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This is an excerpt from the groundbreaking, 4-hour long 2012 documentary, ‘9/11 Great American Psy-Opera’ by Ace Baker, which didn’t get the attention that it deserved, because everybody was more asleep 11 years ago.


On 11 September 2001, the world witnessed – via television – the two main towers of the World Trade Center being hit by two Boeing airliner planes, followed thereafter by the subsequent almost-total destruction of the buildings, literally into dust. But the physics didn’t add up: how did two planes of titanium – from wing-tip to wing-tip, and from nose to tail – cut through structures of toughened steel and concrete, like a hot knife through butter? Such an act would defy the laws of physics. The answer: the planes existed only through computer-generation for our TV screens.

‘9/11: The Great American Psy-Opera’ filmmaker and special-effects expert, Alexander ‘Ace’ Baker presents the case for a complete absence of airplanes in the destruction of the Twin Towers. Told over eight episodes, the hypothesis is demonstrated to explain countless anomalies: the act of relatively light and weak titanium airplane wings cutting through steel and concrete, leaving behind a cartoon-like imprint of the wingspan; the too-smooth motion of the second plane on its flight toward the South building, against the juddering of the overall picture, which when corrected reveals the plane apparently juddering in a physically impossible manner; the nose of the second plane seemingly passing clean through the South building to penetrate the far wall to the outside; the evidence for controlled nuclear explosions, including the observed mushroom clouds and the prevalence of rare cancers in survivors from the scene.

The film includes interviews with contributors to the official Commission Report, to whom difficult and direct questions are asked, as well as with expert sceptics from the scientific and engineering communities, 9/11: The Great American Psy-Opera leaves the viewer with one inescapable conclusion: there were no planes.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There were lots of New Yorkers who witnessed the planes flying into the building with their own eyes from the ground.

    • deb,

      And To All
      who read
      here :

      “Alexander ‘Ace’ Baker“ is either a
      operator – Deep State ! – or he’s
      seriously mentally
      DISORIENTED ( being kind here ).

      THERE had been about 75 False-
      Flag F-L-A-G-S all through those
      9/11 events—months BEFORE
      and months AFTER, to include the
      pre-EVENTS/Composed PLANS
      for what to do after such EVENTS
      had actually occurred.

      BUT, U.S. citizens have been so VERY
      dumbed-down by ”girls-just-want-to-
      have-fun” PUBLIC [[ mis-/mal-/un- ]]
      Education, they can be made N-O-T
      to believe their “LYING” Eyes :

      To believe that there had been NO planes
      —NOR debris from planes being hauled
      away !

      Wake Up, Folks ! You’re being DUPED
      once again !

      — just my I N F O R M E D opinion —


  • It was OBVIOUS, when this all happened. I’m watching, and getting that, ‘SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT’, in my gut. It LOOKED fake! An ALUMINUM plane, flying INTO CONCRETE & STEEL?? The wings and engines WOULD HAVE SHEERED OFF, first off.

    • DawnieR ( and the rest ),

      If you had watched that “In Plane Sight”
      video, made a few weeks after the EVENT,
      you’d have seen the pre-impact
      EXPLOSION at the tip of one of the two
      planes ( first impact-plane ? ), creating an
      opening through the concrete wall.


  • How is it that no one has spoken of that Is ray lie art group that was in both the towers planting their arts on certain floors that exploded when the (planes) hit? If a rabbit went in this hole would he find Gelatin B ? After being stopped by 1 of New York’s finest, afterwards were they not all shuffled out of the states by a certain country?

  • Alexandria, Thanks, for this.. I thought so all along… Hunted the 4 hour long one up on YT, so I can spend my afternoon getting educated.. Maybe you have info /insight on Bldg 7… why? And where did all the gold go that was in the basement ?? lol just disappeared , like the Trillions that The Donald was talking about the day before…

    • that was donald rumsfeld who was talking about the 2.3 trillion that was missing and then miraculously those very offices were hit by (something, something) when all the cameras were turned off at the pentagon. using “brave” look up the woman who was working that day who survived, her name is april gallop. God bless us.

  • I have seen numerous videos on 9/11. Planes or no planes, the deep state has their finger prints all over this event. A few people in the know shorting airline and travel stocks while getting Putts on military stocks, not a scrap of the huge gold deposit in the basement was found, power down for 30 hours on the weekend / no video evidence. tower 7 standing while reporter claims in fell. New owner of the towers gets a huge payout (5 billion?) after 6 weeks of ownership. No engines or landing gear at the Pentagon yet they find a passport and it hits right where the audit of the missing 2.8 trillion audit was starting. Like all these events, follow the money.

    • “This paper provides this information by computing the distributions of certain options market volume ratios and put and call trading indicators both unconditionally and when conditioning on the overall level of options activity, the return and trading volume on the underlying stocks, and the return on the overall market. When the options market activity in the days leading up to the terrorist attacks is compared to the benchmark distributions, the volume ratios and call volume indicator are seen to be at typical levels but the put volume indicator appears to be unusually high. “

    • Close, very close. Think Poppy Bush and his CIA, then add the Mossad yep Israel. Who had a bigger chip against Iran? Originally I was told missiles then a hologram to cover. I never bought the hologram, the rest though tracks. the fbi also played a part.

  • This is absolute nonsense:
    hybridrogue1 / February 4, 2014
    NEW WAVE 9/11 PSYOP >> DEW-Nuke – NPT – Digital Fakery – Holograms

    The No-Planes Theory is closely related to the Video-Fakery Theory. It stands to reason that if there were ‘no planes’ then they had to have been faked in some fashion, this is either assumed to be digital fakery or holograms in real life.

    Essentially the No-Planes Theory is based on the idea that it is impossible for real planes to have crashed into the World Trade Towers. It is proposed that these planes could not have flown at the speeds they were clocked at. It is proposed that the planes could not have broken through the façade. The planes are characterized as no more than “flying hollow aluminum beer cans.” [Jim Fetzer]. Jim Fetzer’s logic is so twisted and ludicrous that it could go without mention, but for the fact that it has such legs on the Internet. As a PR agent and salesman for “Conspiracy Theory” he has a substantial following of the not-so-bright. It is a testament to the ‘Dumbing Down of America’, that such a charlatan as Fetzer should have such a following – but also that he himself is a ‘Professor Emeritus’ at a prestigious university, and his field is no less than ‘the history and philosophy of science’…and he ‘teaches’ classes in ‘logic’ of all things. This can only take place in a paradigm of Kafkaesque absurdity.

    Fetzer was finally caught out in his lunacy on the blog, ‘Truth and Shadows’, where he made the claim that an object in a ‘state of inertia’ would have the quality of ‘vector’__this after bleating about Newtonian Physics for months there. He has no more grasp of Newton than the average six year old. I will not go into his ‘argument’ for the no-planes theory further in this essay, but I will surely do so in the commentary section that will follow after this is posted.

    As I have already addressed the video-fakery issue in the first of this series on the New Wave 9/11 Psyop, I will have more to say to the physics of the issue than reiterating the digital fakery arguments.

    I will begin with a short exposition of the aircraft in question, before moving on to the crash physics of the event.

    The Boeing 757 and 767:

    The aluminum that modern aircraft are made of is not the same soft material as that of a beer can: Aluminum 2219-T81 UNS A92219; ISO AlCu6Mn; Aluminium 2219-T81; AA2219-T81 – with a tensile strength greater than that of structural steel.

    Gross weights 172,365 kg (380,000 lb) and, from 1992, 186,880 kg (412,000 lb); further increased centre-section tankage.


    Fail-safe structure. Conventional aluminium structure augmented by graphite ailerons, spoilers, elevators, rudder and floor panels; advanced aluminium alloy keel beam chords and wing skins; composites {Kevlar} engine cowlings, wing/fuselage fairing and rear wing panels; CFRP landing gear doors; and aramid flaps and engine pylon fairings.

    The airframe further incorporates carbon-fiber reinforced plastic wing surfaces, Kevlar fairings and access panels. Boeing 757 & 767.

    SEE: Boeing 757 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Boeing 767 | FlightMemory – Encyclopedia

    Jet Impacts on WTC Towers 9/11/2001

    Analysis by Willy Whitten – August and September 2012

    All available data and reasoning based on such, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that large twin engine jets hit the world trade towers.

    That they were flown by remote control [1], and had special engines configured to fly at the speed {at sea level} recorded: 450mph.

    [1. See; Aidan Monaghan B.Sc. EET – abstract below]

    • The plane parts would have gone everywhere the instant the plane hit the side of the bbuilding,,fact,,,the nose would have never made it intact through the building..fact you must definitely have voted for biden

        • Mike Myer and jackbenimble,

          -unless the tip of the nose
          EXPLODED before impact,
          just a couple of feet from
          that concrete wall ( see my
          above post, about the
          documentary, “In Plane Sight.”


  • Some buildings are built with explosive devices in them. They blew up that building in Florida cause it had a pesky hard drive. They call it ” pulling” a building. It’s all business.

  • Certain government buildings are built with basically explosives in them. The government can pull them when they beg l need to. They did it to that building in Florida also to get rid of a pesky hard drive.

  • On 9-11, I walked into a friend’s place , and on his TV set was a display of a video camera which was pointing at a building that showed a plane (supposedly) hitting it. The first thing I noticed was that the camera had to be on a tripod, because it was perfectly still and pointed in a the perfect position to film this event, which immediately begged the question, how did someone know to have a tripod-mounted camera pointed at that very spot? Followed by the realization that everything in the world had just changed, and not for the better.

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