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    Ole Dammegard, Danish independent researcher joins Sean at the SGT Report to discuss the unprecedented, surreal situation in which most of us in the world find ourselves today.

    Now in his 27th day of lockdown in southern Spain, where Ole’s been based for over 20 years, the military police are in full control and people there are subject to a 1,500 euro fine for leaving their homes if they don’t have grocery store receipts to prove where they’ve been.

    He feels we’re either on the brink of the most nightmarish New World Order Scenario or something really, really amazing. In all his years, he’s never seen so much bewilderment among his fellow independent researchers. This lockdown will either become the permanent New World Order or there are mass-arrests being made of Deep State criminals and their overlords, the central banker cabal.

    The first we see in the mainstream media, where people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci tell us that there will be no “normalcy” until the release of a vaccine for COVID-19 plus an RFID tattoo that tracks your every move.

    The second, he says we would see during an imminent shutdown of the Internet, which he says will be primarily to stop the illegal cabal financial transactions, to starve them out, followed by a reboot of the global financial system, backed by gold, although like everyone else, he has zero evidence to support the rumor.

    Also like many others, Ole believes the pandemic was supposed to be way worse than what we’re seeing. Last year, Ole became aware of 9/11-style operation, only much more massive called Operation Sea Eagle to take place under the guise of disaster drills on October 23th-24th. Unless exposed, it would have seen attacks on two nuclear plants in Sweden and 39 targets in five EU cities, including London, Manchester, Barcelona, Paris and Rotterdam for the purpose of disrupting the many movements seeking to exit from the EU.

    Ole believes that the Event201 drill held during the same period in New York City (and the 2019 World Military Games simultaneously held in Wuhan, China) sponsored by Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates and he World Economic Forum was a related drill driven by the same Globalist dream of a One World Government, as proposed in an OpEd by Henry Kissinger a week ago.

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    • One question: what about the people from the “other side of Antartica, or under the sea” with wheels all around — are they together to those evils or can they save us on the time?

      • Todos os dias, eu posto no Facebook, onde tenho primos e seguidores brasileiros. Às vezes tento explicar as coisas para eles mas acho que, mais importante do que estar por cima das fofocas políticas é entender quem realmente governa o mundo: os banqueiros centrais, que invadiram parasiticamente todas as principais instituições de qualquer peso (bancos comerciais, corporações, partidos políticos, ONGs, etc, etc).

        Os brasileiros sempre pensaram que foram os americanos que controlavam o mundo, mas nunca foi! Vou ter que ir lá e tomar uns chopps com membros da minha família ao longo de várias horas ou dias para que eles entendam. Quando tento explicar tudo isso numa mensagem do Facebook, não sinto que eles me entendem. Acho que preciso ir lá e falar com eles, cara a cara.

        Não, imagine – eu não aconselho o governo brasileiro. Não tenho conexões lá, mas tenho alguns primos no corpo diplomático do Brasil servindo fora do Brasil.

    • Thank Q. Can you “feel” how heavy the air has become in the last five days or so?
      Just my magination, runnin away with me. It was just my magination, runnin away from me.
      Make it a better world. Don’t settle for peace for your freedom!
      “Let Freedom Ring”.

    • Thank you for this information I will do my part to share this so people can wake up and see the light.

    Have you been struggling for years with mystery symptoms, feeling exhausted and misunderstood?

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