I have to admit to experiencing a fair amount of glee over the resignation of David Cameron. Although just a lackey for transnationalist agenda that wishes to control all of the information in human existence he became its face for me, when he made this power-mad and despicable address at the UN in September 2014.

Two months later, Google changed its Terms of Service and put many great independent journalists out of business, such as StormCloudsGathering, who rarely posts anymore. My business was decimated. I’m barely surviving on the fumes of a small business loan, having moved now into a hole in the wall, next to a toxic power plant, while overhauling my website once again. I’ve made every mistake imaginable and burned through two developers over the past year, who did nothing to help me make my website a viable business again and everything to separate me from what money I had, each stringing me on and disappearing for weeks at a time. It’s been a Hell of a year. I discovered last week that I’d developed Stage 2 Hypertension, at risk for a stroke and organ damage, with no personal history of high blood pressure and none in my family.

Thankfully, I feel I’m finally on my way to a bright future, unless the Deep State decides to do WWIII anytime soon – in which case, that will be everybody’s problem and we’ll all be in it, together!

As for Brexit and the future of Britain, God only knows. The Old Sod is suddenly in disarray, with Scotland and Northern Ireland largely having chosen to remain in the EU, the former announcing plans for a new referendum to secede from the United Kingdom and Ireland’s Sinn Fein calling for a reunification with Northern Ireland.

The unexpected resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron has left no clear front-runners.

Former London Mayor and classic British eccentric, Boris Johnson has been an important proponent of the Brexit campaign and is considered to be a contender for the post of Britain’s next Prime Minister. However, his Benny Hill-like self-caricature and general buffoonery, his lack of foreign policy experience, particularly at a time when Britain will revert to being a foreign country in relation to the EU might hurt his chances.

It’s fun to dream that populism may have started to get the Globalists on the run and that it may yet culminate in the smashing of centralism. So for now, I’ll agree with James Corbett here, that we might “take one moment, if we can, just once, to bask in the good news – and there could not be better news than this” – Cameron’s resignation speech.

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  • Your words ref David Cameron ring sweetly in the air. Here in the UK, with we “Outers” having well & truly stuffed the ruling elite, the euphoria is at levels not experienced since 1945 VE Day! Along with thousands of other activists, I have spent years fighting for this absolutely necessary cause & having achieved success, winning the state lottery couldn’t compare!
    We, having worked so tirelessly, expect those who seek to lead to do just that, but it appears, with that idiot Cameron wishing to stay till October & having done nothing whatever as a contingency measure, we are in limbo. Frankly, the removal of over 90% of the current crop of wasters that make up our Government needs to be implemented immediately, but with so few worthwhile candidates remaining, were this cull carried out, precious little real talent would be available to fill the gaps! The view of we Outers is clear, we see no reason whatever to operate any rules setup by the EU. We are no longer a part of that slowly unfolding disaster, therefore, we should & can simply walk away! For this to happen, we need leaders with balls & determination to do what is right for our Country & thus far, for me personally, I see no one with the right credentials? We would love Nigel Farage, as the architect of this amazing break with the EU, to stand as our candidate for this role!, however, we are not sure Nigel wants this? He hasn’t the parliamentary experience, but as a long term MEP, he has all the credentials, is a magnificent speaker & perhaps most important of all, has charisma by the bucket load! Is that enough? Well, he’s a Brit & anyone who doesn’t believe in our abilities to succeed where others fail is making a huge mistake! Hopefully, when our amazing success has fully sunk in, someone is going to grasp the leaders mantle & take our Country to heights undreamt of.
    John Wright.

  • Good, Cameron will be remembered as another of those great FAILED British leaders, like Chamberlain and Eden.
    How anyone could expect a pampered child of a stockbroker to know how to run a country must have forgotten
    Tony B liar.

  • Hello Alexandra. I read your piece explaining your difficulties over recent times. My bit of a blog has suffered from a reduced readership over the past two years as well. I thought it was simply because I had adopted a non politically correct stance, which frightened people off, but it could well be all Cameron’s fault.
    There is one thing which is going out of fashion at a rapid pace and so it should and that is the blaming of Hitler for all the world’s woes. The most visited posts on my blog are the ones explaining the true origins of the Second World War and the now well known fact that the greatest crimes in history had nothing to do with the Germans, who in fact brought in neutral witnesses to the reality of what had been done in Ukraine by those friends of the West the Bolsheviks. I have such a low level of readership simply reducing googles help was enough to see me off but you have a far more important fan base than mine, could you not use another platform like disclose tv or does that not suit your needs. They do noit appear to censor, I have had no trouble with them.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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