way, to get out of the path, but there’s no dodging, so what do you do? Do you want to watch, every deathless moment, as it barrels down on you or do you close your eyes and peek, every once in awhile, as it gets closer? So, I just peek.
      Looking forward to what Ms. Fitts says in Part 2.
      As always: Thank you for all you do!

    • 28:40: I told my husband, back when Trump first ‘threw his hat into the ring’ and I started hearing some of the disgusting and inflammatory statements he’d been making, what better way to insure that ‘YOUR’ candidate gets elected than to make the alternative so repugnant and unappealing, that the voters feel that they have no other choice! Isn’t that called ‘the false dichotomy Fallacy’, or something? Here’s another thing: I’ve known about and disliked H. Clinton’s ‘cozy’ familiarity with Big Business since Clinton ran for Pres., the 1st time (it was just one other reason I voted for Ross Perot=the ‘Thinking person’s choice’)! Why does everyone act like this is BIG NEWS? I believe that TPTB wanted H. Clinton as Pres., back in 2008, but for Obama’s surprisingly strong showing (what can I say: We were HUNGRY for change and, even with MY deep levels of skepticism, that tiny sliver of hope held sway; May the karma gods forgive us!). The doubts began to set in, 1st when he suddenly selected government & inner circle insider, Biden, as his running mate and 2nd: When we found out that he disappeared for a few hours and it was later discovered that he’d secretly attended the meeting of the Bilderbergs with Hillary! We knew that something had changed with Obama; near overnight! Either he was just one hell of a great actor (while campaigning) or, we figured, ‘THEY’D’ got to him. I mean, what better way to control your ‘Pet President’, than to hold the safety of his family over his head (To the American Sheeple: ‘Newsflash: Tragedy at the Whitehouse: Tonight, armed ‘gunmen’, got past DOZENS of Secret Service and managed to tragically slay the 1st family. VP Biden has already taken the Oath of Office…Film at Eleven.’)? To be continued…

    Have you been struggling for years with mystery symptoms, feeling exhausted and misunderstood?

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