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In this Planned Parenthood promotional video posted to YouTube on May 31st, a female-to-male trans person named Lucky describes accidentally getting pregnant early during their hormone transition process.

Lucky tells us, “My abortion was one of the greatest acts of compassion I had ever committed. It was an easy decision, and it was a decision that, for the friends I had told I was trans, they were like, ‘Get it. That’s fine. Like, great, you know. That’s your decision. You want to finally begin your life.’

“I tell my abortion story because people need to understand that it’s not just a women’s rights issue, it is a people’s rights issue.”

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) which receives $553.7 million annually from the US Federal Government, which is just under half of its income.

Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortion in the United States. Recently, it has become a major provider of cross-sex hormones and their spokespeople have promoted the idea that men can get pregnant and have abortions. In short, gender-affirming care is a growth industry for Planned Parenthood.

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  • Oh dear God PLEEZE… I WOULD NOT WANT THIS “THING” TO BE MY MOTHER… OMG.. I would eventually end my life, at about 6 ….

  • I have a question that no one is asking. Do any of these men know that their partner is pregnant or do these women even bother telling them they are pregnant? It seems to me they just have sex and when they find out their pregnant do they ever let the other person know they are. Don’t the men deserve to know if they are going to be a father. Where are the men in these decisions making. Seems to me these women are just doing their own thing without letting the other person know what’s going on?

    • A close childhood friend had 2 abortions from the same father, who dragged her to get an abortion twice. Once she left the clinic still pregnant & he dragged her back. Ultimately it still was her choice to listen to him or not. A number of women look for support from the father as well and never receive it, they become isolated, I know of 2 other women, that being the case and lived with regrets.
      On the other hand, I know one particular girl who came in from Chicago, in the later years of my small town, that made it a form of birth control. She was also a drug dealer.
      Another girl from my work, was married and had an abortion behind her husbands back.
      Another, just turned 17 that was forced by her parents.
      Also from another family, different town, 16 year old, talked into by parents. No regrets.
      Another mutual consent by both engaged couple, didn’t want to walk down the isle pregnant, she regretted later, wondering in life if that was her son, because she had 3 daughters.
      All these abortions are from 1974 – 1987. All the women, except the drug dealer, became mentally not right & spiritually bankrupt. They became aggressive toward other women & sought relief through drugs, (street drugs or pharmacy) or alcohol.

  • Trans admitting and bragging about murder, how did we get here?
    Planned Parenthood is The Eugenics Cult, The Gates Foundation is only one of many organizations for depopulation/Extinction!

  • They give time off for maternity (leave). I think the equitable thing would be to give men constipation leave as both situations cause discomfort, bloating and result in passing a little shit.

  • Women who would like to think they are men can get pregnant and destroy life in a matter of seconds…

  • Says the WOMAN who had sex with a man. Talking about WOMEN’S rights while she’s dressed as a man. This person is mentally unstable

  • I have known ten women in my life that has had abortions. Two of them multiple.
    These women become hateful afterwards, generally against women who have a family.
    Abortion is an injury to the physical body, to the Spiritual self /the Soul, & Mentally damaging.
    These women are never the same.
    Much later in life, because they tend to not learn this, I have come to the realization “Let Them” because the child would be a product of them. But there certainly should not be a federal funding for abortion’s. We should not be forced to pay for their crimes. Abortion is a money making business, they sell Stem Cells & body parts. So is Organ Donation, if you are an Organ Donor get your name off the list, you become a target if you are young & healthy, they look at “Blood Types.”

  • Abortion is murder, plain and simple.

    Apparently these God hating lunatics have been traumatized by the laws of God

    • ABORTION is a heinous act of destruction of a human life.
      There is NOTHING life affirming about it.
      Brain washed people are to be pitied, but so are the little babies cruelly torn apart due to the selfishness of the brain disturbed.

      • terrygunzales and Valerie,

        Why not use a more POWERFUL
        term : B A B Y C I D E .

        And isn’t it De-Reproduction,
        not Planned Reproduction—
        Planned Destruction of Parent-
        hood ?

        I’ve always written, re “Abortion
        Clinics” ( 50 years or more ) :

        H U M A N Slaughterhouses.


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