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The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christophorous contrast the recent Davos addresses of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and France’s Emmanuel Macron.

With Donald Trump out of the picture, the last major leader standing up to the evils of Globalism is Vladimir Putin, who delivered his first-ever Davos address at the virtual World Economic Forum via Zoom.

He said Globalization had created prosperity but it has also increased financial disparity, which was adversely impacting the middle classes of the world, the very people who “form the basis of any modern society.”

Of course, one of the main drivers of Globalism is Big Tech, about which Putin observed, “These are no longer just economic giants — in some areas, they are already de facto competing with states.”

He called them monopolies and he criticized their relentless censorship, asking, “How well does this monopolism work with the public interest? Where is the line between successful businesses and big data consolidation, on the one hand, and the desire to rule the society by being a substitute for legitimate democratic institutions, by deciding for the people how to live and what to choose and what they can express freely?”

“We have seen this quite recently in the United States, and everyone understands quite clearly what I’m talking about,” he said, referring to the banning of Donald Trump from the internet and the concomitant de-platforming of tens of thousands of Trump-supporting social media influencers.

He referred to Adam Schiff’s Domestic Terrorism Bill and the US agenda to “go hunting for enemies in their own country”, which he suspected was going to be used as an excuse to find enemies outside the country.

Finally, Putin warned that COVID had led to “weaker” international institutions and a “deteriorating” global security system, reminiscent of the conditions before World War II, raising his concern that these could lead to a “war of all against all” and to a complete implosion of modern civilization.

Emmanuel Macron’s address was the polar opposite of Putin’s. The former Rothschild banker recited the rote woke buzzwords of his Globalists puppeteers, warning that modern Capitalism “can no longer work,” urging global leaders to focus on tackling inequality and Climate Change saying, “We will get out of this pandemic only with an economy that thinks more about fighting inequalities.”

While it would seem that Putin and Macron are referring to the same problem of inequality, they are not. Macron’s Globalist overlords seek to remain billionaires, flying around on their private jets, while forcing the global middle class to reduce their carbon footprint to that of impoverished mud hut dwellers, should they survive the vaccine.

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  • If we could view any pics of the area around Davos, we need to see if Old Glory still flies there?

    Iv’e been following details that people aren’t remembering today. Putin and Trump had intelligence passing back and forth for 4 years. In 2017 Trump sent intel to Putin there would be a possible bombing at an air port or train station in a major city in Russia. Putin stopped collateral damage.

    In 2018, Putin catches an American ‘Businessman’ passing classified information inside Russia.
    Around the middle of Dec,2018, Putin sends information to Trump about a ‘Rogue’ marine unit within the D.C. barracks. Trump dismissed the entire guard unit on duty that day ( marines guard the President), and their was an ‘accidental’ shooting in the barracks that left a marine dead. I remember that short lived national news article when it occurred. What the news didn’t say ,was there was a secret service agent killed in the shootout too. ( The Military doesn’t keep loaded weapons in the barracks….the weapons have to be checked out of the arms room)
    ( Dr. Dave Janda- First week Jan-2019 YT…or

    in 2019 Trump sent Putin intel about another plan to bomb another city in Russia.
    Putin was able to stop it.

    Putin isn’t the ‘Bad Guy’, and hasn’t been. The Party of lunatics had to have a ‘Go-To-Boogyman’ to push the agenda of the day.

    What happened to the 250,000 Chinese troops that China offered for Biden’s security?
    Putin and the countries that surround China all stacked up their Armies against the Chinese borders…. Mike Pompeo was out doing P.R. Work his last few days in D.C. Maybe he reminded them how Trump helped break their perpetual ties of servitude to China they were under?
    ( do you know what the “buying “ Greenland was about ?)

    Those countries are now telling the W.H.O. to use those masks like the would a suppository!

    Joe and everything joe does isn’t anything but a distraction., to keep doubt in the minds of as many people they can keep.there. Too many people are caught in the paradigm of ‘Democrat & Republican’.

    What happened to the media and federal judges that haven’t mentioned that John Roberts ruled last year that “No sitting President can undo an E.O. From a past President”?
    Isn’t that what JOE is doing, NOW?

    When the Federal laws have proven they are no longer being enforced, it’s the obligation by Oath, to enforce Military law under the constitution.
    This is what we’re seeing take place now.
    The second step in the E.O. From Sept. 2018, started Dec.18- Feb.1st. the final step in the E.O. 13848 is 30 days. It ends on March 3rd!

    The best part is, …. We’ve all been invited to witness this from the front row……. people have to choose which window they want to look at it through?

      • In contrast to Broom Rider Clinton?
        “THEE Evil One?”
        The Great Destroyer!
        With Senile Joe, The Witch has now managed, however, indirectly to wiggle her hooves back in to the oral office.
        Whole I don’t count The Legitimate One out just yet, Broom Rider is still out there…lurking….scheming….plotting….etc…..

  • Putin’s Remarks are exactly why the who subject of Russian collusion was created by the pundants of The NWO and the Left Liberal Communist DemocRATS, Putin and Trump are two major world leaders opposed to a One World Order, Trump with America First and Putin with Russia First. They Both are leaders the wannabe Slave masters hate

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