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Scientist Ginny Silcox joins Justin Nemos to talk about Directed Energy Weapons, the World Trade Center Towers and the California fires. This is a very interesting conversation, that deserves that one set aside some time to listen to it.

Silcox has been in electromagnetic compatibility research since the 1980s. She says when most people think about electromagnetic frequencies, they don’t tend to think about it having any physical effects. She reminds us of the old Memorex commercials, when the singer hit a note that was the same pitch as the resonant frequency of the wine glass, causing it to vibrate uncontrollably and to shatter. She says that in a nutshell, this is how the World Trade Center Towers were vaporized (!)

She reads from a science book by physicist Paul LaViolette, about how different kinds of materials respond differently to microwave frequencies and says that this explains the pronounced anomalies seen in the California fires, whereby houses were pulverized and trees directly beside them are quite unscathed.

Silcox reads from the book again, describing an experiment with a focused microwave beam and she says, “Here, I have been in the sciences for all these years and now I’m reading what they were doing with it all along that I had no knowledge of and and I can understand it and I find it thoroughly frightening…

“Basically, what I’m describing is something that can part us out, molecule by molecule.”

Silcox gets into detailed scientific descriptions of the EM spectrum and different kinds of EM and what may be happening, including the blue beams people have reported seeing in the California fires.

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  • Very interesting and informative, everyone seems to have fixated on 911 in the narrative here. If we look at the pictures and videos from 911 we have evidence of the use of thermite as well as evidence of DEW. What was left of buildings, was much to small, as well as there also being cars that were also turned to cinders blocks away from the buildings, glass melted, as well as wheels, hell some were half burnt. I think the DEW were used there to make it easier to get rid of the evidence faster, one the steel cooled down ten days later. Yeah, it was all done by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan, RIGHT. The California house fires were nothing but DEW, the psychopaths the government has been training for generations have been put to work to destroy the Earth, or the people on it. Best wishes for almost all, exceptions being the deep state and their “families” of blood suckers, and child killers, they seem to be one big happy “family”, may they die after a lot of pain.

  • So pleased to hear this. A young man learning from a senior with knowledge. This young man is our future, I wish him the best.

  • I have not listened to the Ginny Silcox interview yet, but I would like to make two observations.

    Firstly, her statement that the three WTC towers were vaporised by Directed Energy Weapons is incorrect. The physical evidence and analysis by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth describes their collapse and disintegration by controlled demolition techniques using military grade thermite and it is overwhelming — and proven.

    I am not against the existence and use of directed energy and I have not studied it recently to intelligently comment on its uses. I would just like to record here that sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s there was a report in the (then-respected) daily press that Italian scientists has carried out successful tests for military purposes of (I believe) radio waves which, when directed against a city would kill all sentient life but leave the “real estate” intact.

    It sounded like an ideal weapon for a capitalist state to eradicate an opposing population and preserve the spoils of war — ideal for the worldwide owning class.

    • You’re correct in that the AE911 platform formally suggests ONLY controlled demo w/ evidence of thermite, etc. Early presentations and comments from founders and reps of AE911truth were also highly critical of any other theory, and particularly critical of DEW and Judy Wood (which is often a red flag for controlled narratives and/or opposition strategies). They’ve since calmed down. There is plenty of evidence that the AE911 group was, in fact, infiltrated very early in its development by controlled opposition.

      However, I’ve privately spoken w/ one of the founders of that group, who agreed that while their platform does remain fairly narrow in presenting only controlled demo theories, it is not definitive, nor is there any way to prove that
      a) the thermite and other “evidence” wasn’t placed or analysis manipulated, nor that
      b) controlled demo is the ONLY means for the destruction of those buildings.

      Bringing DEW into the discussion is “confusing” apparently, for architects and engineers (I say that from first-hand knowledge, embarrassment and exasperation…MANY As and Es contract w/ gov, especially defense.)

      To fully understand all of these “truth” theories you have to dig very deep to understand the researchers, truthers, and groups, themselves. I’ve found this to be the most difficult part of understanding 9/11, especially all these many years later.

      You might be interested to explore Dr Joseph P. Farrell’s info on 9/11 – check out his recent book “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery” –he explores a 3rd level of actors on 9/11 (level 1 was “hijackers” of official story, level 2 was the “insiders” accused to have perpetrated 9/11 like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, et al.).

      Level 3 was and still is run by the Deep State with back-door access to government, defense, intelligence and every other system and network world-wide. His research lays out a most fascinating and logical series of events that no other entity could have managed, including the DEW that “disappeared” the towers and hijacked level 2 shenanigans that day–much to their surprise.

      For some reason, we humans are linear thinkers and the 9/11 truth opposition has capitalized on the fact that we often fail to realize more than one mechanism in place to create an action or event and will go to great lengths to dismiss multiple realities… this is one of the strategies opposition controlled used very effectively to infiltrate truth orgs and split people up and fractured platforms and weakened research efforts.

      In the case of 9/11 it’s apparent that both controlled demo was used as well as DEW.

  • Interesting interview. The “missing physics components” has been covered by other researchers. It’s ASTONISHING to me that the tightly-controlled academia, et al. cannot fathom that their domain has been under petro-cartel control for 150+ years. However, that’s exactly who they were groomed to be…ignorant and dutiful “experts”.

    Regarding the presentation Silcox found online, surely, she realizes her every move is still, and always will be, tracked… it also astonishing that these targeted people can be naive about this.

    “Basically, what I’m describing is something that can part us out, molecule by molecule.”

  • At least one thing is becoming VERY Clear to me at least, and that is the “Creatures” that are responsible for ALL the Evil going on, On this planet are EXPOSING themselves as WHO they REALLY Are.
    The so-called SSP (Secret Space Program) or what is called “Alliance” ARE the ones carrying out these Evil deeds….ALL as the VATICAN wishes.

  • The guest has some very interesting information to share. But listening to the host constantly interrupt to contribute with his low comprehension/low precision responses –essentially off-point with his guest’s narrative is almost unbearable. This is when you miss “professionally” skilled interviewers. I guess it just goes w/ the territory of what it often “takes” to propel oneself into “show biz” so to speak. Sorry to be griping, but I’m sure other listeners w/ a modicum of scientific literacy (not talking rocket science here) experience the same frustration. If only these podcaster types would learn to let their guests “roll” with their narrative and only interrupt briefly and minimally to encourage their guest’s “flow”. Ok, I’m done except to again offer apology for complaining about free stuff.

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