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    @BeyondTopSecretTexan presents an introduction to the Nacht Waffen, with a summary of their ideology, history, current influence, technology, motivations, power, and identity.

    He says the Nacht Waffen are a breakaway civilization from Earth and comprised both of human beings freely allied to the Orion Draco Reptilian empire, as well as enslaved SSP individuals purchased to serve in their mining colonies, trade cartels, and war fleets. The Nacht Waffen are the most warlike of human space programs and they are aggressive enough to physically destroy defiant planets to secure reputations of authority and dominance.

    They actively trade and skirmish with every faction. They have embraced their psychic and astral abilities with Orion Draco tutelage and have mastered the universal force of Vril (a form of Orgone Sexual Energy). They are dark in name and intention.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • James Spader went into the Stargate and took care of it. He is still there apparently. He already saved earth so we are good till Jesus comes.

      • That is my reaction. A great soup of every sci-fi story I have ever known. And Just Enough reality to make the naive person buy it. These last 8 years have made me not trust anything or anyone completely. I am so sad to know how many times I believed the incoming information [mainstream media] and acted accordingly. So Show me the Proof. and Wait and See. and Take Care of Family, Food, Local Interests are my strong story now. I am done being ruled by Fear… even Hurry Buy Gold, Remove that Lump. I wish I could talk to the long gone relatives because I wonder if they felt like this at the end of their lives. Did they see the path we were following? I do remember my mentor teacher telling me…”Watch out, they just removed prayer from our schools.” I didn’t see the significance at the time. I didn’t know about a Long Plan to destroy our moral fabric. The sad part for me, is that I am considered a Conspiracy Theorist, crazy person because I don’t buy the mainstream story anymore. You can power a space ship with Vril? Come on Man!

    • Putler better get busy and up his game if he’s gonna deNazify the off worlders as well . The vril power comes into us as an entity the lizard thing that goes into the eye then attaches to the central nervous system and runs you as a drone till death do you part and then they find the next host . The space nazi’s traffic the baby juice drug called adrenochrome to the lower astral miscreations and other assholes , the best farming use of humans , hence living our best life like a post clubbed baby seal . I wonder how many clones of us are running around serving the master race lizard class off world . The breakaway nightmare waffen are way beyond 5th gen crap warfare space lasers we are currently worried about so are they hiding something worse for later or sooner . Trump’s SSP is currently running military and intelligence operations against humanity on earth according to ground control and GIA commander Kim G. . I believe the planetary quarantine has been lifted so we are less likely to be running into any of these mostly unpleasant Drace buttbuddy Nazi space assholes in the future especially after we hit 5D , see ya wouldn’t want to be ya , and GOD willing .

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