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The Camp Fire in Paradise, California began on November 8th of last year, destroying over 153,000 acres before finally being put out over a month later on December 14th. Over 13,000 homes and hundreds of businesses were destroyed, with more than half of this damage described as occurring within the first four hours.

The anomalies of the Camp Fire were ignored by the mainstream media and were only reported on a handful of independent websites, including

Fires were observed burning at temperatures at least three times hotter than an average house fire; hot enough to melt aluminum and glass, reducing homes to pure ash yet leaving plastic trash cans beside them untouched.

Most of us are familiar with how microwave ovens heat and interact with foods and how this differs from the effects of thermal or convection ovens. We know that plastics are “microwave safe”, whereas metals explode violently when subjected microwaves. The effects of the NorCal fires of the past couple of years have been widely observed to resemble the effects one might expect to see from directed microwave radiation or masers.

Maser is the acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Likewise, laser is the acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. Both masers and lasers are forms of amplified, coherent, electromagnetic radiation and both frequency ranges are used in various Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). DEWs are a newer class of weapons that are starting to come into wider use.

The SupposedlyShelly YouTube channel interviewed retired California firemen, John Lord and Matt (last name withheld) about the anomalies they’ve observed and both were left to conclude that DEWs were involved. The firemen reported that plastics attached to metal completely melted while plastics standing alone withstood what must have been extraordinary heat. Other investigators observed how guardrails caught fire at the points where the metal bolts connected to the wood. DEWs could produce these effects.

DEWs can:

  • be invisible and inaudible.
  • be immune to gravity, wind and Coriolis forces.
  • travel at light-speed and have near infinite range and thus be suitable for use in space warfare.
  • be land-based, mounted on planes, drones, satellites or Boeing X-37s.
  • have pinpoint accuracy.

One disturbing effect mentioned by the firemen that I hadn’t seen until I saw this video was the anomalous scarring along large swathes of forest, with the rest untouched.

The question of course is why the innocent populace of Paradise would be the target of a diabolical stealth attack using advanced weapons – and by whom?

Rumors swirled about a high-speed railway and gold reserves discovered in the Paradise area but the most pervasive rumors involved the UN’s Agenda 21 action plan and a Globalist plot to declare designated areas unfit for human habitation; to deny property rights, to undermine US sovereignty and to herd any survivors into megacities, with the goal of subjugating humanity to an “eco-totalitarian” regime.

While crazy-sounding and unbelievable, one cannot deny that mainstream media hosts were heard casually discussing whether people should be allowed to rebuild in Paradise.

Last Wednesday, the missing persons call center for those who were unaccounted for during the Camp Fire was closed down. Butte County officials were able to locate 3,200 people, with three individuals still considered missing, according to the sheriff’s office. Four victims have not yet been named, deputies said. The Camp Fire was the deadliest fire in California’s history, claiming 86 lives.

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  • dutchsinse, the earthquake guy has captured, what appears to be some kind of energy beam, going from south eastern Oregon, south, right into one of the California fires. You’ll have to watch pretty much the whole video to see it plainly.
    The next night dutch captured another light beam, this time over the Pacific.

    I did a screen print on both of those videos with the red beams, one from the south, the other from the north. By doing that I was able to compare the coordinate angle of both beams. The angle is almost exactly the same for both. This means they have a common source on the other side of the earth.

    I took a good look at our old globe. These beams are on about 120 degrees, which makes it 60 degrees on the other side. 60 degrees goes right through Iran, SOooo, I’d say Iran is a pretty good suspect, just right to be firing a laser north one day, then south the next day. The thinking is probably that we’d never figure it out. Oh yeah?

    I have a friend, who in our early years was a Short Waver. We used to get signals from 1/2 way around the world, skipped off the Ionosphere. I think that’s what this is, a skip, off the Ionosphere.

  • Hi Dan, coincidently the fires on Australia ‘s east coast also align with a proposed fast rail systems with mega cities. I think California was the testing ground for these weapons. Coincident? I don’t think so!

  • All “Climate Change”, “Gay Rights”, “Gun Control”, Big Vaccine, Single-Payer Health Care, Abortion, and all this Leftist’s pro-Islam are all manifestations of implementing the New World Order, and Agenda 21, they want the world population reduced by 80%. How could anyone really think that THEY will be among the remaining 20%?

    From gay marriage to global warming to mass migration into Western nations by people who intend to destroy every aspect of who and what we are as a people, our history, our culture and our nation of laws. And mostly of course, destroy individual rights.

    Gays, as a rule, do not have children, Transsexuals CAN’T have children after they have become sterilized. Whimpey Snowflakes have Whimpey children. Idiots and Leftists (yes, I repeat myself) should not be capable of reproduction!
    However, with all of this homosexualism, transgenderism, and abortion… they are doing a bang-up job of it themselves!

    Ever notice how the ‘New World Order’ people never mention what kind of Government, which religion will be the “One World Religion”, or whom they want to be in charge? The NWO globalists don’t directly say what sort of government or religion they desire to impose, but it’s no secret either. Their publications openly advocate secular humanism/atheism, and they constantly promote socialism and economic ‘redistribution’. Redistribution is a pretty good racket for the elites in charge because they get to skim a lot of it as it goes through the government. In short, it’s warmed-over Marxist communism.

    It is all planned down to the smallest detail and designed to further instill “Agenda 21” and to institute “One World Government”. President Trump is trying to do what he needs to do to halt or delay those plans… Even his presence in the Whitehouse instead of the Traitor Clinton is stopping their progress… and those are the main reasons that the Leftists hate him and want him out of office!

    Ever notice how Climate Change. Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Rights, Transgenderism, the latest emanation of “Obama Care” and protecting the Vaccine Industry are some of the Leftist’s favorite ‘causes’? They are designed to reduce or partially eliminate the next generation! Gun Control is designed to eliminate any effective opposition when the NWO take-over is attempted.

    It is all part of Population Control that the New World Order wants to achieve.
    Their goal is to reduce the world’s population into what they believe is a “sustainable” Five Hundred Million!

    Eventually, the Reduction of the Population must devolve into wholesale murder to achieve the goal. Then those many legions assigned the lower echelon tasks of eliminating the ‘Unchosen Ones’ will, in turn, be eliminated too, lest they try to stage a coup and take over the new “Government”.

    But of course, the NWO people all believe that they will be among those five hundred million that are allowed to remain, and that THEY themselves will be counted among the Elite Leaders of the world!

    Advocates of Eugenics Have a New Term to Justify Killing People: “Population Engineering” According to them: There are two strands to population engineering: population control to protect the environment and eugenics to shape the “structure”, or composition of the population. Both are necessary and reproductive freedom (abortion) is an obstacle to both of them.

    NOTES: The estimated population of the USA is 328,915,700 as of May 20, 2019.
    The population of China is an impressive 1,354,040,000, to 1.42 Billion

    The population of the WORLD is:
    ———- 7,678,200,000 — 7.6 Billion
    Minus: —- 500,000,000 —- 500 Million
    The proposed “Great Killing” will murder:
    ———- 7,178,200,000 — 7.1 Billion PEOPLE!
    —> Yet they all somehow think that THEY, themselves will survive? <—

    I will leave you with this quote from Microsoft’s Bill Gates a known proponent of the New World Order…
    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, HEALTH CARE, REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH SERVICES, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (emphasis added)
    (Hmmmm… I thought that vaccines were supposed to help people stay healthy, not kill them!)

    Is the World Overpopulated?
    Too Crowded?
    You can fit the entire population of the world in the State of Texas and still have everyone with their own 31-foot by 31-foot space all to themselves!
    by MRxFebruary 18, 2018
    “Texas includes 267,339 square miles, or 7.4% of the nation’s total area. To find out how many square feet are in the state of Texas, multiply 5280 x 5280 – (to find out how many square feet in a square mile), which equals 28,944,400 square feet. Then multiply that number by the number of square miles (28,944,400 x 267,339), which equals 7,737,966,951,600 square feet in the state of Texas.”

    Now take that 7,737,966,951,600 (7.737,966 Trillion) number and divide it by the estimated World Population of 7,678,200,000 (7.678 Billion) you could put everyone on Earth into the state of Texas and still have 1007 square feet per person, or you could fit them all into individual spaces that are squares of over 31 feet on each side.

  • Directed Energy Weapons: Particle Beam Weapons

    Types of directed energy weapons (DEWs)

    Four major categories of DEWs are:
    1. PBWs (particle beam weapons)
    2. Microwave based DEWs
    3. Laser based DEWs
    4. LIPC weapons (laser-induced plasma channel)

    Lasers, high-power microwaves and high-energy particle beams have been exploited for DEW development. These weapons, with the exception of particle beam weapons (PBWs) and laser-induced plasma channel (LIPC) weapons, generate streams of electromagnetic energy that can be precisely directed over long distances to disable or destroy intended targets.

    A directed energy weapons (DEW) system, with the exception of LIPC weapons, primarily uses directed energy in the form of concentrated beam of electromagnetic energy, or atomic or subatomic particles in the targeted direction to cause intended damage to the enemy’s equipment, facilities and personnel. Intended damage could be lethal or non-lethal.

    Ever since H.G. Wells published War of the Worlds in 1898, directed energy weapons (DEWs)directed energy weapons have been a recurring theme in science fiction literature. Idea of a death ray, which can instantly destroy or burn a target at a distance, in fact, dates back to a belief that Archimedes used a burning glass to set afire Roman ships during the siege of Syracuse in 212 B.C.

    Though the story has long been dismissed as a myth, interest generated by it has led to a number of experiments being conducted to verify the technical feasibility of such an event. Experiments conducted by Comte de Buffon and Dr Ioannis Sakkas, and more recently by students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, have established the feasibility of such an occurrence.

    Buffon assembled 168 mirrors, 20.3cm x 25.4cm (8-inch x 10 inch) each, adjusted to produce the smallest image 45.7m (150-feet) away. The array turned out to be a formidable weapon. With this elaborate setup, he performed several experiments. He demonstrated igniting a creosoted plank at 20.1m (66-feet) distance using only 40 mirrors. 128 mirrors could ignite a pine plank instantly and, in another experiment, 45 mirrors melted 2.7kg (six pounds) of tin at 6.1m (20-feet).

    Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts

    Over at Picatinny Arsenal, the research and development facility and proving ground for the U.S. Army’s weaponry, engineers are developing a device that shoots lighting bolts along a laser beam to annihilate its target. That’s right: lighting bolts shot down laser beams. This story could easily end right here and still be the coolest thing we’ve written today, but for the scientifically curious we’ll continue.

    The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) can be used to destroy anything that conducts electricity better than the air or ground surrounding it (unexploded ordnance seems a good candidate here). It works off of some pretty basic principles of physics, using a laser to carve an electromagnetic path through the air that accommodates a high-voltage beam. Create that path, crank up the voltage, and your target is toast.

    US defense contractors announce directed energy weapons are ready for prime time

    For years, the Pentagon has pursued the dream of directed energy weapons, laser weapons, that could defeat a foes arsenal of weapons – from small inflatable ribs and tanks to ICBM’s and hyper-sonic drones – for pennies when compared with the expensive multi million dollar, use once, kinetic weapons the department relies on today. And for years, the technology proved to be elusive.

    But, according to a trio of Lockheed Martin executives who work on the development of the company’s laser arsenal, the time has finally come where those weapons are capable of being fielded.

    “The technologies now exist,” said Paul Shattuck, company director for Directed Energy Systems.

  • Funny how they admit these weapons now exist on Prager university YouTube commercial trying to boost support for Israel and bragging about their military technology mentioned direct energy weapons as an example. ncsecu

  • So where are the rest of the population of Paradise? The board at the entrance to the town said “population 27,000” but people reckoned it was more like double that number and nobody had bothered to update the figure. Even if they were wrong, that leaves more than 20,000 people unaccounted for. No Facebook posts from inside FEMA camps, nothing. Did they all die in the fires and just not get mentioned by the mainstream media? Where did all the unaccounted-for people from Hurricane Katrina go? I never did manage to get an answer to that question and I’m drawing a blank everywhere I ask about the Camp Fire now too.

  • I think we have been witness to a preview of what is in store for the destruction of our life. This is absolute evil!!! No one had a chance to take emergency supplies with them…..if they had stopped to gather any survival equipment- they would have died. It’s very chilling to know that whoever, whatever did this does not have a human bone in their body.
    It will be interesting to see if any of these folks will be allowed to return to rebuild or if they will be denied access to what is left of their homes. What is up and why did this have to be done or were ‘they’ just ‘testing’ out new found war toys? Unbelievable! Who are they coming for next? Between floods, droughts, fires, earthquakes & tsunamis — welcome to our weaponized world. Climate change my a**!!

    • Some of the residents whose homes were not burned allowed neighbours to stay on their land. Just recently, the authorities announced that it was time those evacuees ‘moved on’ as they had been there ‘long enough’.
      Move on to where?

  • kennyboy is such a bullshit artist. Anybody who knows history knows the talmudists were a gang not a race. They had been the sea faring people and the silk road people and you cannot keep your DNA if you are doing that. The original communists. That was the message of Jesus Christ – it was a warning.

  • Funny how they admit these weapons now exist on Prager university YouTube commercial trying to boost support for Israel and bragging about their military technology mentioned direct energy weapons as an example.

  • I’m sorry that a cogent conversation regarding the use of DEW on America might have stirred a bit of outrage. Instead, what we get is a shill making ad hominem Alex Jones insults the subject…too loose La Trek.
    Some freakin’ entity is ATTACKING AMERICA COLD!!!???
    What THE f?

    • Estimated Numbers: Targeted Individuals & the Terrorist Watchlist;

      According to a civil lawsuit filed in 2014, it appears that the FBI refers to Targeted Individuals as “Non-Investigative Subjects,” and lists them on the Terrorist Watchlist. The U.S. government added more than 1.5 million names to its Terrorist Watchlist in the five year period between 2009 and 2014. They are adding about 300,000 names each year. This concerns many human rights organizations, who say that the government has become too aggressive in its efforts to keep the American public safe. By 2018, we can estimate that about 3.4 million names are on the list, many of them American citizens.

      One of the issues that came out from the lawsuit was the FBI’s nomenclature of “Non-Investigative Subjects.” If someone has not committed a crime, has no known terrorist affiliations, and they are not under investigation – why are they on the list?

      For Targeted Individuals, this means something. They already know they are not being investigated for a crime, they have been targeted for an illegal, Deep State program that involves stalking, harassment, and microwave satellite attacks. This is the list where the names are held and local police departments have been instructed to refer all such contacts to the FBI and CIA. The police chiefs of most cities in America are trained by the FBI.

  • I wish people would get over the Alex Jones hate. I don’t think he had anything to do with the actual production of this video but regardless, he’s the hardest working man in the alt news business and I think it is awful what’s been done to him, getting de-platformed everywhere. He was not the narrator on this video. Yes, the spot for his iodine product comes on at the end. Chill.

  • Alex Jones is nothing more than a “Replacement” version of a kind of media that MIGHT replace the Main-Stream-Media we have LYING to us now…Just MORE lies made to look like something NEW. There is another one Like his going by the name NEW NEWS (Same-chit-different day)
    By NOW too it should be Obvious to even Half-Wits that the SECRET Space Program is just another Jesuit deception, soon to “Attempt” to use their “Project Blue Beam” scenario on the NIAVE to Fake the so-called “Second coming of Christ Jesus” (Laugh!!!)
    Its all detailed at:
    Don’t they even KNOW there Never a Physical man called by THAT Name…That he was an “Astrological Construct” created by the Ancient Kemet…Adopted by the VATICAN.
    Made into a physical man A the Roman Caesar?!
    Check out: CAESAR’S MESSIAH at: CaesarsMessiahDoc.Com on the internet for proof!

    • Dang!..I Almost forgot to ADD about the “Creation” by the Roman’s of the man called Jesus…IF was born of “Jewish Nationality” in ancient times…HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO BE A “BLACK” RACED BEING (HUMAN)
      ALL of the Jewish people, and Still ARE…MEMBERS OF THE “BLACK RACE”…Its even PROVEN in the Bible itself!
      So IF…The Luciferian/Satanist Attempt to carry out their “Project Blue Beam” FAKE “Return of Jesus Christ” they won’t be fooling the INFORMED…FOR A SECOND!
      Do REAL Research on this matter and Prove it for yourselves!

      • Where does it say that all jews were in the black family? It doesn’t, it says that from noah came shem, ham and japheth. Out of ham came the black family but we are all related, our blood is the same! Where did you find that the romans made up Jesus? God brought forth His son Jesus, he was born of a virgin, mary. Now, the romans may have crucified him but they crucified him because the jews didn’t like that Jesus proclaimed to be Gods son.

  • I would have shared this video to Facebook until I saw Alax Jones at the end peddling his snake oil. When his ugly face appears, in most people’s eyes, it destroys the credibility of anything attached to it even if it is correct.

      • You are a fool to judge messages by the messenger. Fact, evidence, and cogent, rational analysis is not partisan.

        And for the record, whether you dislike Alex Jones or not, condemning everything he says because of who he is, is a kind of racism, and only ignorant or perverted people engage in such thinking. Your biases betray you. Wake up. Without Alex Jones, yo wouldn’t even HAVE a truth movement. Denying Truthers is like denying Good people, or denying Peace and Love – all HIGH IDEALS enlightened people embrace.

        Chose your actions carefully. Judgment is coming.

        • Great message Alexandra, the part that seems to strike some is that it came from Alex Jones. I wonder if they ever heard of Third Reich Germany, that started out with book burning, it’s called censorship, and it’s evil. Once you no longer have a chance to hear both sides of a story, you are so much easier to control. DoctorMobius is right . Sheep can be controlled with a dog. ( I believe you pointed that out recently ) And the dog will control the sheep and do what the master tells it, including taking them to be sheered, or slaughtered. Well folks, I mean sheep, wake the f up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with all Alex says, but our constitution says he has the right to say it!!! And Google is EVIL as well as the other tech sites like FB, Twitter etc for censoring him, and others that think outside the BOX they CONTROL! Pardon my language. People, wake up, and see the world around you, have you heard of the Yellow Vest movement in France and started in other European countries? No? I think it’s called censorship. Well have you heard of DEW weapons? That’s what this video was about, and how it was used in the United States of Sheep.

          • I guess many are unaware how much of what Alex says far more often then not turns out to be true. Ive come to find he’s developed an extensive list of sources over the years who also want to expose the crimes against our country. One would sure be foolish taking anything to the lemmings news networks.

  • wow, this video will not load so I went to greg reese on youtube to try and watch it there. same thing: endlessly spinning circle….
    at least we get to read your description, thanks alex!

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