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    This report was produced last November by The Epoch Times, a multi-language news agency headquartered in New York City, founded in 2000 by a group of Chinese-Americans. The original focus of the service was uncensored news about human rights abuses in China but its YouTube channel, Declassified has lately been producing excellent reports about the Cold Civil War currently being fought within the US Government.

    This report about the migrant caravans is starkly different from anything I’ve seen in the Mainstream Media. It’s based on an article by retired CIA operations officer, Brad Johnson, who claims that the caravans are being financed by the state of Iran, as part of the “Axis of Unity” with Venezuela and Cuba and others against “US imperialism”. He says that Iranian intelligence and military officers are embedded in Venezuela’s equivalent organizations, some in high-level positions of authority. Together with Cuba’s “highly professional” intelligence agency, they are organizing the caravans as a means of asymmetrical warfare.

    As reported by presenter, Gina Shakespeare, this Axis of Unity lacks the military capability to inflict a direct defeat and has therefore weaponized poor people in Honduras in a strategy of “death by a thousand cuts,” to inflict damage, whenever and however you can to weaken your enemy, to the point where they can ultimately be defeated.

    These columns of migrants are being purposely deployed to “Undermine US sovereignty, while avoiding direct conflict. They were likely conceived and financed by Iran, then implemented by Venezuela, working closely with the Cubans and Nicaraguans to sow political division and chaos in the United States and to absorb resources at little expense to them,” in close cooperation and coordination with transnational criminal organizations, such as the narco-traffickers and gangs active throughout Mexico and especially along the US border.

    Also involved is the Bolivarian Alliance aka Alba, supported by Iran, China and Russia who all share the United States as their common foe. Ex-CIA Brad Johnson who authored this report claims that the intelligence services of Iran, Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela, in addition to the trained intelligence personnel from all terrorist groups consider this migrant column an irresistible opportunity to infiltrate people into the United States. This was corroborated by Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, who reported that 100 people arrested out of the column marching toward the United States last October have links to terrorism, including the ISIS terrorist group.

    Most distressing of all is that the DNC and the US Mainstream Media are seemingly operating in agreement with these inimical forces, who intend to damage and ultimately destroy the US.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Nothing in all of human history is as Vile as the Hate filled Sexually Depraved Disgusting Reptilian created Religious Filth that them Retarded Muslims believe in

    • People talk about the US doing this, Russia doing that, China, Iran…. it’s a fake narrative.
      The corporations (or now, the Korporation) used to be called the multinationals. Should now be called the “Antinational”, because this is the aggressor. The massive, bloated US military is just their tool, as are Israel, Turkey, and the rest. We all, all nations, have a common enemy, and it’s time we started talking in those terms.

    • The “Way of Things”….well said….but sadly very true. A well-organized ‘mess’! I have to admit that using women & children, the jobless, homeless & gangs to do the bidding of countries that want to destabilize the U.S. without too much of a ‘signature’ is pretty clever. I would never have for a moment given Iran a second thought concerning the planning & financing of the caravans but today all things follow very intricate lines back to where the money is. I wonder if the people of the world will ever be ‘for once’ free from all of this crap. Doesn’t look too rosy for the future of countries & their populations to ever escape the looming clouds of war but I guess it’s “just the way of things”.

    • Once in the CIA, always in the CIA. As pertains to Iran in particular, I am sure this is pure propaganda with a few misleading facts laced in. Think about it. The USA and Israel are behind ISIS as they have been when it was Al Qaeda. Let’s find an excuse to attack Iran. What less can you expect with John Bolden in the Cabinet?

      • WOW!!! Michael!!! You must have SEEN their website HERE listed in the good old USA!!!
        KEEP doing “Deep-Research” about the TRUTH about “HU-Manity’s” REAL “OUR-STORY”!

    • Do we [USA] ever take responsibility for our actions? We want to blame Venezuela, Honduras, Cuba, and whoever. We never talk about how we interfere in these countries, overthrow their leaders and ruin their economies.
      Forbidden Knowledge, I am noticing more and more rightwing bias.

      • I was never even remotely “Right Wing” until the treachery of the DNC became so obvious to me that I became radicalized against them. The mass censorship and de-platforming of online publishers, in particular earned them my eternal enmity.

        I spent all my life on the Left, so starting with Obama breaking every promise he ever made and the invasion of Syria, the surveillance state and the war on whistleblowers, these and more were huge betrayals for me. I thought “we” on the Left were the Good Guys. I now see the DNC, rightly as the enemy of the US.

        I think the US has been incrementally hijacked by the Central Bankers starting in 1913. US geopolitics have been all about maintaining the dollar/petrodollar, which is not created by the US Treasury but by a private corporation largely controlled by European aristocrats.

        These disgusting, illegal wars of aggression, starting with Korea have demoralized everyone including most Americans into hating the USA but America’s military was being used to protect Central Banking racket and its attendant war economy and not the interests of the US and its people.

        The unwinding of this unholy mess is inevitable and there may be life after all is said and done and I think Trump and those behind him want to restore the country to its pre-1913, pre-Federal Reserve ideals or die trying because the only thing they’ve got to lose is a bleaker outcome than what we’re already facing.

        • I’m not religious, but, AMEN! Thank you for seeing everything that I have and then some! Some are just to set in their ways to see the truth. Please keep up the GREAT work you do. JC.

        • Gee Alexandra…I was thinking you were ABOVE “Politics”!
          Please tell me YOU don’t SEE a “Political” solution to OUR planets problems…DO YOU STILL “BELIEVE” IN RELIGIO/GOVERNMENTS SOLUTIONS???

        • Dear kennyboy, why don’t YOU go look for the TRUTH, let US know IF U find IT. If you can figure out what it is.

    • When the US torments and terrorizes other countries, especially Central America, it is called blowback or Karma… America knows no shame, America is destroying itself! Don’t blame other countries…what you sow you will reap!

      • I didn’t sow any of it, the Banksters and war profiteers who hijacked this country did. I’ve been anti-war all my life.

      • LOVE YOU LIAM!!! YOU ARE “RIGHT-ON” ABOUT THIS “FAKE VERSION” OF AMERICA…Do research in to WHO the ORIGINAL “Amerian’s” Still ARE to this day!
        America was “Invaded” by the Europeans…Remember???
        Clue One: The Original “Indigenous” Americans STILL ARE “AFRICAN’S”…Who mixed with the “Mongoloid” races coming in through Canada to form what is called “Indian Natives”.
        They moved south into north America and mingled with the Africans who were already HERE…OUR-STORY…Is what Beings of LOVE want to EXPOSE…Because MOST of what is now called HIS-Story is ALL LIES.

    • It was reported that Jewish organizations were on the border protesting the US trying to stop the migrant invasion. The CIA is a major part of the military industrial complex thus I understand why an ex-CIA operative would accuse Iran and other countries that are labeled “terrorist” The Jewish “plan” is for free migration as to be part of establishing the “new world order” controlled from Jerusalem. Of course any country that tells Israel to go “f” themselves are targets. Our Zionist government is sickening when it comes to their unwavering support of Israel. My question is why? Are we so in debt to the Zionist bankers that we have to rub Israel’s belly whenever they say it’s time for a belly rub? Please wake up to what the new world order is all about. If what the CIA agent is saying is true it begs to ask the question why would Iran do anything to provoke the US when they know that anything they did would result in a swift and deadly response by the military industrial complex. Netanyahu has been accusing Iran for over 20 years that, in his words, will have the “bomb” any day. If anyone is behind the parade of immigrants, I believe it to be the Zionist.

      • JEEPERS Dunn!!! Ask yourself, WHY would the FAKE Jews do THAT???
        You NEED to read the FAKE Jew History…THEY are NOT the Original Jews Who ARE Still a BLACK raced people…No wonder the FAKES want to screw-up the EVERYTHING that would FREE this planet from their control!

    • Sure, why not blame Russia again for every evil deed humans are responsible for. Why are they even discussing about who was responsible for the migrants flocking into the US. Russia did it, and this time with their evil friends China and Iran. George Soros must be laughing his head off. He is off the hook for this one again. CIA has done another good job as usual.

      • There’s nothing to agree or disagree with me in Brad Johnson’s report, which contained his arguments, that I’d never heard before and that I sought to explain.

        I agree that it appears that Soros/banksters are behind the caravans and that if what this Brad Johnson contains any truth, that it consists of exploiting the chaotic environment being created by Soros.

      • AWAKEN!…Monika!…PUTIN IS A FAKE JEW TOO…Which explains Why the is so much turmoil between the so-call “Left and Right” BULL-CHIT!!!
        There is NO Left or Right…JUST PURE POLITICAL BULL-CHIT…Designed to KEEP YOU “Confused” so that They can “Eliminate” YOU…….Unless You are a “Melaninated”.

    • As I said, this report was unlike any other I’d seen and yes, any report coming from ex-CIA should be considered suspect but I’ve been learning not to automatically rule things out, particularly with regards to Iran.

      I’ve been reading Mike Moore’s book about his intelligence contracting work and how he stumbled on the role of Iran not being at all what we’ve been led to think. Their feud with Saudi
      Arabia is fake – it’s true that the ethnic groups hate each other but the governments do work together and that includes the US. As we’ve learned, Obama’s Iran Deal helped finance Hezbollah and Assad, to drive the US war economy, so my best guess is that Iran & co., although they may not be the main financiers of the caravans, they’re likely exploiting the fact that Soros is putting hundreds of millions into these caravans.

      The Iranians may also be behind MS-13. I live in an area that’s had lots of illegals from El Salvador for over 20 years and there was nothing like MS-13 until a very few years ago. It’s as inorganic as the caravans.

    • I sure hope we aren’t giving money to any of these people! If we are we need to stop it and use that money to build the wall!

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