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    Kerry Cassidy joins Nino Rodriguez to talk about Antarctica and about how US government officials are seen going down there prior to elections and Kerry says that it appears people to go down to Antarctica to receive their orders – and this includes Juan O Savin, who is currently in Antarctica.

    Kerry says that Vladimir Putin told Tucker Carlson that he is fighting “Nazis”, which is relevant here, because the Nazis are said to have built a base in Neuschwabenland with the help of aliens from Aldebaran.

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    • you think black eye club has anything to do with antartica?
      I mean,I dont think thats a qualification for black eye membership.
      Ain’t seen no Boy George going to antartica

    • Kerry is finally catching sum daylight but still suffering from a severe trump wedgie . The visit to Anti-Artic -uh is a sure sign they are or will be black eye club members soon . Juanito the SSP 007 spook was happy to show he was a freemason club ring leader unlike sum that get freaked out like the unhappy freemason astronut Budd Lightbeer who ventured out onto the ice . They keep trying to spill the beans about the place but pull up short giving us crappy excuses about preserving the habitat of some off world penguins or sum other shit I don’t believe as well . So we have kinda nailed down that we are in a war , who the bad guys are and know where the HQ is . Now maybe it’s time to pick a side to run to and wake the walkers up before the laser light show goes live .

      • you think black eye club has anything to do with antartica?
        I mean,I dont think thats a qualification for black eye membership.
        Ain’t seen no Boy George going to antartica

        • who got mesmerized is the soul searching question to ask ? the lizard of OZ set up shop somewhere with a big F’ing do not enter sign and the signs are flashing now because they think so what you can’t touch this we own this sh*t .
          Georgey boys and girls get room service vril delivered from their handlers and serve as free advertisement flashing satanic gang signs for the losers that follow them .

    • There are many interesting theories (some of them are quite convincing) on Antarctica on Bitchute or Rumble.
      But I wouldn’t take a politician’s word into account on this, for sure.

    • Amusing contest of intellects.

      Nino would be well advised to keep his mouth shut and not jump in with his embarrassing impulses.

      I have followed Kerry for years and agree with much of her opinions, but she never fully understood scriptures. Like anyone who comes to the scriptures intellectually without faith or comes to the scriptures expecting magic. Saint Augustine said it best. “Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore, seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.” In another place he said, “If you believe what you like in the gospel, and reject what you dislike, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.” Kerry, wonderful lady, I love her, but she has a faith deficit knowledge base and it skews many of her assumptions.

      Spiritual warfare is manifested in material reality. The imagination is a conduit and all five senses can be manipulated by “mind” which it seems to me to be somehow plugged into the mind of G-d, but vulnerable to being monkeyed with for want of a better word. I don’t know everything, neither does anyone else. This one thing I do know, that the scriptures ring true, history rings true once you get past fake history, and common sense, intuition, that mysterious faculty within us serve as helps.

      For instance, she’s right about G-d not being a gray haired old man cruising around on a cloud. That visual was a symbolic Papal fiction for the purpose of stimulating the imaginations of illiterates and weak minds. Trouble was and is, people tend to hang onto the images instead of the original. That’s why images are banned by G-d in the context of worship, but Constantine a sun god high priest reversed that. The scriptures tell us plainly that G-d is not a man, he is a Sprit and that no mortal has ever seen him with their eyes.

      Of course it is written that he manifested in the man Jesus, a real man, conceived of G-d, given natural birth whom the apostle John wrote that they saw him with their eyes, handled him with their hands, so that they knew he was not a spirit or a mirage as apparently detractors were saying. All the apostles swore to the truthfulness of their testimonies and paid with their lives, when they could have saved their lives by recanting. Considering further that they all had been gifted to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, discern spirits and other signs and wonders, that there was no way they were going to recant.

      Kerry is onto something, she really doesn’t know exactly what it is, but I’d bet the farm she would agree reptilians sound a lot like demonic cyborgs or clones? As for bowing down to them, never!

      No one is now talking about it, but it was a big deal a few years ago when the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Krill visited the south pole. So there is something there of great importance we are not privy to.

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