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by Greg Reese

The counterculture is now aware of False Flags. Operations that are executed by the powers that be and blamed on someone else are now being called out in real-time on social media platforms despite the censorship. It’s becoming popular. And if the powers that be can no longer trick us, then they will try and hurt us.

According to the scientific data, nearly all humans have a certain degree of psychic awareness. And some of us become acutely aware of it. The term, Remote Viewing, was coined by the US Department of Defense when they began training people in this field. It is the art of viewing an unknown target at any distance within the mind’s eye and retrieving accurate data. To refine this data, Remote Viewers work together as a team and look for redundant data.

Remote Viewing teams such as, the Future Forecasting Group, work with a double-blind protocol. This means that they do not know where or what the target is. The information they are given is an arbitrarily designated number such as; A9I5-Q7K4. As they blindly view the target in a meditative state of focus, imagery is flashed in the mind and immediately sketched out and collected. The Future Forecasting Group has been successful at predicting the Panama Canal incident, the Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, the Halloween stampede in South Korea, police violence at the Canadian Trucker protest, and many others. Which can all be found at Future Forecasting

The Future Forecasting Group was recently assigned the target of the next financial crisis. Because of their double-blind protocol, the only information they were given was an arbitrary number. But the Viewers were all distracted by overpowering images of a catastrophic event. They all saw the same thing. Massive explosions with multiple points of impact, small particles, and debris falling from the sky, people sick with Cesium, which is the most dangerous of all radioactive isotopes. Used in Dirty Bomb scenarios. They saw police checkpoints, people seeking shelter underground, and an exodus of sad-looking people.

Remote Viewing goes back in the written record for millennia. And has been repeated in the current scientific record for decades. According to this body of work, most people are able to do this. And this is why Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics program works.

By reading the entirety of human language across the World Wide Web, the program will list repeated words and phrases in all languages creating a macroscopic view of what everyone is talking about. So if all humans are psychic, whether they know it or not, then you would see it in the collective chatter. Especially for traumatic events. The bigger the trauma, the more people would be emoting their anxiety online. And key words can be found. Such as the word “ejecta”, which has been showing up in Clif High’s work. Which shows the same event.

Predictive Linguistics reveals a time frame of when a big event happens at the point in time when the tension language ends, and the release language begins. The tension language is the psychic awareness before an event. And the release language is the event itself as everyone is made aware. Based on this, Clif High sees this event happening near the end of this year.

Both the Predictive Linguistics and the Future Forecasting Group saw that this was a decision that was made by some faction of government. Several saw a button being pressed. And they propose that if enough eyes are on the powers that be, maybe it will never happen.

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  • FREEMASONRY is the Luciferian religion of the “Elites”. The Freemasons made I Pet Goat II to tell us what their plans are.
    I Pet Goat II gives us clues about dates.
    *I Pet Goat II*
    Freemasonic/Luciferian Predictive Programming showing what’s coming FAST

    FALSE FLAG attack against NYC USA on an annular eclipse shown at 2:17 – 2:34
    Blamed on Islam (just like 9.1.1)
    When is the annular eclipse?
    OCTOBER 14, 2023

    FRIDAY OCTOBER 13? FINANCIAL COLLAPSE (Historical date of Knights Templar Massacre)
    – likely A NUKE/Tidal Wave

    New York Nuclear PSA tells citizens what to do in case of a NUCLEAR ATTACK
    ~1 year ago

    A 100 ft high NYC Tsunami (back of $10 & $100 bill)? ~14 years ago

    The USA will respond by bombing the Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount (Israel) using TR3B Bombers, starting a Jihad (WWIII). (@3:05 – 3:13) Exactly as FREEMASON Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, ALBERT PIKE predicted in his 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini.



    Albert Pike 3 world wars letter

    The dollar/economic collapse (@1:59 -2:07) & WWIII go hand in hand. See the egghead boy’s EYES! (@3:03 – 3:05)

    3:13 – 3:47 shows Africa, Russia and South Korea taken down by Luciferian Cabal, making way for NWO government rule over the planet.
    After Al Aqsa Mosque is destroyed, construction on THE THIRD TEMPLE on Temple Mount will begin in preparation for their Moshiac.

  • Dejan is right about fear porn; it’s bizarre that the “solution” is for our BS to counter their BS. I would focus more on intercession, i.e. meditate on higher frequencies to counter evil which operates at lower frequencies.

  • Since when has anything the cabal wanted to do to us not happened especially when they tell us which is the standard MO. Did wishing it was opposite day suddenly trigger suppression fire downrange . Yes it has less impact when we are expecting the thing and they do manage to fail alot anyway also this could very well be how to manifest something you need help with from the intended targets . Lets hope Cliffy is right for once and we dodge the thing he helped conjure . Reality is manifested by us based on intention the universe is made to serve conscience beings.
    Align your intentions in harmony with good will and things happen , the magic comes from higher mental capabilities not luck .

  • They took away my rights back in 1968, when I was imprisoned in Raiford Florida State Prison, for Breaking & Entering into and vandalizing a school as protesting the Vietnam conflict. So, no rights, no protection for my family, no good jobs for 55 years now. So f… you stupid people. The fact is, America, a British Colony, has always been a debt slave colony. Your hero and Father of your Country, George Washington, used Rothschild money to start the First U.S. Bank. And everyone of the representatives are bought off, bribed, compromised and controlled by The East India Trading Company located in The City of London. All of the founding fathers, no matter what they claimed, were Satanists and FreeMasons who worship Lucifer. And they painted the picture of George Washington, ascending to Heaven as a god, on the ceiling of the Capital Rotunda. Furthermore, they sorcery to cast spells there to keep you stupid and in line. So, obey your heroes give them lots of cash so they can be rich as you get poor. Why would a free person allow someone else to make his laws and run his or her affairs? A German philosopher once said that, “no one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who thinks he’s free”. Stupid people who allow their government to own them, do not deserve rights. Thanks, for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • I would like to know the percentage of their accuracy rate (these remote viewers) …I know Clif High has about a 20% rate of accuracy…not good, but still 20%…

  • The word Yellowstone comes to mind.
    There have been a lot of rumblings going on in that area.
    Time will tell us.

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