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    If we’d been told in mid-2019 that we would be living under the level of tyranny, oppression and institutional collapse that has since descended upon the world, we would not have believed it.

    That’s why we are desperate to know the true reason why this is happening.

    In this video, Clif High gives a thumbnail sketch of the geopolitical history that has brought us to this point and the agenda that is driving all of it. We can assess his version and put it side-by-side with all that we have previously observed and considered.

    I think he makes a lot of sense here and that this is a starting point, towards an understanding of the battlefield and what’s next.

    Ultimately, he thinks this all has to do with a dawning ice age and China’s race against starvation, social chaos and collapse. This is what the rush is all about.


    Clif believes something happened around 1955-1956 that rapidly spurred the creation of the International Geophysical Year, an international scientific project involving 67 countries that lasted from 1 July 1st, 1957 to December 31st, 1958.

    He says that Mao made a speech in 1958 that he thinks was a result of the Project’s findings, in which he first announced that China must conquer the West and that over the next ten years, the CCP developed the plan of the “Three Pathways” for China to conquer the planet, based on Mao Zedong’s premise that China must do so, in order for the CCP to survive.

    Clif says:

    “What they basically were going to do is destroy the West from the inside out, by making them dependent on cheap Chinese labor, subverting…our royals and leaders, by making those people dependent on the output of the cheap Chinese labor, in the form of bribes and participation and so on, whereas the populace in the West would be induced to buy cheap Chinese goods…and subvert our culture that way and then, a deliberate attack in the form of subversion of the media and a “Long March” through the institutions.

    “So that was begun in the ’60s and we’re living in that world now. So all of the CCP’s attack on the West – because it’s not only the US – was begun during this period of time between 1958 to ’68, when they solidified the Three Pathways plan.

    “And that plan, in the 1970s, ’79, I think, led to this professor, who was an instructing, teaching professor at the People Liberation Army’s version of the War College; he started writing a cohesive plan for implementation of one of these Three Pathways, which was the subversion of the culture, such that we would be unable to fight back…

    “So Mao was aware, in 1958 of whatever it was, in 1955 or ’56 that caused the International Geophysical Year to happen, because that was not organic…

    “But that effort, in 1957-1958, in the Geophysical Year set a huge chain of events going that we’re living through, right now, that culminated in the Climate Change extremists, out in Britain, the Climate Change, Global Warming efforts, all of…these lies that the Powers-that-Be have been spewing out about originated came from whatever occurred in ’55 or ’56 that got ’em so spooked…

    “[It] basically involved a lot of mapping of the planet, poking around in the bottom of the oceans, looking up in the skies and going to Antarctica…Mainly, they ignored the Arctic…

    “So all of these people in China were working on this plan to do something relative to saving China…and in ’68, they start maneuvering, via the UN…to the point where, in ’69 to ’70, there were contacts, even though we were technically at war with them in the proxy state wars, in Vietnam and elsewhere, the Chinese were in contact with our government very extensively through these UN backchannels, leading up to the point where Nixon announced that he’s going to go on over and have a face-to-face meeting with the ChiComs there.

    “He announced it in ’71 and he went there in, like May of ’72…It was already a done deal, it was only a PR thing. It was not any negotiations or any of that. In fact, they may have just been negotiating the details of some of these 700 factories, that they were having built.

    “So they knew, probably as early as ’68, because of the cooperation between the US Deep State and the Chinese Deep State, they knew that they were going to offshore all of our jobs and gut out as much of the West as they could, in favor of China.

    “And so, they did it to the US, they did it to Australia, they did it to New Zealand, Britain, most of Western Europe, etc. have been hollowed-out for manufacturing by converting everything over to the Chinese, as a result of this effort, that I say had been planned for 10 years. 

    “And then…this professor writes the book, ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ and he basically talks about killing off 200+ million people in the United States…         

    “They were going to do it with a bioweapon, they were going to do it by having 40 years of destroying our culture ahead of time, so that we can’t fight the bioweapon, because we’ll be hamstrung by them having captured the power elite and all of our institutions, especially including the media, which will allow them to control our response to the bioweapon, so that nobody will ever know that the Chinese released it and they won’t have to worry about it.


    “In the ’90s, the CCP recognizes that their population levels will inevitably lead to a food crisis…This definitive food crisis is known to be connected to Solar System changes and a Grand Solar Minimum.

    “So, the CCP knew, in the ’90s that it wasn’t going to be Global Warming. They knew that there would come a time, when they were going to be facing, basically – as I’ve been saying since 2000 or so – an ice age.      

    “They were preparing for the impact of the food crisis on their population. If we fast-forward to today, we have that food crisis now… 

    “In the 1990s, the CCP realizes they’re going to have to feed their populace or their populace rebels. And they also recognize that there was some unknown period of time that we were going to reach this Grand Solar Minimum and its effects.

    “And we’re having those effects now.”

    China has been losing incrementally more of their crops due to climate change from the impending ice age and it could lose as much as 50% of the harvest this year. If this loss translates into 50% of the country, or 700 million people not eating and who have nothing to lose by overturning the CCP, that could spell trouble for the latter.

    Independent of the above, the Petrodollar is crashing, the Chinese have been de-dollarizing their assets and Clif says they’re in the middle of double-crossing the Power Elite, globally. They were only in league with them as a sucker play and they are reneging on all of their agreements.

    China’s got a food problem, they need to take over the United States in order to turn it into a giant farm to ship food back to China. Clif says they made a deal with the Russians in the ’70s, where China would get Newfoundland, New Brunswick, all of the US and the northern half of Mexico and Russia would get Alaska and the rest of Canada.

    “The idea is, if you read their literature, the Han Chinese propose a Chinese-only planet, with the exception of a few slave races. They seem to favor slave races out of Africa…but in the last few years, there seems to be a lot of souring on that.

    “The idea was they would keep their Asian, phenotypically-related cohorts around, as they decided which ones were good and which ones were bad. But they wanted to get rid of all the whites, totally and all the indigenous populations, except in Africa, they would keep Africa as a breeding ground for slaves, that’s the idea of the Han Chinese.

    “So it would be a Chinese-only world. And in order to accomplish this, they had this particular plan [COVID].”

    Clif says it’s a matter of 4 or 5 years before there’s observable evidence of an ice age. As the result of the Grand Solar Minimum, the Sun’s magnetosphere shrinks, which allows more cosmic rays to strike the Earth, which results in nucleation and high precipitation and potentially even the creation of “Star Water”, such as some theorize to be the source of the rains that caused the Flood of Noah.

    These same cosmic rays proceed to the Earth’s core, which Clif believes is not made of iron but of plasma and which becomes excited by cosmic radiation, causing it and consequently the Earth to expand and of course, increased volcanic activity, such as we’ve been seeing.

    If there’s good news in any of this, it’s that we are safe from Chinese nukes and they don’t want to set off an EMP to take out our electric grid, because they need our land to farm and they need to have everything working so that they can plug-and-play, before their people starve.

    “So, it’s a real complex problem for the Chinese. They need…bare minimum, 200 million Americans gone…But they can’t do an invasion, because we’re all armed…They can’t do any kind of damage that would risk damaging the nuke plants.

    “It’s a very precarious kind of a takeover that they’ve got to engineer. They’ve got to have our society crash down just enough to the point where we’re not a problem and they can come on in and take over the nuke plants and then wipe out the rest of us and they don’t want us to collapse so much that all the nuke plants go ahead of that and pollute the whole area…


     “And so that brings us to their attack. So, they release COVID. That wasn’t really the weapon. The spike protein is the weapon and…it’s complicated, but our power elites handed over to the Chinese blackmail material and the Chinese took it and blackmailed them, got them involved in the whole plan.

    “They’re captured, just as our media is captured, the courts are captured, Congress is captured, the electoral processes are captured and Biden is captured. All the sh*t’s been captured by the Chinese, because they have actually taken over all of our medium-level global minions, in concert with the upper high-level global elites, the Illuminati, the real Deep State players.

    “But a lot of our Deep State players are now captured by the Chinese. They were f*ers and evil anyway, so it doesn’t matter much; they’re still doing their f*ery and their evilness but now they’re doing it for the Chinese on the behalf of the Chinese, where before, they weren’t, really so much.

    “So now, we’ve got the media captured, they’ve released their bioweapon, they’ve stolen our elections digitally and through other fraud, both nationally and regionally since 2004. They captured the Congress, the courts, the executives, the school systems, had us appoint incompetent military leaders, they’ve deliberately had us do foreign policy errors [like the Afghanistan withdrawal]…

    “They’re going to have us do a lot more of it. This isn’t done. This is all part of their plan. They’ve got us in a supply system failure that they’re engineering now. There’s no real reason for the supply system to fail, they’re just engineering it all, because they’ve got to get us all out now, because of what’s going on in their world relative to 2021 [crop losses].

    “And if there isn’t a resolution, then they know for sure in 2022…there will be more floods, the Three Gorges Dam will be under greater pressure. It may go and even if it doesn’t, they’re going to have so much in the way of floods and damage, that they will harvest maybe one third of their crops…in 2022, which means they’ve got to take their food from somebody else, somewhere, some way and they’re not willing to pay for it…


    “The only way that this works is if nobody knows that the Chinese attacked us; the CCP deliberately released the bioweapon. That’s why they work so hard, with Fauci and all the other f*ers, all the captured, blackmailed employees of the United States government. That’s why the Chinese and the CCP and these f*ers work so hard to try and engineer that we would not understand that this bioweapon was deliberately released.

    “Because, if we can all point to China, then this plan does not work. It only works if we think it’s…natural and organic and that our power elites are just f*ing-up. It only works if we just think Biden is so stupid and dementia-ridden that he’s doing this for our health, because he believes that, as opposed to deliberately crashing our healthcare system so that many more people will die in the United States in this coming year…

    “It only works if we don’t know that the Chinese have told Trudeau to stop Canadians from going over the border, so that they can kill them in Canada. See, they’ve got to isolate all the countries. You can’t know what’s going on in all the other countries. It pisses them off that we know what’s going on, to some degree in Australia, just as it pisses them off that other countries are now forming these common bonds of suffering under the CCP attack on the whole f*ing planet…

    “And all of this sh*t’s going to get worse but I’m of the opinion that none of this stuff’s going to work out in the fashion that the elite and the CCP want and that’s because there was, in 1963, in the Kennedy Assassination, we have this Self-Organizing Collective (SOC) that formed.”

    The SOC put Trump in place and stopped them from stealing the Election, the way they had since 2004, when they stole county elections and installed some 30,000 assets at those levels. They stole the 2008 elections to get Obama in, who was supposed to do away with the 2nd Amendment, with the endless false flags he ran.

    The CCP will not invade as long as the US populace has weapons. The only way they can come is under the guise of UN troops, which would only work for so long before we began to shoot them.

    They had planned for us to go to war with North Korea and have North Korea nominally win the war, according to our captured press, who would show our aircraft carriers sinking and tell us that we lost and so we’d have to surrender the Constitution, which gets rid of the Second Amendment and then the Chinese would come in and take over.

    Hillary was supposed to do all of this during her 8 years and they’re behind schedule and about to starve. He thinks the CCP is losing. The coronavirus was not as deadly as they’d hoped because we have higher vitamin D levels than they thought. The failure of the coronavirus is why they launched the vaxxine.

    The people who are dying of COVID have vitamin D levels under 20 ng/ml. If you have levels over 47 ng/ml, you are immune to the coronavirus. No virus is any stronger or communicable than any other against a healthy immune system.

    The Mainstream Media is the only thing that’s really keeping this going and they are dying and are about to experience complete narrative collapse before the end of this month.

    “When that happens, everything changes…The SOC can get a lot more stuff done, because they’re not constantly running into this battle in the information wars. They’ll be able to flood the place with information and change minds and things change very rapidly, because they won’t have a lot of pushback to the information they’ll be providing to us. At that point, things will change very rapidly…

    “By the time we get into January, we will have confirmation that the SOC has, indeed engineered all of this stuff, to the point where we have our first ability to take a deep breath, relax [and say] OK, we’re going to win this. It’s going to be ugly but we’re going to survive and we’ll be able to pull out of this…

    “We have crop failures in the US but we don’t have to have crop failures. We can seize lands from Bill Gates…If they seize his assets because he’s in league with all of these f*ers and he’s a non-military combatant…then, they take his assets and we have all this farmland restored and we put it back to work.”

    Clif thinks our Trump card might have to do with reversed alien technology. We shall see…

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    • Cliff…check out David of adapt 2030 on youtube. The celestial alignment in 2024 infact!!! Esp about the 2 tortaste magnetic donut spheres that will be interacting..and with the sun and earth too. Major stuff earthchangeswise there!!; I saw this very thing via dreams and utterances back in …seen alot if things via the dreamtime…but this one is very important.

      There is also something about the mud plains period as well…but donno why…but David has info on that on that as well…also about the terraria empire…ya..I’m spelling that wrong but David talks about that very thing too. So check the above link and his adapte 2030 channel on youtube.

      Here’s that dream on the alignment btw…

      Dream Sept 16 2020….alignment….

      Had a very bizarre dream today….I was with this small group of people/amateur astronomers.. who were around their 20’s to 30s in age. It was nighttime outside and we were looking up at the stars. There was this straight planetary alignment in the sky. Just then all the planets zoomed up close to me and I noticed most of the planets were closer to the right hand side in the lineup. A few of the planets beside earth were on the lefthand side but they were smaller planets in size in regards to all the other planets on the righthand side. Also this straight planetary alignment was not perfectly straight either. Close by not exactly straight in its lineup.

      Then the scene changes and while looking at the nighttime sky….this very tall guy who reminds me of Herman monster of the show ‘the monsters’ invites us all to his mansion. …in his long black limo infact. When we get to his mansion it is very dark and spooky looking. Also the mansion was long in size too??? It is still nightime outside too, so very dark outside.

      Then I get a date 2024. What it means I donno….only having to do with this celestial star alignment. Then hearing the words repeating to part of a recent song I’ve been hearing in Spirit the past couple of days. Yup, that song is really stuck in my head lately….why unknown to me.

      We’re leaving here tonight
      There’s no need to tell anyone
      They’d only hold us down
      So by the morning light
      We’ll be half way to anywhere
      Where love is more than just your name

      This is that very celestial alignment I saw via dreamtime…thanks to David of adapt 2030 for researching this very thing btw!×129.jpg

    • My daughter is going to have a baby in a month. Her husband’s parents did get the vaccination. Is the baby in harm because of the spike protein being shredded. We’re looking for answers. Do they take vitamin D if so how many milligrams? If anybody can help us we would certainly appreciate it.

      • Lauren,
        Look into at the apex water research institute.
        This stuff works great against any virus and many other ailments.
        I’ve been taking it daily for over 8 years and never get sick.
        Others that I know take it has their whole family come down with an illness but the ones that take the apex are not sick. I can guarantee you it works.

      • Hi… I know it’s just my experience, but my daughter-in-law actually got the shot toward the end of her pregnancy, is breast feeding, and the works. My son also got the shot. I was terrified that the baby would be in trouble but he is fine. On the other hand, every time I walk into their house I have a coughing fit. I think the kids must have gotten immune. My hope and prayer is that the natural immunity thing will eventually change the whole vaccine landscape and these kids won’t get so many vaccines. Absolutely go for the D, and the baby too. My little grandsons take the drops.

    • Interesting topic, but the worst speaker ever.

      Sounds like he’s eating while speaking, or at least hyper-salivating. Revolting. Pad your microphone.

    • Cliff, dont worry about the ”long one” I could listen to you all day, just love the info you come up with..

    • Thank you again AB for transcripts! I have little patience for videos. I am so happy that Clif talked about SOC. They are creating the timeline to get us separated from the DS which is what Clif is very good at detecting but so dismal. Thank you to Clif for including the SOC.

      • Alice, You’ve had too much tea with Hatter.
        Dr. David Martin will tell you exactly where everything originated with the Patents, because he worked for them!
        Dr. David Martin title: ‘There is No Variant-Not Novel-No Pandemic’ & title: ‘Drops Shocking Covid Info on Canadians’
        Since you said you have no patience for videos, I recommend the Canadian one.

    • Apparently Clif, whose work I respect greatly, has not seen the information from Dr’s Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and the others they work with, which shows evidence that no INFECTIOUS viruses have ever been proven to exist (isolated, genetic material extracted and sequenced, or shown to infect living organisms). I hope he has the chance to dive into this material. It would be interesting to see what his take on the Chinese onslaught in the context of the oncoming Grand Solar Minimum would be after assimilating this.

    • he’s believing a lot of stuff i know is bullshit such as the idea a corona virus is really killing people and not organised saborage and bullshit testing labelling everyone as a covid case. He’s too certain in his predictions to take seriously.

    • So nice to listen to someone thinking outside the box. Highest praise for Cliff! A credit to humanity! Bless him and all his kind!

    • The string pullers control all the “isms” meaning China CCP is the biggest loser having trusted the cabal. The great game(think RISK) is terminal now with only a few moves left most of the alien trash being tossed in the pit and the chosen ones are turning on each other. Hope for Valhalla plan for Hell. This is the end for the dark side their time is up they know it and are playing for all the marbles but sadly for them they have already lost and like cornered rats they can’t escape. The good news is it’s not the end time just the end of them. The rest of us (the non-suicidal) have a glorious future ahead, You have friends in high places don’t forget to say hello and thank you when you meet them.

    • There is a man made climate change.
      And So goes our own FOOD and Crops deliberately to destroy our own citizens?
      Are we hoarding our own stuff to keep them from taking ours?
      Why is our military in the middle of AUs while they’re being destroyed?
      Why are we allowing their plans to go through fruition?

      • Darlajean,
        The only thing I can figure out is that almost the entire government has sold us out to the NWO.
        Learn to grow your own food and get ready for the hardest of times to come.

    • There is a man made climate change / weather control/ military chems ect.
      And So are we destroying our own FOOD and Crops deliberately to destroy our own citizens?

      Are we hoarding our own stuff to keep them from taking ours?

    • Oh Woo when all fails blaming the Nazi’s just turn to China! LOL, always blaming another.
      I’m with Wendall J Reis on comment below.
      33 minutes in Clif tries to explain “Cosmic Rays” & “grand solar minimum” what a Clown. Clif gives the Creators much to laugh about!

    • Interesting video as always and interesting comments. I think “the long march through the institutions” was the Frankfurt School. In the 1930s Jewish-German philosophers (neo-kantians) left Germany with the rise of Hitler–kind of a butterfly effect when Heidegger becamse a Nazi, American universities got hit with a hurricane. Not sure how all that interconnects with the Chinese. Anyway, I totally believe Clif about the climate/sun, the Chinese farmland, the trade imbalance, etc. Why, though, does Black Rock own so much, is this part of the CCP manipulation. I guess I had Whoa Woo moments when I thought… how does that work… humm.. If it were just Bill Gates I would completely believe it (what a dufus) Did the CCP manage to bamboozle our power elite who are more into marketing than stringing together crisper sequences?

      • I think what Clif is saying is that the high-level Illuminati have been helping to orchestrate the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare against the West from the very beginning. If you look at our legislation, which to this day incentivizes US business owners to set up operations in China, you can see how this has been done.

        • I’m old enough to have grown up in the fifties, and remember when manufacturing and mining, etc. happened in the U.S. Companies wanted to get rid of unions, and of course paying for health insurance–that was a big deal. They were happy to go off shore to ditch the hastle. Also, no one wanted have to pay for environmental upgrades, pollute somewhere else. A lot of forces sending business offshore. Now we’re paying big time in other ways and we’ll have to take it all back just to be able to function.

    • In 1954 Pres Eisenhower signed an EO to allow the Chinese to be used in the USA as UN peace keepers should the need ever arise. The main problem with such an EO was/is at the time Red China was NOT a member of the UN! The whole chain of events goes back even further.

      As for the supply chain fiasco. In the early 1980’s “just in time” supply chain was being introduced. I was doing my BS in Industrial Engineering as this was being brought in to the military. We argued against it but … .

    • One hell of a chess game going on.
      One more game piece being tossed is all the ships off both our coast being denied access to
      unload their cargo.
      Kind of like the oil embargo of ’74 driving up prices and giving more control to government.

    • A high serum vitamin D level won’t necessarily make one immune to ALL viruses, even though people with high vitamin D tend to not get colds or flu. Last year I was taking 100,000 i.u. of vitamin D per day (along with vitamin K2, vitamin C, etc.) for the four months previous to catching COVID, but I contracted it anyway. However, I was 71 at the time, which could have been a factor. Four weeks later I had my vitamin D level checked and it was at 196 ng/ml. Obviously I survived COVID! But I also took some Ivermectin, and other supplements during the infection. It all worked. No doctor. No hospital. No reduction in oxygen saturation. No blood clots, and no lasting damage. Nobody should be dying from COVID! People just need to know how to treat it!

    • The Flux Woo, In the 50’s in 1956 actually, I believe. Admiral Bird was in Antarctica He was a Freemason and as the story goes, to get to point he found out about an Dome. His war planes crashed into the unseen Barrier. That’s when they signed a pact with a bunch of countries which,
      which no country had done before. Nobody unauthorized is allowed there anymore. Finding the
      Dome was published in The Encyclopedia Britannica in 1958. Type The Dome, This would prove there is a God and the earth is flat that was why they turned there attention to the moon. Look over there they said not at Antarctica. That’s why they hate flat earthers. Bird died in 1957 under
      suspicious circumstances.

      • Right on Windell. What’s your take on the Thugs chasing down the Third Reich to Antarctica? (& running home as their pissing in their pants, with their tail between their legs)

    • My takeaway from seeing that ‘UFO-type’ craft, on that trailers flatbed? It was someone ‘showing’/’leaking’ one of the crafts that ‘they’ will be using in the pending ‘ALIEN INVASION’ False Flag PsyOp. I really don’t think that it was a ‘msg to China’; the Commie Elites already ‘KNOW’ that ‘we’ have ‘secret tech’. So, yeah…..the Globalists’ BULLSHIT is IMPLODING, around the World…..they have one HUGE PsyOp left…..the fake ‘ALIEN INVASION’. And THAT is wtf I think that photo release was……to say. ‘LOOK at THIS craft….this is ‘ours’. SEE what ‘we’ HAVE?!’. That craft has NOW BEEN IDENTIFIED, as opposed to…..’UFO’. (ala PsyOp)

    • I think the communists managed to get the environmentalists and climate change people and most democrats on board b/c of promises this will be better to the earth.

    • LOL
      I DO love it when Clif says, “Hello Humans”. Because, make NO mistake about it!…….this IS a WAR of HUMANS vs NON Humans!

    • Clif favorite man, he’s always right on time!He ought to be billionaire,he is that intel.ligent❤️

    • bidenista bastards are captured and treacherous traitors…

      Trump rally last night was great in Iowa. He is staying on top and keeping us informed but Clif High is a national treasure, thank you Sir Clif Woo High

      • What I don’t understand is why Trump is supporting the vax. I understand the idea behind warp speed but not why he is encouraging people to take the jab. This does not say to me (and many others) that he is still fighting for America. I’ve heard opinions. What I would like are facts, evidence and his true reason.

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