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    I love how the way this is being released in the mainstream is through an Australian outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Maddie Hale reports.



    Things are continuing to unravel over at the FBI, with new information shedding more light on potential political bias being operated from the Bureau.

    New York Post‘s Miranda Devine’s exclusive report has revealed that the recently-retired special agent, Timothy Thibault failed to further probe a whistleblower who had come forward with serious allegations about Hunter Biden.

    According to the report, Mr Thibault was considered the point man for Tony Bobulinski, who was the former business partner of the President’s son and now a main whistleblower, who has fed the Bureau information about Hunter.

    In this new bombshell accusation, he alleged that Joe Biden was involved in business deals Hunter orchestrated with a Chinese company, despite the fact that he has long maintained he has no knowledge of what his son gets up to.

    Mr Bobulinski was interviewed by the FBI for five hours less than two weeks away from the 2020 presidential election about what he knew about Hunter Biden.

    This is all happening around the time The Post was reporting on Hunter’s discarded laptop that was riddled with a tangled web of overseas business deals and personal professional scandals.

    But Bobulinski alleged that Joe Biden was involved with his son and brother, James in business dealings with Chinese Energy company CEFC, a company which had links to the Communist Party.

    He claimed that Joe Biden was known as the “Big Guy”, as seen in emails and would be receiving a 10% cut from a joint venture with the firm. This is the same company that allegedly paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter and James Biden over the course of 14 months.

    The Chinese oil tycoon named Ye Jianming is the same person Joe Biden was talking about when he called his son in 2018 to say that he thinks he’s “clear” in relation to a Times article about to drop that tied him to the CEFC official in 2017.

    In 2018, Ye Jianming was put under investigation and arrested on suspicion of economic crimes. Mr Bobulinski also provided the FBI with three cell phones that had messages between Hunter and his business partners, plus emails and documents, detailing the families business operations in foreign countries while Joe Biden was the vice president.

    But with all that information and much more, Tony Bobulinski left the FBI that day and didn’t hear back, nor did his lawyer hear anything when he, again reached out to his appointment, Timothy Thibault.

    Tony Bobulinski has never been called in to provide his insights into the current Federal investigation into Hunter’s potential tax violations and foreign lobbying.

    So the 2020 election goes ahead and the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden’s damning laptop gets discredited as “disinformation” but the FBI is actually in possession of his laptop and now, reportedly those three cell phones.

    Last month, Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, where he presented some pretty interesting allegations.

    He said multiple credible whistleblowers alleged to him that the Bureau was given derogatory information about Hunter Biden right before the 2020 Election and passed it off as disinformation. The same Timothy Thibault was named as someone who allegedly ordered all reporting on Hunter Biden to be closed.

    It’s been alleged that the FBI HQ team suggested to agents that the information was “at risk of disinformation”. However, according to allegations, all reporting was either verified or verifiable via criminal search warrants.

    In addition, Agent Thibault allegedly ordered the matter clothes without providing a valid reason, as required by FBI guidelines. He also allegedly attempted to make sure the investigation wouldn’t be opened again in the future.

    After all that information provided and dismissed, Republicans aren’t happy clay Travers tweeted this is phenomenal reporting by Miranda Devine the FBI has had Smoking Gun evidence on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s criminal behavior for nearly two years and covered up the evidence and the investigation.

    Senator Ron Johnson, a fierce believer in Hunter Biden facing accountability told the Post, “Unfortunately Tony Bobulinski’s first-hand eyewitness testimony regarding President Biden’s knowledge of Hunter Biden’s compromising web of foreign Financial entanglements, especially with the Chinese was not only ignored by the media but also by the FBI.”

    Jim Jordan wrote, “Where does it stop?”

    Jesse Kelly wrote, “Should be facing decades of prison time. Instead, will collect an FBI pension and make millions in the private sector.”

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