This feature length documentary chronicles the search for the legendary Bigfoot by Canadian forestry worker, Justin Chernipeski. As a wilderness firefighter and outdoor guide, Justin has spent countless hours in the wilderness and is more convinced than ever that the Sasquatch may be real.

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  • People need to understand that there are different ‘types’ of Bigfoot. The smartest of all are those who have the DNA of man, gorilla (strength) and the remnant of Fallen Angel DNA. They are, as are all ‘cryptids’ remnants of the corruption of many living things during the days of Noah; before the flood. Many of them escaped underground to avoid being drowned. In fact, the US Army military have documented proof that giants still exist and walk the earth. A team of six men came upon a cave inhabited by a 15′ tall giant who quickly made a meal of them. Another team of six men went to find the first team. They came across the first team’s weapons and clothing. The officer in charge of the last team of six told them before they left to “aim high”. It was only by shooting the giant in the head did five of them escape being eaten. Sadly, one of the team was speared to death by the giant. The giant was then flown to the USA in an unknown location. Many remnants created by the Fallen Angels and giants still exist and those who search for them are just asking for trouble.

  • Have never seen a Sasquatch….read lots of 1st hand reports & books…& seen films like this one. I think the evidence is overwhelmingly leaning on the fact that Sasquatch exists. I’m very pleased that no one as of yet has killed & dragged a specimen in for proof of their being ‘real’. I very much doubt that if one were found, they ( Big Foot) wouldn’t have a chance in hell of being left to their own lives ever again. It would be a smack down of all their habitats & perhaps ‘Parks’ would be made and folks from all over the world would come and pay $$ to witness these great survivors. I’m sure it would spell their demise. Hunts would be organized, licenses issued for capture……I don’t have much faith in mankind leaving well enough alone. So I hope the Sasquatch will remain the majestic legend it has become & live in the stories of folks that have caught glimpses of these ancient beings to share with us.

  • Please describe the sound, James?
    Same applies for me, to the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger.
    For about 60 years it was officially extinct, but you could still be fined $20,000 for attempting to capture one. I heard of two men who were fined that amount. In those 60 years, there were hundreds of sightings. All denied by “authorities”.
    I saw one once, and heard one twice.
    Nice movie, thanks Alexandra. Thought the evidence good enough to justify the movie, but it could be pruned a bit. The fingerprints could have been better recorded, simply by blowing a bit of plaster powder across them; that was one that got away, and some of the footprints in moss could have been cast in plaster, containing it in plastic film-wrap. Would have been good for practice, at least.
    The best bit was the Sasquatch leaving the magic mushroom, trying to raise those boys’ consciousness a little………

    • The sound I heard was kind of like an elk, but different, I don’t know how else to put it, It was as loud as one, but, it was one calling out to another, and the other replied from a different location…. Kind of like a scream, but not a scream…. this was forty years ago, but I will always remember it.

      • thanks, James
        Not knowing what an elk sounds like, i’m still in the dark, but it sounds impressive
        When i heard the thylacine, i was just going to sleep.
        There were three parts to the sound, a howl, a roar and another part, i’ve forgotten.
        I heard an old-timer describe exactly this three part call, on the radio.
        The thylacine, i believe, was hunting a platypus. I saw a platypus in our creek, that same afternoon, the only time i saw one there in twelve years, but they are fairly common around Tasmania.
        I am sure this animal was calling from the little pond in the stream, only ten yards away.
        It was very loud, and put all my hair on end. I was paralysed with fright. But very glad, also, to hear one. I heard another in exactly the same place, years later, in daylight. About ten years prior, I and a friend saw one, in another place, about twenty miles away.
        Like the Sasquatch, they are shy and elusive, and exceptionally gifted with hearing, eyesight and ability to smell. Really highly tuned creatures

  • I’ve had a couple of experiences with big foot, once in the Skagit Valley and once at Ho River, both in Washington. After you hear them, you will never forget that sound they make. One time in the 70’s and one in the 80’s.

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