The bulk of the world’s work force is under the age of 50 and are at extremely low risk of dying from COVID-19. Why are so many jurisdictions not allowing these people to go outside…let alone allowing them to work?

It makes no sense to shut down entire countries and to destroy the world’s economy over the coronavirus.

What the Hell is REALLY going on here?

We are smack in the middle of a hybrid war, with disinformation flying on all sides and nobody knows what’s truly going on, as the global economic shutdown is on track to create 35 million unemployed Americans in two weeks.

Spiro Skouras is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski to analyze new revelations regarding what the US Government knew and when they knew it.

New information directly contradicts what the media and the government have been telling the people from the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Is the “China Virus” really from China?

In addition, Spiro and Helen cover the growing level of unrest in the US as people are beginning to resist the mandated lockdowns. Will there be an event to further justify the lockdowns as the public signals they have about had enough? This question and many more are addressed in this must see interview.

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  • Testing is not safe. The tests themselves carry the virus and then the people get sick.
    They are stalling to get their evil deadly vaccine forced on all – which is a CRIME since that is a bodily assault. Forced anything is UN-Constitutional.
    The Founders told us what to do in these situations but had we listened and obeyed our Founders we’d not BE IN this situation to being with .

    From Founders Law =

    “Leave NO authority Existing that is not responsible
    to the people.” – Thomas Jefferson

    [If the govt becomes its own power and is no longer under the authority of the people, it is to be TOTALLY made non-existent ! TOTALLY Destroyed ! It is the Citizens’ DUTY ! ]

    “When injustice becomes law….Resistance becomes DUTY !” – – Thomas Jefferson

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, HE IS OBLIGATED to do so.” – – Thomas Jefferson


  • The best thing that everybody can do is watch the video titled “out of shadows official” asap. That vid will explain the ILLUSION that we are all living in now and the awakening that needs to take place to save humanity.
    Please watch this and have all your friends watch it as well. It may be the most importsnt video that you could ever watch.

  • There’s power in groups, and it’s time to group up. Look into prepper communities and freedom cells. Also, make friends with a local farmer and begin to locally-source your meat and eggs. I think we also need to find a way to contract covid-19 and heal from it (if you’re immunologically able) in order for society to gain herd immunity. Most importantly, spread the word about all of this!

  • Military is going into their underground bunkers around the country. The Government is moving underground. The Coup is in progress. The biggest threat coming is not terrestrial.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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