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    by InvestigateJ6

    There was a criminal conspiracy on January 6th that has not yet been exposed. Criminal actors in our government conspired to create conditions for a deadly situation at the Capitol in order to stop Republican decertification attempts — ahead of planned, permitted protests.

    As seen in this clip at 1:07PM, Pence and Pelosi mandate that almost all Congressmen retire from the floor because of COVID, leaving them unable to object as they intended.

    At the time of this exchange — a peaceful protestor has just died outside. A flash bang grenade thrown at his chest explodes and stops his heart.

    The crowd on the west had only just begun to form. No protestors entered the building for 70 minutes.

    They are lying to the American people. We need your help to expose the truth.

    Share this video and support those working every day to “put points on the board“ in our fight against this tyrannical government.

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