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The Roman Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon contains the largest stones ever cut, moved and erected by humankind. The foundation stones weigh about 2,000,000 lbs each and are thought to have been part of an earlier Phoenician temple. The newer columns are twice the size of the Parthenon’s in Greece and their stones were quarried nearly 1,000 miles away in southern Egypt!

Jimmy from the Bright Insight YouTube channel is an Iraq War veteran who got to see some of these ancient wonders with his own eyes but he’s not content to merely point out how incredible they are. He flatly states that the the ancient Romans did not have the technology to build the Temple of Jupiter. In fact, humans today would be very hard-pressed to duplicate this engineering feat. Moreover, the Romans, who memorialized everything in writing did not record any details of how this wonder of the world got built. The site remains an archeological mystery and as author Graham Hancock has said, we are a species with amnesia.

Jimmy notes that the trapezoidal shape of the doorways in this complex are reminiscent of those of the pre-Inca and ancient Egyptians and he asks, “Is that just a coincidence or is it further evidence that ancient human civilization was once a global civilization?”

Jimmy says that the unfinished stones left in the quarry near the complex may suggest that the construction at Baalbek was abruptly halted at a time much in deeper antiquity than at the turn of the first millennium – as in 10,000 years earlier, around the time of the Younger Dryas asteroid impact, the 20-mile-wide crater of which was only just discovered in Greenland.

The Aswan quarry in Egypt, where the Temple of Jupiter’s columns came from is also the site of the Unifinished Obelisk, which would have been taller than any other ever raised.

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  • Before Rome, there were Greeks who were ruling the empire. Their Rennaisance came to an end by Spartans, trained fighters who learned war techniques at the age of 7. Spartans took over Greeks Gods and their Empire and become ancestors of Greece. In their Reign, Theatres, God and Goddes temple were built by Romans but also there were already many temples that were built by Greeks. So that thing was originally built by Greeks. For further assistance in your history assignments do have a look at last minute Essay Writing Service by Cheapessaywriter.

  • Approx: 18 years ago – a carpet seller brought a large faded gold rug to a barrister friends house – so that he could experience it – to see if he wanted to buy it – I house sat for him when he was away so I had keys & swam in his pool – he rang “go have a swim & look over the rug to see what you think” – it was an old rag which I would have sent to the tip – after my swim I thought I better have another look just in case I had missed the experience – the back wall was all windows & as the sun came around to the back of the house & touched the rug it began to shine gold – the gold grew into a golden grass & finally the whole room was a translucent gold – for several years I wondered about that rug – hand made in the Middle East somewhere by people who may never had gone to school one day in their lives.
    Finally I realised that the carpet was a semiconductor & the light was electricity.
    New it would have blinded you for its brightness.
    Go figure how dumb we are this time around.
    Great video thank you

  • Will todays generations ever learn the ‘real’ truth about these ancient buildings? I mean who in their right mind would believe that these stones were extracted, shaped, transported & put into place by average people & why such huge temples? The exact measurements and placement so accurate. It makes a mockery of what todays ‘archeologists’ are telling us about our past. We have been robbed of our ancient beginnings. Why is this information so dangerous? Civilizations who don’t have their past to rely upon are easily fooled & manipulated to give away their ‘power’ to elite groups for greed & criminal behaviour.
    Wonderful article……thanks for sharing!

  • Again…When “Certain People” who already KNOW the truth about OUR-Story (Not History) start telling the REAL Truth…Major “Clues” will be brought forth.
    One Clue is that MUCH of the design of those great temples Actually originate from VERY ancient AFRICA…Who also HAD Great structures like those…Even Great CITIES with modern Features available back then.
    When the Europeans started INVADING Africa, They attempted to Destroy African-Story and CHANGE it to THEIR version, being call His-Story.
    No worry….REAL TRUTH is already “Arriving”.

    • A “Close” observation, since Every Form of “Creation” operates via “Frequencies”…and those “Creative Frequencies” are returning…Only NOT From the so-called “Alliance/SSP” folks…Who work for the Vatican Jesuits.

  • The book of Enoch talks of some giants being 3000 els high which interpreted is 2.1 miles high. The Titans of old? These massive creatures could have lifted and built any massive structure on earth. Science fiction? Punch in a search engine the words “mud Fossil university”

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