Few things are more putrid than watching Mark Zuckerberg gin up the January 6th false flag “storming” of the Capitol in this video that was leaked to Project Veritas. It’s enough to swear off any fantasy you may still have of being a billionaire.

Over the past year, we’ve been subjected to unrelenting psychological warfare, with the propagation of false narratives that have been used to tank the world economy, to justify the killing of nursing home patients and to censor the internet, in a complete rupture from anything resembling past norms and a rapid disintegration of the rule of law.

The wimpy Antifa-led false flag “storming” of the Capitol, in which three of the four “killed” died from their own heart disease has been used to jam through the certification of fraudulent election results, to impeach Donald Trump and soon, to pass Adam Schiff’s Domestic Terrorism bill that will criminalize Trump supporters.

In this video, we see Mark Zuckerberg at his Borgian best, regurgitating his handlers’ propaganda, about how Trump “used his platform to incite a violent insurrection.”

It is appalling to watch someone who is supposed to be the third wealthiest person on the planet repeating all of the latest Globalist mantras, looking for all the world like he’s been kidnapped.

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  • What a lying POS. 900,000 people saw Trump speak. They were a 45 minute walk away from Capital. The Antifa BLM folk starting entering the Capital before Trump finished speaking. Trump never said anything about violence. Zuck the Fuck should be jailed for being a traitor.

  • UUUmm., UUmmm…..UUUmmmm…..UUmmmm. I be a college graduate.

    Can’t wait to see the military strip this deuce bag of all his wealth.

  • Suckerberk is lying about DT and he knows it, so do we, why should anyone believe him?
    I cannot abide this man…i tried to watch it but he makes me throw up he is so slimy.

    • Yes they did
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  • He said …..”us political leaders ” since when is zuggerberg a political leader. He is a criminal period.

    • Thank you for noticing this quote. Do you recall at what point in his talk he said this? I’d like to share it with my friends. Thanks.

  • I only listened to five minutes of Mark Zukerberg.
    Couldn’t take any more of it.
    The hypocrisy was PUTRID!
    If it had been Biden’s rally where a disturbance was caused, there’d be no problem at all. But of course, being a False Flag disturbance, by ANTIFA (paid and bought for by George Soros et al) it wouldn’t have happened because Biden is the globalists’ puppet.
    And Trump is not.
    Trump cannot be bought! God bless him!


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