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This is a wide-ranging conversation between Sean Stone and Juan O Savin about the Deep State “capture” of USA, Inc. and whether the military will finally get involved. Although the various topics aren’t always the most cheerful, the conversation is surprisingly delightful.

Right out of the gate, Juan talks about the military defense purposes of chemtrails and HAARP, seldom discussed and one of the main reasons for the secrecy around them that I covered nearly 10 years ago, which is that they are used to create missile defense shields.

Juan explains how they work in more detail: “There’s a military/security aspect to this that had to be there…which is the threat from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)…even from a rogue is real and you can’t get this material up 15 minutes before an attack, you have to have it there all the time and…it’s getting fine particulates into the upper atmosphere…in that 32-, 34,000-foot range…it goes out as this mist in the jet fuel vapor and then, as it disperses and you’ll see it rolling out after the plane is long gone, ten, fifteen minutes later and you’re looking at an area that’s a mile wide and it’s this dispersed cloud.

“The fuel disperses and evaporates away and you can actually see it from satellites, if you know what you’re looking for, in this dispersed fuel, you can see it in the infrared signatures and like that. It helps to patch up the ozone, in that zone where ozone’s created and that’s 29-, 33,000-foot zone.

“And then, those particulates are able to be pumped by the way that we send signals into that area and we can move the air, move the atmosphere move the moisture in particular ways and then in an emergency, we can concentrate certain types of frequencies in that area, resonate those particles – vibrate them, essentially at a very high speed and they act like a very…thin shield that…simulates a higher density…

“An incoming missile, moving at high Mach numbers hits that and it heats up, way hotter than its designed to go and would damage or deflect the missile.

“And these types of missiles, if they don’t work just exactly right, they don’t blow up. Or if they do hit, if they’re deflected off by even just a few hundred yards to a hardened facility, they make a big noise, make a big flash but they don’t take out that facility…that leaves that facility intact, to then fire back.”

Juan’s statements are a fascinating confirmation of the report I wrote in March 2011 about AC Griffiths, who blew the whistle on this technology on the Power Hour radio show, hosted by the late Joyce Riley. Griffiths said it was a Black Budget program that was originally planned during the Reagan administration’s Strategic Defense Initiative (again, confirmed here by Juan) and that it was among the most “secretive things” that he had ever encountered.

It was code named “Project Cloverleaf” and it was being run out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, from where he says it was being largely farmed-out to commercial aviation companies.

One wonders if COVID’s destruction of the airline industry has thereby made us less safe from incoming ICBMs – and if this is on purpose?

The two get into a host of other topics, from the arcane to the esoteric, in a conversation that I really, really enjoyed.

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  • The person is covering up the truth because full analysis shows many items not part of any fuels created and the particles do coat your lungs as well as damages all aspects of our living environments

    The person says they have logic for military reasons and this is not facts based on the usage and the Trillions of $$$ damage to the total environment. The Chemicals kill!

  • You are absolutely correct regarding HAARP and its role in missile defense. I also researched this after entering into a debate with a Youtuber who was obsessed with HAARP and it’s weather manipulation properties. Sure, it could affect the atmosphere by creating an large tract of pressure differential in the troposphere by ‘raising’ the ionosphere above it into space. Resulting in the adjacent area, like that occupied by a storm, or conversely, clear skies, to rapidly move in to take its place.
    But, the real purpose was, as you say, an element of the Strategic Defense Initiative. When you read the texts of the patents awarded to ARCO and Bernard Eastlund, they describe in detail how the array can excite and “lift” whole sections of the ionosphere, pushing it up into the space above. It becomes like a wall of plasma that will disrupt and/or destroy any ballistic missile or low orbiting satellite passing through it.
    One of the interesting bits that few were aware of is how most of the engineering to develop HAARP was spawned from ARCO’s North Slope GAS venture. To transport all the 58.8 trillion cubic feet of gas would not be cost effective. They planned to utilize new developments in magnetohydrodynamic power generators that used natural gas to directly create electricity. All done right at the source of the gas, no moving it needed. Then, ARCO was sold to Ratheon who also got the patents for HAARP technologies. Right about the time Reagan pushed for advanced missile defense.
    And, the array was born.

  • It upsets me that we will not be able to know everything in the end. It reminds me of the amazing arrogance of military and government officials who decided decades ago that we were not allowed to know about the UFO thing. I say those people and the ones who have continued it are traitors and need to see a firing squad. I am fed up with paying their salaries and being kept ion the dark. Kill em all!

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