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It’s time to start calling things what they are. Fortunately, Amazing Polly is only happy to do so, as she digs into the backgrounds of the swamp creatures who populate the vaccine “research” community.

“Predatory vaccine companies and…pharmaceutical companies and ‘philanthropists’, philanthro-capitalists, eugenicists, that are obsessed with population reduction are running the entire global health paradigm. They’ve captured all the agencies. If they aren’t blackmailing people, they’ve brainwashed people. This is just the facts.

“And for these smart, educated medical professionals who’ve gained a voice in this whole thing, to keep running around the same hamster wheel since the beginning of the pandemic, without looking at the players involved – ever –  it’s making me insane.

“It’s making me mistrust even the doctors who are on our own side…because either they are stupid or they are in on it, at this point. I can’t take it anymore!

“Alright? I tried to bring their attention to the Brighton Collaboration scam. Because now, the Brighton scam is run by [Bill & Melinda Gates’] CEPI and CEPI is run by six pharmaceutical companies. CEPI is the Brighton Collaboration, they are the ones who set the global standards for how to assess an adverse vaccine reaction.

“OK? This is mega huge! Yet these fools just want to keep talking about case counts, based on the phony PCR test!  

Polly says that the Brighton Collaboration was set up to define adverse events across the world after Pfizer became annoyed by the vaccine injury lawsuits being lodged against them. If it didn’t meet the Brighton Collaboration’s definition for an adverse event, it wasn’t an adverse event! The Brighton Collaboration was then taken over by World Health Organization and then taken over by CEPI, overseeing all the adverse drug reaction definitions for the COVID-19 vaccines.

She says this drug trial syndicate that they created is how they get away with human experimentation on you and your family. Bodies which are supposed to be overseeing vaccine safety are completely captured by the World Bank, the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation.

“Then they partner with the organizations that are making the drugs and the ‘philanthropists’ who want global population reduction. Literally, this is one team…Do you really think they have your best interests at heart? Or do you think this partnership is handy for covering-up vaccine adverse events?”

“And I showed you that the Task Force for Global Health is funded by all the predatory companies and all the predatory NGOs. I showed you all of it. All of it!…

“And today, I’m going to show you how one of those guys, just one that’s involved in the expert panel on the Brighton Collaboration to assess and define vaccine adverse events – I’m going to show you all of his connections and where the threads led me…It is just one guy. One guy.

“His name is Fernando Polack and the reason I focused on him is because in this publication in May 2021 in Vaccine magazine, this is one of the things that the Brighton Collaboration was doing. It was creating a definition for vaccine-associated enhanced disease.

“And right here, in the Abstract, it says that, ‘The Case Definition was developed by a group of experts convened by the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).’

“The very definition of vaccine-associated enhanced disease is set by Pfizer, Takeda, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Bill & Melinda Gates, Wellcome Trust, World Economic Forum and these governments [Norway, Germany, Japan and India].

“So I was looking at this paper and even that was unbelievable but then you scroll down to the Declaration of Competing Interests – this is conflicts of interest – this is the declaration of the authors of this paper for their conflicts of interest and I went over these last time, but the one I’m focusing on today is on the second page: F. Polack:

“‘F. Polack is an investigator in the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial.’

“Am I making myself clear? Pfizer has a man on the inside. Knowing that, is it any surprise that the other day, September 30th, our [Canada’s] health officials came out and said, they recommended Pfizer over Moderna? It was everywhere. It was all over the news. They recommend Pfizer over Moderna. Guess why?

“And not only is F. Polack an investigator in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial, he is the lead researcher, says right here in this New York Times piece from September 30th, 2020…

“He got his post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins, of course is one of the epicenters of the coronavirus stuff. It hosted Event 201 as well, which was he coronavirus pandemic planning exercise, just before the actual pandemic broke out…

“He also directs a foundation in Buenos Aires called the INFANT Foundation, in which he coordinates a network of 26 hospitals in Argentina. This guy, Fernando Polack has a lot of access to sick babies and children. Who funds this foundation that he runs? Bill & Melinda Gates, the National Institutes of Health, Thrasher Research, Optimus Foundation and other international organizations.

“Bill & Melinda Gates and NIH fund this guy’s foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Swampy McSwamperson! But hey, nobody cares. Nobody cares. Let’s just keep asking our public health officials if they could please, please give us an exemption for hockey arenas for kids!”   

Fernando Polack is still working for multiple drug companies (Pfizer, Merck, Novavax, Medimmune, Sanofi, Regeneron, Bavarian Nordic, Janssen) and based on what he’s up to and on the 40+ new RSV vaccine candidates currently in development and on the recent alarmist published reports she’s seen, Polly predicts an upcoming PSYOP involving the Respiratory Syncyntial Virus (RSV), which is a nothingburger that causes the same symptoms as the Common Cold.

“The entire medical complex has been taken over by predatory vaccine companies and by so-called philanthropists whose main aim is global population reduction. Just put 2 and 2 together, People…

“Start going after the players and the individual people and organizations behind this, it’s the only way.

“You can’t go after the notion of nonsense, you can only go after the actual fools.”

Polly urges everyone to start putting pressure on the individuals involved in this new vaccine warfare model using the Saul Alinsky tactic of “Freeze it and personalize it.”

She says, “You can’t put an idea in jail. You can put people in jail.

“‘Freeze it and personalize it’ and let’s get some of these monsters off the streets.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Remember the James Bond Movie “In secret service of Her Majesty” in 1969 about Omega variant of a virus where they show us what happens today. Even the writing on the wall of that institute is very telling “Versöhnung der Technik mit der Natur” merging technic w nature, the motto of the transhumanists. 52 years in the making it seems to be the blue print where the thug even looks like Schwab

  • Much appreciate Polly, and people like Polly, for the research and all efforts to wake people up. You, too, Alexandra. Great platform. Thank you for pulling it altogether from various sources. Your site is one of my favorite go-to sites. It’s certainly one I share with many.

    Had they never called this a vaccine and called it what it is, an experiment mandating all to participate from the get-go, we’d be much further ahead in this war. The deception is astronomical. My own family members and associates refuse to see it as anything other than a “vaccine” believing all the lies that surround it. Too sad for words.

  • It’s nice to see Polly over here. I really appreciate all the work she does for us. She’s a very smart young (I know, she’s 50) lady.

    Her point about taking pages from Alinsky is well taken.

  • Hockey works……played since I was 7 in the Detroit area when the only hockey on TV was “Hockey Night in Canada”! Broadcast from Windsor, Canada. Thank God I grew up with an outlet. Even if my mother bought me my first pair of skates were FIGURE skates when used to play hockey accounted for my funky toe nails I have today! My first hockey skates were Baurer then a guy who left Baurer and made his own skates called Roo.

  • So meantime, their starting War on the Belarus/Poland border, because Poland is leaving the EU.
    And Marketing China as the #1 enemy, so as to have their WW3.
    Nothing really is “New Under The Sun!”

  • They are attacking the defenseless first the military(ironic right) have less freedom to say no , the elderly in care homes have fewer rights almost prisoners and school kids also have no rights .The college kids are captured the schools violate their contracts refusing to give back the tuition. You can’t get healthcare until you are sick enough to become a ward to the hospital then they act like they own your ass. Worst of all they jab babies and pregnant mothers knowing the outcome can only be harm . We have plenty of laws they break with impunity.
    You can’t beat them in the courts they own that shit. They did everything they could to separate us so they could beat us into submission guess what it worked we are marching into the camps and singing their song using ourselves as the enforcers and making us pay for it.
    You can’t fix them. Time to go full John Gault. Starve the beast

  • Do you know wtf is making ME INSANE???????? That individuals keep calling this PSYOP a ‘pandemic’! It IS a PLANNEDemic! Also, what is making me INSANE……is calling the EXPERIMENTAL BIO-WEAPON INJECTION(S) a ‘vaccine’. IT….IS…..NOT……A……VACCINE!


  • Maybe a HUGE ‘mass die off’ that begins ASAP can stop the mass hallucination! All the ‘masses’ have been taught to do is to follow the mainstream media’s brainwashing by watching their TV’s – Tell-A-Vision. The only problem there is that they do not have any conception of ‘whose’ vision they are following.

    And, so far, the rose-colored glasses have not changed colors and the elite have still been able to easily obfuscate the deaths ‘by vaccinated’. I believe (sadly) that a mass die-off of the vaccinated might just shatter those rose-colored glasses and the guilty can be rounded up and taken from this earth!

    You are an ignorant, brainwashed, fool if you have taken the ‘bioweapon – killer jab’! Many will pay dearly for having done so through brainwashing and hypnotism by the demented Satanists (which is constantly being done to you through the mainstream media)!

    Demons at work… just read The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis!

    Lies, lies, lies… and more lies!

    I do not trust Satanists! Re: O’Biden recently taking the vaccine – FAKE – he was taking a movie prop needle and NOT the vaccine… look how fast and easy the so-called needle went into his evil being! Demons trying to fool-control & enslave the masses… they will not get away with it! More & more souls are waking up… and it’s about time!!!

    How do demons operate? Just read The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis – a 160 page (give or take) small paperback that shows just how demons operate in the worldly world of corruptible humans!!!!

    You will enjoy and also have many ‘aha’ moments while also learning how easy it is to corrupt the consciousness of men/women… The Screwtape Letters was written in 1942. It also comes in hardback, but, you can get the paperback ed. for less than $2 on Amazon.

  • Burn Down the System! Literally.
    Start with the United Nations Building in New York City. They sit on a piece of property they think exempts them from our Laws!

    • Also the United Nations building was on property owned and given by J.D Rockefeller and was also on land that had the biggest slaughterhouse in America at the time – how fitting.

  • Seems as if they’re trying to insert the new SCIENCE of man made techno nano sh____, slowly so we begin to accept the nano ingredients and all of it’s new and improved definitions..I see tiny sneaky inserts in reports now about nano nano’s..
    All needs to Stop..

    • I am a special type of dyslexic, that show-up every century with super talents. We ALL have ‘several very strange traits’ that now ID’s us. Others, N. Tesla, T. Edison, James Clerk Maxwell, Gen. George Patton, A. Einstein, Et Al. Apparently we are ‘ Advanced players to spur along humanity, plus emergency helpers to society WHEN the EVIL Breaks loose….my skills even cover befriending the Alpha to Omega players, so called humans to ET’s – good & the roughest, spirits, unknown lifeforms! Now, genocide lands on my plate….” We got snookered by the devils religion(s), telling humans to just keep on reproducing (Gods Will???) So one group is Devils Own and teamed-up with hungry ET’s in the Holy Lands mind you! This answers all the worlds WARS, etc. Forget man kinds politics, ideas, $$$, hate ploys, and their medicines ARE switched to poisons. They cutting off legit chronic pain, anxiety, Add, ADHD needed by some. People who been on these Medical Doctor prescribed RX for up to 40 yrs., just cut-off. Answer said to be to Not Taint the ‘feed’ of off-planet meat eaters?? From Friends off earth. So pray OUR GOD stops these Cheweers in Time. Forget the monsters in white coats, etc.

  • Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit so too are many of his associates . Jesuits have an agenda which is not in keeping with the best interest of humanity at large. Review a copy of their Jesuit Oath and you will understand why. If you want to research who is who behind the scenes look up their education record to see if they went to a Jesuit university and graduated with high honors from their secret Order. That should give you a clue. The day is coming when all Jesuits have to be kicked out of public institutions.

  • Polly, Polly, Polly Been through every kind of person who does that..They do “do” it, while knowing better.
    Ya know why? It’s simply because they ARE AFRAID. They are the patsy’s that will never be involved in the two step. Safe like tied to mom’s apron strings..They never get into trouble, they never get hurt or loose anything..why, because they are SCARED to speak up, reach out, face up.
    They’ve got nothing on you or anyone smarter than they are..
    People who do things and try things and speak up or walk up to; know what it’s really like to make mistakes, learn from them, apologize and improve; and/or FIND TRUTH and we kind of peoples; don’t have to lie, hide or cover up anything…Don’t bother wiping up..You are too good for that///But it makes great commentary…..🤩

  • Thank you for this video which I will share.

    Some of us in the UK do already understand your thinking and are fully bought into the ideas.

    I for one, have not had, nor never will have the poisonous Covid “vaccine”. My wife insisted on having both AZ shots against my strong advice, but now she says she will never have a booster. I think she can now see there will never be an end to it, although she stops short of admitting she made a mistake and regrets it. (pride I guess).

    I’m afraid I do not know a single person who has taken the same approach as I have, they have ALL been vaccinated. These are not stupid people and I believe they have been hypnotised by government via the MSM. I can think of no other explanation for their apparent stupidity.

    So, like you, I am so enraged at the “success” achieved by the psychopathic perpetrators of this global crime against humanity.

    I shall, nevertheless keep plugging away as I hope you will continue to do also.

    Good luck and keep up the good work.

    Ken Hughes

  • Alexandra,

    Re : “ It’s making me mistrust even the doctors who are on our own side…because either they are stupid or they are in on it, at this point. I can’t take it anymore! “

    Thusly, my term :

    M E D I C A L Mafia.

    The future of medicine is in Nutrition Science,
    which field of study is buried by Snake-Oil
    folks in Big Pharma/Big Medicine..


  • Thank you for your research and joining the dots in this live horror show scampering.

    Maintain the rage against tyranny.

    God bless and keep you well.

  • I really, really cannot fathom why not everybody is outraged by now. I’ve been saying in several interviews that we have to make this personal. Go manifest by the thousands in front of their houses, the places they work, follow them when they go shopping, follow them as soon as they leave their houses… just as they do and intend to do with all of us. Mass manifestations are okay, but please take it a huge step forward: personal. Chase them from the face of OUR earth.

    • I feel your frustration, but even Jesus said, cast not your pearls before a swine. He also said that if they don’t receive you, shake the dust from your feet…leave. Jesus never forced himself on people. And his gig was saving more than just lives, but souls! You canNOT force the horse to drink water.

      Adults have the same access, the same opportunity as you and I to become knowledgeable, to watch the signage along the road in this journey. And when I see people still wearing masks, they may as well be wearing them over their eyes-n-ears. That’s just the kind of people they are. They’re conditioned and stubborn. People hate to be proven they’re wrong.

      The real crime are the parents of these children and authorities over children disallowing parental consent, and pushing covert injections. There will be a Nuremberg 2.0; it’s just not happening soon enough.

  • Thank you !!!!!! I’ve been trying to tell people this for months.. Amen!! There’s no point keep picking at the scab.. You gotta kill off the root of the infection… Gotta go deep deep deep.. The devil doesn’t wear squeeky shoes.. He hides behind the ones he’s more than willing to through under the bus.. Thank you so much for your video and work.. Please keep going.. Get up Canada… Wake up and stand up for your life.. I’m a brit and I’m never giving up.. Don’t you..!!

    • Agreed. I have friends that are getting the booster, the flu shot and anything else his Dr says to get. Because he trust his Dr. I’ve told him it’s a Government script he follows. Etc… Doesn’t want to hear it.
      I gave him the first Geert video about the vax, he Google his name , which of course he’s slandered. So Geert is a no nothing, know nothing. Insanity
      He won’t believe me. Until unfortunately he’s injured. Even then, he won’t connect the dots.

  • FLCCC alliance posted they have been treating congress their staff and families with ivermectin and their I math protocol for months with no cases. Yes congress staff white house staff all exempt from the jab but have gotten treatment doctors and pharmacies are blocked from giving the people.

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