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The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. “What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. “It’s the inversion of democracy.”


by @KanekoaTheGreat

🚨Harvard surveyed 150 misinformation experts and determined they “strongly leaned toward the left of the political spectrum.”

Less than 5% identified as “slightly right.”

Do you recall when the terms misinformation and disinformation were introduced into public discourse?

This introduction coincides with the government’s efforts to suppress populism and domestic dissent, particularly following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

The terms misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation were popularized as justifications for government actions aimed at censoring criticism directed towards institutions such as NATO, the EU, and the Pentagon.

The advent of the internet and the promotion of free speech online played a crucial role in the rise of independent journalism, the erosion of trust in institutions and corporate media, the Brexit movement, and the election of Trump.

In response to these developments, Western governments and their institutions established an entire industry focused on combating misinformation and disinformation, effectively serving as a mechanism to censor online speech.

@MikeBenzCyber characterizes this phenomenon as akin to military rule, asserting, “It’s the inversion of democracy.”

The government directed its psychological tools, previously employed abroad to overthrow foreign governments, inward against its own citizens, resulting in COVID-19 and the 2020 election being the most censored events in American history.

@elonmusk purchasing X is the pendulum swinging back towards true democracy, which is only achievable through the preservation of freedom of speech.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thanks Alexandra! For more information about this defense departments involvement in the CBDC, covid and more go to Cathrine Austin Fitts said follow the money! Trillions a year are being stolen & siphoned from the people by our own banks investing in the defense department!

    There is something way more going on, I think Amazing Polly nailed it recently & before with some of these people being controlled opposition & incorporated into the new mainstream alternative.

    Remember Tucker’s family has intelligence agency roots & has played the game and will continue to play the game.

    We, as a species have to stop being delusional and realize that it’s all a population control system regardless of who is at the helm. In fact we spend too much time fighting among-st ourselves about who is at that helm when it’s mute. The reality is that we all have to get a little or a lot out of control ourselves and the system that relies on our control, ceases.

    Not some white hat, president, democratic or technocratic savior is going to do this. You are capable of that change, within ourselves. Then spread that change to others. Create communities & new banking systems in real life and in communities, like this one that Alexandra has painstakingly created for us over all these years to educate us and assemble us. We are the power to change this bullshit heading our way down the shit pipe.

    Be the real evolution, change for the good of humanity for the sake of all humanity, not narcissistic survival of the fittest like some eugenicist propagandized us to believe.

  • All the governments do feed disinfo.
    We can’t trust any of them, especially with the facts that they lied about C19 and all of them are onto space hoax.
    For example, Putin/Russia would point out about NASA’s fake photoshopped images, but the question is how about their own fakery on the same subject?
    And why doesn’t he point out that recent Chinese / India space fakery was even more laughable than on NASA’s? and such.
    They are all connected while appearing like not.

  • we gonna need them brain chips sooner than we thought . lots of peeps can barely keep their shit together as it is now in this hellfire consuming us . we can be free and turn it all over to a higher fake intelligence so we can avoid thinking about the 2nd death , the soul death and march into oblivion with a clear conscience wiped of all bad feelings of loss and remorse and care and go love ourselves to death in one big ass giant orgy a wipe out . . thank you muskrat and dr. bill where would we be without you .

  • This is all humanistic prattle about democracy which means different things to different people.

    Fascism sees itself as democracy, communism sees itself as a democracy, dictators see themselves as heading a democracy. The word democracy alone has no meaning! GHW Bush was the very worst at abusing this term for the purpose of meddling in other nations affairs.

    All of this discussion is focused upon pragmatic solutions to real and unreal problems and when any nation has a taxpayer funded society whose reason for existence is to destabilize any people anywhere on the face of the earth who disagree with their definition of morality, can expect no end to their mischief. They make up the rules as they progress rolling over others.

    Never mind how regulation of such a society is set up in the beginning, if it determines the end justifies the means along the way, how is that any different than the so called enemy nations? “Re-purposing” is a polite rationalistic word to obscure betrayal, treason, deception and other related mischief.

    Our nations Father, George Washington made it clear Americans wanted friendly relations with all nations and that stood us in good stead with all people of the world until our leaders began meddling in other nation’s affairs. In my lifetime these imps have destroyed that worldwide goodwill and I for one am offended by it.

    This nation was not founded upon a kind of rise and kill first philosophy – that belongs to Political Israel. Our nation was founded upon self-control under the Decalogue as rightly interpreted by Christ having affectionate benevolence toward all her neighbor states whether or not they were democracies. Democracy like we think today had nothing to do with it. The word democracy or democratic meant the people governed through the ballot box to elect fellow citizens to represent them in a republican form of government. It was never a direct democracy, and G-d forbid it ever become that. Though I will admit we could learn a lot from the Swiss system of government.

    It was the French Revolution that thought to establish a purely democratic nation, devoid of Christ that ended in total disaster, because you cannot have peace and safety without moral restraint on the impulses of humans. What have we learned from this history? Nothing!

    No? Then why did Marx think to redo the French revolution? And all the other revolutionaries since? The American revolution was not anything other than severing the predatory ties of King George, the rebel King of England. The Americans were not the rebels, King George was the rebel. He it was who broke faith with the colonists by breaking G-ds laws regulating government.

    Do not doubt me – read Blackstone’s commentaries on the laws of England.

  • If can’t with the first comment variant, the second:
    Russia has officially announced that she is joining the “race” for brain chips and gene modes of humans, and no one has announced it. (How did it happen?)
    +pre-history with curious connections and synchronicities (for Trump, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Musk, Tucker and the brain chips..)

  • I got the wrong article under to which to post my comment on, sorry. 🙂 My comment is right for here, under Tucker. It is precisely about MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL (MEDIA) CENSORSHIP, but even more so: censorship the GLOBAL secret centers for “advanced research projects”. Which is especially evident in the West. Otherwise, why is everyone silent (both the mainstream and the alt-media? While in every Russian media there are at least 50-100 articles/reports about it. In the West, almost nothing. How do you like that? About a WEF, DARPA, Musk and the other transhumanist has (as it should be) billions of articles and videos. About Russia – NOTHING. Why?
    The comment:

    Russia has officially announced that she is joining the “race” for brain chips and gene modes of humans, and no one has announced it. (How did it happen?)

    pre-history with curious connections and synchronicities (for Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Musk, Tucker and the brain chips..)
    (*only the comments of this user, without his answers to other users)
    …and the rest of this user’s comments down (there is a slight break from some stupid conversation of another user with the author of the article, scroll down)

    Only valid links to sources.

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