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From Ivor Cummins @FatEmperor:

Most important short clip of the decade – beautifully illustrating our descent into Pharma/WEF tyranny – a must-share piece of shocking. Evil history. Pure lies. Pure fraud. Pure evil.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • During their “Pandemic” I simply refused to participate in the Fear. In my small Texas town of Boerne there are two Funeral Homes who had previously buried members of my family before their “Pandemic” that I had occasion to visit often, and a small country town graveyard, the true Harbingers of Death and before the “Vaccine”, and none had grown appreciably. My consensus of “COVID-19” was that it was not a “deadly virus” which the MSM proclaimed.
    What did this total “Lack of Participation” earn me? I had a sample of by blood tested at a local laboratory. I had no Antibodies nor any other indication of this “fearsome and deadly” disease.
    I had escaped this entire Fear episode in History totally unscathed. Fear is the Mind-Killer.
    Only the Believers and participants in the art of Voodoo are ever a victim of it, coincidentally.

  • Wow… Having inoculated myself against BS about twenty yrs ago by losing the TEEVEE, when the scamdemic got underway I knew this bad shit was going down but by not exposing myself to it through viewing the “satanic rectangle” (or however Dr. Mike Yeadon put it recently) I had no idea just how bad it was being played by all these disgusting jerks. When their time comes, it wont be RIP–more like RIH.

  • AMEN! These are the Devil’s deluded imps who have divided us. A generation of Pantheists whose god has no eyes to see, nor ears to hear, nor mouth to speak, so these self appointed missionaries speak for her – the greater good for Mother Earth!

    AND THEY ARE WINNING! In spite of the recent reverses in their fortunes – look what they have done already to our nation. Are you proud of it? They’ve turned our producer creditor nation into a consumer debtor nation bearing the bitter fruit of death and destruction at home and world wide!

    They’ve made America the tail and not the head; Russia, China and the third world look to like the good example we used to be by these imps destruction of their own household. Foolish women and children, and immoral men leading a rudderless people in Babylon. Pied Pipers all.

    The creme de creme is on its way crossing our borders at will, while these imps sit smugly in front of cameras, pretending all is well, their homes are warm, their bellies and their barns are full.

    Can swift and certain judgment be far behind?

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