Luke Rudkowski does a great job of summarizing the fire hose of events that happened last week in his first-ever weekly round-up show.

He starts with the death of David Rockefeller, moves on to covering comedian Dave Chapelle’s “red-pilling” of his audience in his comeback Netflix special, to the latest WikiLeaks Vault 7 “Dark Matter” dump, which exposes how the CIA has been infecting Apple Mac computers. Luke finishes with coverage of the Trump Administration’s drums of war in Syria and Yemen and the increasingly aggressive war on the Alternative Media, on the part of Google-YouTube.


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  • I love your broadcasts Alexandra but have a problem with the statement regarding Banon collecting ‘machine guns’…….. I also collect them and it sounded to me a bit ‘anti-gun’… I have never had a problem with anything I have heard in your videos….. this one just got to me.
    Everyone who wants to have a gun, or machine gun, should have one. I live in Arizona for this reason. They are more pro-Constitution here.. guns are no big deal.

    • I said several times that I don’t agree with much of what Abby Martin says here, look at my what I wrote and my other comments on this comment board. I respect her past work and this was the main reason driving my post, in addition to trying to wrap my head around this weird place into which Liberalism has evolved. I’m a real Liberal. I think you should have has many machine guns as you want.

  • Netflix is also producing films promoting cannibalism. So there ya’ go. They are still MSM. Be weary. I’d say use discernment but the word has lost all real meaning since the woo-woo people too it over.

    Having said that, thanks for this new weekly update. It totally rocks. Do it again and again. Absolutely love the spot on, irreverent commentary. We hear so little truth commentary, generally. You answer the “so what?” points. Keep it up.

  • Thank you, and Luke, keep doin what you do so well! And Alexandra, thank you again for doing what you do!

  • Truth ! I know, what a disgrace of the current state. Thanks for the update, and yes we are being screwed, over and over and over and ………..

  • loved your video
    thank you for the video catch-up for the week and the news content.
    people like you are very important in the world today. so thank you for doing what you do.
    we are all so brainwashed and kept so busy not worrying about anything outside of our own small lives.

    so thank you
    all the best regards
    debbie Fox in Durban South Africa


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