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    Former Trump Campaign advisor and author of “Deep State Target”, George Papadopoulos, joins ‘The Stew Peters Show’ in an exclusive bombshell interview that exposes the criminal actions of the Deep State, the Durham probe, James Comey, the Clintons, Obama and the GLOBAL efforts to undermine the United States of America.

    Papadopoulos explains how John Durham’s investigation goes back to 2015 and the effort by the Deep State to guarantee a third term for Obama with a pre-meditated assault against a rival campaign and to upend the peoples’ will and the vote of 75 million Americans.

    He says, “It simply wasn’t the FBI and it was not only the CIA but global actors and that’s where the meat of the action of Durham is all about. That’s why this is taking so long…

    “This was an operation led by the Socialist movement around the world, to stop an incipient nationalistic, anti-Globalist campaign by Donald Trump. That’s why you had countries, like Italy involved, the UK, Australia, using their operatives to spy on our campaign, to stop it before it even emerged, because they all had vested interests in a Clinton Presidency…

    “This was a global effort to try to stop a nationalist, populist, America-First leader/candidate, Donald Trump. They failed, they were caught, they were exposed.

    “And the first step towards justice that we begin to see was this indictment by Kevin Clinesmith. People say he was a low-level person. This wasn’t a low-level person. This individual was not only working with the Hillary Clinton emails at the FBI, but was directly appointed by Bob Mueller to work on his team. He was working on the Flynn case, he was working on my case and the Carter Page case and he was found to have been altering documents.

    “And the reason I think Durham indicted him first, presented him to the American public first is because he wanted to show the American public that this entire thing was fabricated, this was a set-up from the beginning and people like Clinesmith were taking orders – and how high up do those orders go? That’s what we can get into…

    “I think this went directly to Obama. I think it’s a very sensitive issue because Obama was directly involved, here. He was running the show, directly in coordination with these other governments abroad, like the UK, like Australia, that had interests in a Clinton Presidency. She lost. It’s now being exposed and the reason Durham’s probe, in my opinion is taking so long is because look at what we’re talking about, here.

    “We’re talking about a Western government conspiracy against the rival presidential campaign and an attack on American democracy…The reason this is taking so long is because there are no Russians in this story. There are no Chinese, there are no Iranians, there are no Pakistanis. There’s no Hamas.

    “There are a lot of Italians, there are some Israelis, there are a lot of British and a lot of Australians and that’s what the Deep State wants to cover up. They don’t want to highlight how the Deep State uses these foreign governments as part of the 5 Eyes Intelligence agreement to circumvent the US Constitution, to effectively spy on American citizens and in just this case, what they were not only doing was they were spying on an American citizen, like myself and Donald Trump and General Flynn; they were trying to re-write history, upend the 2016 election and effectively destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

    “They failed on all counts, and that’s exactly why we had Impeachment Number 2 and now we have this other Impeachment 3.0, with the “January 6th Insurrection” stuff that they’re trying to paint across the media – and it’s all going to fail and Durham is going to reveal it.

    “And that’s why I have been so confident that – just be patient. John Durham doesn’t need to be doing this. He has no reason to be Special Counsel into Biden’s presidency if he had nothing. John Durham was appointed 2 years ago. He has it all. I know who he has interviewed, going back to November 2019.

    “He’s waiting on something, for the right moment and I think that right moment is going to come up very soon, simultaneously with the results of these audits that are really going to highlight how corrupt not only the Obama administration was but what Joe Biden’s role might have been, impacting this last election, too, that goes back to 2015, 2016 and to Obama…

    “Focus on what was going on in London, not what was going on in New York, because that’s where the action was, in terms of the spying and who I think is eventually going to be held accountable…

    “This simply wasn’t Peter Strzok and Lisa Page acting like Rambo or some sort of pseudo Green Beret operation…They were working in a concerted effort with foreign governments and foreign elites out there with a lot of interests, with a lot of money at stake, with a lot of different trade agreements that would’ve put a lot of money in their pockets, that wanted to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign for no other reason than that – and then they wanted to…frame people like myself, General Flynn, some other random people – and the Russians.

    “Don’t feel despair, here…John Durham doesn’t want this to be tainted, should this go to court…Focus on how big this investigation is…Focus on the foreign governments that were involved and what kind of foreign governments. These are NATO countries. These are US allies and these are countries that share intelligence with the United States. So, essentially, what John Durham is doing is attacking the Deep States of America and the West – not Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and US enemies…

    “It all goes back to people like Soros, who was actually funding and supporting many of these governments; in Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, at that point; people like Alexander Downer, who is this infamous Australian diplomat, who lied about me, essentially, to try to cover up for the FBI. He was a Clinton Foundation donor! He donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation and was a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. And this random individual was used to lie about the Trump Campaign to “launch”…a spying attempt against us that we all knew was bogus…

    “If you use junk disinformation to get a FISA warrant during a campaign, that’s one thing. If you use it to get it during the Trump Presidency, like we now know there was a second Steele Dossier and the FBI continued to use him [Steele], when they knew he was working for Clinton, you can’t overcome that burden of probability that the FBI did not know what they were doing and I think that’s where John Durham is really investigating people like Jim Comey, now, others in the FBI and he’s going to be focusing on where a lot of this fake information was really coming from. Was it coming from the British, the Australians, the Italians? People like Christopher Steele? Who was feeding this information? Why was the FBI using this information to get warrants? And why did they continue into Trump’s presidency?”

    Papadapoulos is adamant that nothing can stop what is coming, “In terms of accountability in this country against the Deep State and against these actors…You have to understand how complicated and how global this operation was against the 2016 campaign, going into the Trump Presidency. You have to understand that John Durham is not there wasting his time. He’s not there collecting a paycheck. This is a serious prosecutor…and I have full faith the Durham will do the right thing.

    “[Durham] is sitting on this, he’s waiting for the right time to strike and I think that’s why he said, ‘We need to see what happens in Arizona.’

    “And I think what happens in Arizona is going to reveal a lot of the corruption that happened in 2020, that started in 2016 and is likely going to come out simultaneously. Timing is everything. Hold the faith and just watch out.”

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    • We’re totally on defense. All talk. Durham is a mirage, a vapor trail. Every agency has been taken down. Once the military starts dying from the Trump vaccine.

    • No one alive now knows what it means to be free.

      When the gov or the mainstream newswhores are releasing/covering something it’s about manipulating the message.

      We are livestock to them.

      Let’s put things in perspective:

      The Marxist globalists or whatever they really are blatantly stole the highest elected office on the planet, the greatest seat of alleged power or empire in known human history and NO ONE lifted a finger to stop it.

      The sheeple of this dead republic fully deserve what’s coming. Those who claim to love freedom or whatever deserve it even more.

      The 2nd Amendment without the militia is a wingless bird.

      The only question that matters now is “Why aren’t we hunting them?”

      I’ll never forget the preacher who told us “I think it’ll all be over by 1985.”

      Time to vote from the rooftops.

      FK: The earth turns over and an empire falls
      What must be done again and again

      FK: The fed gov has lost all legitimacy
      The biggest psyop in known history?

      • You can Not steal a Seat that No longer exist! Biden is Not the president because the Corporate United States fell.

    • My previous commented was copied from a voice-activated transcript , so please forgive any ‘mistakes’ in syntax, etc.

    • I have migrated from ” Pro-Trump/Q to an informed agnostic ‘lens’, over time. Re: the Q / 17 hook, I found this interesting:

      ” If you look at the bloodlines of American
      presidents then it is a known fact that
      all the presidents that have well
      reigned in the United States have all
      been related so let’s have a look at
      what the media has to say if all
      presidents are related which of the 2017
      candidates will be the next president,
      as it turns out both Trump and Hillary Clinton are
      related to John of Gaunt the 14th
      century royal gaunt was the first Duke
      of Lancaster who was the son of King
      Edward the third according to my
      heritage Trump is related through his
      mother Mary Ann McCleod back to his 17th
      grandfather John Beaufort while Clinton
      is related through her father and the
      Rodham finally back to the 17th
      great-grandmother John Beaufort the two
      candidates on 19th cousins and so they
      both have the right bloodlines to
      continue this lineage … ” (Public Domain )

      NOTICE THE “SEVENTEENS” ! Perhaps the “Q”
      stands for the “Queen”.
      Just sayin’……….

    • Whoa there! It’s not just about America.
      I’m not an American but in the country I reside in we have American Military Bases that are totally out of bounds, where if I enter I will be arrested and incarcerated by US Military Police.
      There is a live fire range here where American Naval vessels and Air Force may, at any time, practice bombardments, including Depleted Uranium munitions, at any time without notice to any one. There are communities that are long established on the boundaries of the range that where radioactive fall out can be easily detected. This freedom was granted by both our state and federal govt corps without even the consent, or knowledge, of the resident population.
      The “5 Eyes” spy on each other’s countries and then provide the intel to the govt of the country they are spying on. If you don’t know that then you must be living under a rock.
      The governments in Australia are all corporations registered the SEC in Washington DC.
      The so called Australian Government is not a bonafide government, it is a corporation.
      In fact, people from any country can invest in THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corp and receive dividends , not only that but they are protected by the Australian Government Guarantee where their initial investment cannot be lost even if there is any under performance of the Corporation.
      Our equivalent to the White House has been vacant since 1986 when they, the politicians, created, without the consent of the population, a corporate style government and built there own corporate headquarters.
      The then Prime Minister, Robert J Hawke, was then a dual citizen making him ineligible to even run for a government representative position.
      Please stop saying “The Australian Government” as it is not, it’s a corporate dictatorship which has had no mandate from the people to create it and operate it.
      The so called Prime Minister, the CEO of the corporate federal government, Scott Morrison, was convicted of pedophilia in 1965 after he had absconded from Police detention and soon after re-arrested. He later became the CEO of the New Zealand Tourist Commission that he was fired from and then, next, became the CEO of the Australian Tourist Commission where was, again, fired from.
      All elections of both state and federal governments are totally rigged by a corrupt Australian Electoral Commission which any one can find out by a simple google search; it’s not hidden.
      Australia, in actuality, fits perfectly the definition of “a banana republic”.
      A former so called Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, gave Hillary Clinton AU$2 Billion for the Clinton’s Pay for Play after she had collected several million NZ$ from the CEO Of the NZ Gov Corp. Both payments were funded out of the Treasuries of both countries.
      Former Australia Govt Corp CEO, Malcolm Turnbull, jumped from CEO Goldman Sachs Australia straight into the Australian Govt CEO position, aka Prime Minister. He and his wife paid Clinton an undisclosed sum to Hillary Clinton to have a monopoly over the Australian Pharmaceutical market. He and his wife were/are joint CEOs of the top pharma corp and they marketed the pap smear concoction that killed a number of young girls for which they were never been held accountable for.
      The majority of the Australian population is asleep and/or implanted not unlike “The Truman Show”!

      • Watch the “Nuremberg Video” and you will SEE that there is No Such Thing as a “Legitimate Government”…Almost ALL of them have broken those Laws when they adapted the “Covid-19 Scam-Demic”…GET-IT YET???

        • There is No such thing as ‘Nuremberg’ Fair Trials. It was nothing but a Show to Cover Up there own War Crimes against the Germans.

    • Every news broadcast is mockingbird, in cahoots with all the others. Slightly different take, but still sensationalism and doom and gloom.
      Yep, I don’t believe we can stop what God has planned. He wants His Children to answer His call and return to him. Study their Bibles 1611 KJV with Concordance so we are ready for His return to earth and not duped with Satan returns to earth first and sets himself up as God/Jesus.

      Did you know that? We don’t get rescued out of the Tribulation, we get to stay for it and stand for God. Be ready. This might help: haveyenotread . com /gods-purpose

    • This is rediculous. Day after day, week after week, now month after month nothing but false hope being blown up our shorts. However much I wish it were true, this is just more hope porn and I truly wish the spreading of it would stop because it is just terrible to do to people to keep believing this nonsense. Now can Forbidden Knowledge get back to spreading knowledge and not this hope porn!? Please!

      • i agree ………those were my thoughs exactly , at this point when someone says , everypne needs to put all their focus on ___________, because that is going to set the tone for how this plays out , or because there is alot of stuff going on in the background that you have to just trust is being all worked out to get everything they need and learn as much as possible , is the sign that you need to not put all your focus on that area and keep eyes open at other things, I’m not saying this guy George P is in on some disinfo game but he is probably being told to be patient and all that blah blah and thinks its true. However at this point i think it is safe to say that NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. i hope it does but this is not the time to sit back at wait , because everyday that passes they have aligned themselves with one more person within the system that can totally shut down the path to justice if anything of real threat was to start heading in there direction

    • Appreciate what you do! Thank you for working so hard to get the truth out for Americans! Thank You!

    • Brits are making their move, they have more latitude. Already racial profiling via these Great Reset vaccine passports is underway. An Apartheid class-based system is happening. We need to counter this urgently!

    • okay EInstein. I am no liberal or democrat, but to think that Rump was not a globalist tool is foolishness. Note that he took credit for shutting down American businesses in the first debate against biden. Both red and blue states closed. HE started operation warp speed, giving us death vaccines quickly. He lied about the economy being the best ever, the stock market is not an indication of the economy. HE was a damn liar. He raised the nuclear arsenal a trillion dollars, and built 21 new foreign military bases. HE gave bankers 6.3 trillion dollars tax payer money and had connnections with Rothschild. HE was a billionaire, son of a billionaire. Do you not see that he was also a tool of the globalists? No republican or democrat politician gets any significant position without proving loyalty to the globalist agenda. The establishment media, all of it, including Fox, is dominated by the CIA, and causes division intentionally.

    • Poppa was VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! He covered a bunch of his answers . In effect he covered for traitor Barr… the calling out of the powers that tried to take him down …and took trump out.

    • We do know who “Q” is. It will be public, once the Storm is over. I’m am not permitted to expose “Q” at this point. But: “Q” is not a conspiracy theory. “Q” has been on the scene since 1963. The most significant event of 1963 is key.

    • Okay, fine until you got to Q. John made the statement that Q said some things that did not come to fruition. Immediately after he said that, he said he didn’t know about Q, never talked about it.
      Make up your mind. You haven’t been a part of that scene. So how do you know Q said things that didn’t come to fruition. John keeps reiterating the need to look at the broader picture, sees things in a bigger context. Well yes. And that’s how Q works too. Go take the cowardly way out. Dismiss Q and anon’s huge effort in all this – to get the word out, to take our country back. Q’s a big nothing-burger? Why don’t the imbeciles in Congress or the democratic run DOJ investigate Q and stop the scheme? Why not? You people don’t know any better than the politicians how to deal with Q and the anons on any of the chans.

    • Perhaps he has some inside knowledge, but in the end it doesn’t make any sense. Why would Bill Barr, who claimed there was no evidence of voter fraud, ensure that Durham could bring to justice some of the same entities that were behind the voter fraud?

      By the way, Durham’s lead investigator is none other than “sloppy sniper” of Sandy Hook fame. (See theconservativetreehouse if you want to search for the image of the investigator, and videos of the “sloppy sniper” are still around on the internet, I believe.

      The question then becomes: “Will “sloppy sniper” take down the cabal?

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