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Rebel News reports that Ontario premier Doug Ford telephoned supporters on Thursday letting them know that on Friday, he will announce that he is abandoning the province’s vaccine passport scheme.

The audio was provided to Rebel News by a Ford supporter who had recorded the call.

During the call, Ford states that he had received “about 250 [messages] as of lunch today” asking him to scrap the passport.

In response, Ford told his supporters, “We’re pulling these passports. We’re going to get back to normal. I can’t get you the exact date, but it’s going to be very soon. I’ll be speaking over the next few days. Friday I’m going to put out a statement. Monday I’ll be giving some dates. And we’re going to move forward.”

Removing vaccine mandates and passports is a key demand of the truckers, thousands of whom have been protesting peacefully across Canada, including blocking the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, which carries 25% of the trade between the two countries.

The provinces of Alberta and Manitoba have already made such announcements in response to Freedom Convoy 2022.

Mandates are ending in several jurisdictions around the world but the Globalists are just pausing the tyranny long enough until these large crowds succumb to their vaxxine injuries.

We cannot kid ourselves that anything will ever ‘get back to normal’, because the Globalists still want to exterminate 90% of the population and they still want to make radio-controlled androids out of those who can survive endless injections of mRNA and superconducting nanotech.

We need to cut off the head of the snake.

We need to enact a De-Ba’athification policy to bar from government office all 5,300+ participants in these World Economic Forum government sabotage programs, such as the Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers, whose “change agents” have so wantonly attacked our societies over these past two years.

We need to hold personally liable all politicians, health agencies and corporations for their crimes against humanity, in force-vaxxinating our people, attacking our children, destroying small businesses and collapsing the economy.

As for all of those aware of these crimes and who did nothing to stop them, they must be charged as accessories to premeditated mass genocide.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • F*ck those politicians.

    1st of all, nobody asked for this, then the damage has been done to the sheep and others got fired from work.
    I’ll never forgive until these f*ckers pay back all that they’ve stolen.

  • Let’s hope they can be trusted great job truckers and like minded people your helping restore FREEDOM 🙏👍👌

  • “The head needs to be cut off of the snake. “ Exactly that. They’re leaving the door open for the same game all dressed up in a new costume. They can tip toe back; good; but that doesn’t mean we quit exposing the truth. It’s a process. Like playing chess. We need to be smart, not rash. And peaceful protest is key. Be like a Jedi.

  • O, so all these SOB’s want to scrap off the demonic covid & its mandates now?? – why?? Because The Nuremberg Trials for COVID atrocities on humanity have begun in Germany. They know the nooze will go into their necks soon starting with “turdo” – I can’t wait to see this happen ASAP. THE HIGHER POWER OF HEAVEN is in charge, is in control of His Planet Earth.

  • We shall see, but I doubt him as he has said similar before and has lied. In addition, one must consider that the major cities in the Provinces of Canada are held captive by the radical left just as in the US. And with that fact comes the realization that just as in the US, Canadian liberal mayors are empowered by the national regime to do as they please with their cities regardless of state pr province rule. I don’t trust this to be a positive development. Pressure must be kept to bare down on them all until they are ALL removed from power at every level of government and public institutions. Stay prepared for the long haul. God Bless these Freedom Truckers and lets get We the People up and united in mass with them here in our own country as well!

  • Now head em up and move em out folks. Wagons EAST straight to the home of that pompous little Commie . The Port of Montreal and it’s nearby land border crossing is the Third or forth biggest freight artery feeding New england and the entire East Coastal region. That’s the very heart of the Eastern Leftist domain. the land border at Champlain crosses between 800 up to 1500 truck loads of Canadian and Chinese freight a day all year long. The Peace Bridge into Buffalo NY enters even more. That’s early all the Chinese made industrial assembly parts to US manufacturing, Lumber, fertilizer , chemicals , and an awful lot of UPS, FedEx ect regular freight. Nearly all the regional Upstate NY fuel and gasoline come through Champlain from the Montreal oil terminal as well .
    Ahh the things you know when you worked for US CBP all the dirty secrets. Go get em truckers. Remember that oath most of us once took “ All Enemies Foreign AND DOMESTIC”.

  • RIIGGHHT! He’s one of the most progressive POS in their Parliament. Isn’t that the same lie that the Aberts guy promised to the Truckers in Coutts last week. Once these snakes get their coils wrapped around some lever of Power, they rarely let go. He’s Lying!

    • I would truly love to see this happen, but would hope we could first publicly humiliate them for a year or two prior to lining them up — and then, like the old Norske once did to pedophiles, rapists, and murderers, giving them a hard shove over the edge of a high cliff into the deepest waters of the Arctic. The demon rothschild clan first, then billygoat gates, then fausti…

  • Their False Flag PLANNEDemic PsyOp has FAILED, and they know it!

    Do not get ‘comfy’…..they are NOT DONE with their NWO/One World Government Slavery.
    They ARE, after all, ALL IN, at this point. There is NO TURNING BACK for them.
    They’re just going to MOVE ON…….to THE NEXT FF PsyOp.

    NO DOUBT that there WILL be MORE BIO-WEAPONS released; COUNT ON IT!!
    We’re dealing with PSYCHOPATHS, after all. ANYTHING GOES!!

    I’m just wondering where all of these highly trained Special Op guys are (in most countries)…….these Psycho Globalists need to start being PICKED OFF!
    This EVIL MUST END! Before EVERY HUMAN on this planet is either dead, or has their HUMAN DNA changed, and HUMANS will no longer exist! This includes the Special Op guys who SERVE THEIR MASTER(S)!

  • So glad you are not falling for this Joe Rogan Jargon. Owen Benjamin burned Rogan way back! The thing with Rogan being short, A Rogan is officially .07 of a Chinaman’s penis, Official Site. Dr. Shiva talks about Neil Young, who he worked with and Rogan, Heroes speak up when they are needed, not about $$$$$$ says Dr. Shiva

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