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“Bill Gates’ depopulation technology was made in a genetic engineering lab founded by Jeffrey Epstein. This technology is invisible, silent and yet, it is more deadly than nuclear bombs.

“This video will show you a side of the Epstein saga, which you have never heard before. This is the reason that Bill Gates was meeting with Epstein after the 2008 conviction for minors and explains why the Gates Foundation Science Advisor, Boris Nikolic – pictured here, at Epstein’s New York mansion – was named Epstein’s Executor in his last will and testament that was written only two days before he didn’t kill himself, a will whose signing was witnessed by ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s lawyer and CEO.

“The girls were just a cover-up, a distraction from a much bigger story.”

Thus opens this extraordinarily detailed data dump by Liberals Get the Bullet Too. He then explains how those one billion Oxitec mosquitoes that were dropped by Bill Gates on Florida in 2022 were part of a run-up to a gene drive, which is an application of CRISPR genetic engineering technology that has been proposed as a method to genetically modify entire species, with the modifications spreading exponentially in just a couple of generations.

Most gene drives have been developed in insects, especially mosquitoes, as a way to “control insect-borne pathogens” or to eradicate populations of invasive species in their non-native habitats. For example, New Zealand’s Predator Free 2050 project is using gene drive technology to eradicate non-native invasive rats and possums from their islands.

Gene drives could also be used to eradicate certain human populations – or to extinguish the entire human species – whether on purpose or unintentionally. This thought has certainly crossed the mind of Bill Gates.

Kevin Esvelt, who was the first to realize that CRISPR gene editing technology could be used to create gene drives has said that it is near impossible to contain a gene drive.

Gene drives are completely unregulated, there has been nothing done to address their irreversible effects on ecosystems or their misuse and weaponization, so law enforcement is woefully unprepared to manage this, to the extent that they’re even aware that this threat exists.

So, of course Bill Gates is on the verge of infecting the world’s entire mosquito population with gene drives!

Many of the financiers and scientists in Epstein’s little black book are at the cutting edge of genetic engineering and life extension technologies. The creator of this clip, Liberals Get the Bullet Too shows us how they’re pals with all the tech titans and how the Epstein-Gates-funded lab at Harvard is the centerpoint of a spider web, interconnected in every direction. He says he always gets censored when he tries to type the name of this lab in the YouTube comment section: The Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.

He asks, “I wonder what problem [YouTube CEO] Susan Wojcicki could have with me talking about the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics? It doesn’t seem like a bad word to me but it gets caught by the algorithms every time.”

Susan Wojcicki was the CEO of YouTube from 2014 until February of this year and she continues to have an advisory role across Google and its parent company Alphabet. Her sister, Anne Wojcicki is the ex-wife of Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin and the Co-Founder and current CEO of 23andMe, the publicly-held personal genomics and biotechnology company that was the first to offer autosomal DNA testing for ancestry, which all other major companies now use.

In October 2023, 23andMe was hacked and the sensitive information of nearly 7 million users was stolen. The hackers targeted Ashkenazi Jews and they are now attempting to sell the stolen information. Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras tweeted about this two weeks ago: 

They didn’t get hacked – the DOD offspring of Generals SOLD IT – remember I said COVID testing is DNA harvesting but ….

Not a hack- it was a sale.
Now we need the receipts ….

Epstein courted Gates in his fundraising efforts for years. Eventually, Gates dropped him. Liberals Get the Bullet Too advances his theory that Epstein’s final “FU to Gates” occurred two days before he “didn’t kill himself”, when he appointed Boris Nikolic as the substitute Executor of his will.

Nikolic claimed he had no meaningful contact with Epstein, with his spokesperson telling FOX Business that he “was never consulted on these matters and has no intent to fulfill these duties, whatsoever.”

The move may have been designed to shine light on the Gates-Epstein relationship, with the full knowledge that it would be extraordinarily damaging to Gates’ reputation.

Liberals Get the Bullet Too reached out to Nikolic in an email exchange, who told him that he had fainted when he was informed of his appointment and saying that it was obviously a retaliatory move.

The following is a list of visitors to Epstein island who have so far been confirmed:

▪️Adam Perry Lang
▪️Al Gore
▪️Alan Dershowitz
▪️Albert Pinto
▪️Alex Baldwin
▪️Allison Mack
▪️Alyssa Rogers
▪️Anderson Cooper
▪️Andrea Mitrovich
▪️Andres Pastrana
▪️Angelina Jolie
▪️Anthony Kiedis
▪️Anthony Weiner
▪️Barack Obama
▪️Ben Affleck
▪️Bernie Sanders
▪️Bill Clinton
▪️Bill Gates
▪️Bob Saget (deceased)
▪️Bruce Willis
▪️Casey Wasserman
▪️Callum Hudson-Odoi
▪️Celine Dion
▪️Charles Barkley
▪️Charlie Sheen
▪️Charlize Theron
▪️Chelsea Handler
▪️Chris Tucker
▪️Chris Wagner
▪️Chrissy Teigen
▪️Cyndi Lauper
▪️Claire Hazel
▪️Courteney Cox
▪️Courtney Love
▪️Demi Moore
▪️Dan Schneider
▪️David Koch
▪️David Spade
▪️David Yarovesky
▪️Dolores Zorreguieta
▪️Donovan Mitchell
▪️Doug Band
▪️Drew Barrymore
▪️Ed Buck
▪️Ed Tuttle
▪️Ehud Barak
▪️Ellen DeGeneres
▪️Ellen Spencer
▪️Emmy Tayler
▪️Fleur Perry Lang
▪️Francis X. Suarez
▪️Freya Wissing
▪️Gary Roxburgh (pilot)
▪️George Clooney
▪️Ghislaine Maxwell
▪️Glenn Dubin
▪️Greg Holbert (deceased)
▪️Gwen Stefani
▪️Gwendolyn Beck
▪️Hank Coller (pilot)
▪️Heather Mann
▪️Heidi Klum
▪️Henry Rosovsky
▪️Hillary Clinton
▪️James Franco
▪️James Gunn
▪️Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)
▪️Jean-Michel Gathy
▪️Jeffrey Jones (deceased)
▪️Jim Carrey
▪️Jimmy Kimmel
▪️Joe Biden
▪️Joe Pagano
▪️John Cusack
▪️John Legend
▪️John Podesta
▪️John Travolta
▪️Joy Behar
▪️Juan Pablo Molyneux
▪️Juliette Bryant
▪️Justin Roiland
▪️Justin Trudeau
▪️Kathy Griffin
▪️Katy Perry
▪️Kelly Spam
▪️Kevin Spacey
▪️Kirsten Gillibrand
▪️Kristy Rogers (deceased)
▪️Lady Gaga
▪️Larry Summers
▪️Larry Visoski (pilot)
▪️Laura Z. Wasserman
▪️Lawrence M. Krauss
▪️Linda Pinto
▪️Lisa Summers
▪️Lynn Forester de Rothchild
▪️Mandy Ellison (assistant)
▪️Mare Collins-Rector
▪️Marina Abramovic
▪️Mark Epstein
▪️Mark Lloyd
▪️Melinda Luntz
▪️Meryl Streep
▪️Michelle Obama
▪️Michelle Wolf
▪️Mikel Arteta
▪️Miley Cyrus
▪️Nadine Dorries
▪️Naomi Campbell
▪️Naomi Watts
▪️Natalie Blachon de Perrier
▪️Nicole Junkermann
▪️Olga Kurylenko
▪️Oliver Sacks
▪️Orlando Bloom
▪️Paris Hilton
▪️Patton Oswatt
▪️Paul Mellon
▪️Paula Epstein (deceased)
▪️Paula Hala
▪️Peter P. Marino
▪️Pharrell Williams
▪️Prince Andrew
▪️Prince Charles
▪️Quentin Tarantino
▪️Rachel Maddow
▪️Rainn Wilson
▪️Ralph Ellison
▪️Ray Barzana (pilot)
▪️Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis
▪️Rita Wilson
▪️Rob Reiner
▪️Robert DeNiro
▪️Robert Downey Jr.
▪️Rodney E. Slater
▪️Ronald Burkle
▪️Rudy Gobert
▪️Sander Burger
▪️Sarah Kellen (assistant)
▪️Sarah Silverman
▪️Seth Green
▪️Shelley Harrison
▪️Shelley Lewis
▪️Sophie Biddle-Hakim
▪️Sophie Trudeau
▪️Stephen Collins
▪️Stephen Colbert
▪️Steven Spielberg
▪️Steven Tyler
▪️Svetlana Glazunova
▪️Teala Davies
▪️Tiffany Gramza
▪️Tom Hanks
▪️Tom Pritzker
▪️Tyler Grasham (deceased)
▪️Victor Salva
▪️Wanda Sykes
▪️Whoopi Goldberg

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