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    Here’s some Millennial humor, fit for these polarized times.

    “Now, the backlash to a backlash to sports has lashed BACK to a backlash to a backlash to a backlash to sports!”

    (Actually, I think this is hilarious!)

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Don’t mean to be unappreciative and disrespectful, but I just don’t understand boys in adult bodies acting like this at all. I’m embarrassed watching them and ashamed for them that they somehow can’t find meaningful adult activities, aka WORK! Hopefully they aren’t spawning more of their kind.

      • I guess nerds and jocks are the same if they’re Millennials. I think this is supposed to be a weekend. They’re wearing pajama bottoms. More often, the scenes are set in an office, which may be their actual office, at College Humor but which could be for any tech- or Internet company, where they wear casual clothes.

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