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    In this riff on his 9/11 Classic, James Corbett demonstrates the fundamental mechanics of  humor in this 4-minute clip about the US’ recent “adventure” in Syria.

    Things are not funny if they’re great and perfect. If things are too perfect, they become weird and therefore, funny. The more horribly messed-up things are, the funnier they are. This hysterically funny video is a perfect example of this.

    Of course, there is absolutely nothing whatsoever funny about what is happening on the ground in Syria.

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    • I think its funny, that within the many scenarios being discussed for the reasons that Trump has reversed his position, that I have not seen a single mention of mind control anywhere. Its as if those attempting to explain the turn around are unaware of the ability of the ‘deep state’ to conduct that sort of operation and/or… that the mechanics of such control have not been revealed by a dozen different whistle blowers in the past decade. Its hilarious to me, how difficult it is for ALL aspects of the media, to digest the level of technology that our controllers use to keep us corralled. Religion- food- water and atmosphere contamination/poisoning, weather manipulation, etheric implants, vaccines, genetic manipulation, disease construction, manipulation of all aspects of planetary history, financial control of the scientific research community and on and on. But, mind control… well, lets not mention that one… absurdly funny.

    • His compilation is stellar, as always. He brings humor to a humorless situation even while giving the horrible facts/evidence.

    • James Corbett never fails to deliver. I subscribed to The Corbett Report at the same time of subscribing to Forbidden Knowledge TV. 9/11 started it. I realised they tell lies and woke up.

      I wonder if Trump has been escorted to a darkened room, reminded about JFK and Martin Luther King and then had it explained how things really work while being shown sincere concern about the health and well being of his family. Playing with the big boys does not come without cost. Part of which is his soul.

      • No need to threaten Trump. He was a con man in business and now he’s doing the same as a politician, no training necessary.

        • I reckon he has been told in no uncertain terms that this is one show he can’t run. I totally agree he should fit in well being a blatant liar, conman, cheat, bully and abuser. The world’s leaders must be laughing at the buffoon into their hands behind his back but knowing deep down its not funny, its scary. America and the world need a statesman of integrity who demands respect.

    • Ever notice that the “white hats” (CIA) always have a perfect video? I wonder how that can happen?

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