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    In the wake of 9/11, the internet was a refuge for freedom of thought and freedom of speech, while the Fake News gaslighted us about boxcutter-wielding hijackers controlled by a bogey man in the bowels of an Afghan cave.

    Since 2016, the propaganda in the Fake News has spiked to increasingly outlandish levels but the biggest communications malfeasance story of the decade is the algorithmic stranglehold that Google has on the internet, as they seek to “sculpt the information landscape” into their Transreality.


    In 2019, Google Senior Software Engineer, Zach Vorhies revealed Google’s artificial intelligence program called “Machine Learning Fairness”, which basically suppressed search results for whites and heterosexual males in favor of any other kind of human. This same algorithm has now been applied to Google’s Gemini AI, which, as Tim Pool demonstrates here, has been programmed to erase the existence of white people, past and present.

    Zach blew the whistle on this five years ago, providing nearly one thousand pages of documents to the DOJ’s Anti-Trust Division that demonstrated the vast scope of felonies and frauds being perpetrated by his former employer. He proved that Google is actively engaged in sedition and in psychological warfare against the US populace – as well as in the financial destruction of specific, targeted sectors of same – namely, non-Communists, males and whites.

    Zach explained that Google’s justification for this is that they consider objective reality to be  “algorithmically unfair” and they seek to re-shape reality via “product interventions” within their search algorithms.

    Zach showed how Google is undertaking to re-program the world according to their disingenuous application of “Social Justice”, that friendly-sounding name for an insidious movement that seeks to raze the entire cultural legacy of the West by gradually destabilizing all norms of rationality and logic.

    As was already true 5 years ago, if you enter “men can” into the search bar of, the auto-completes generated will be something like: 1. men can have babies 2. men can have periods 3. men can lactate.

    Needless to say, these are not the top-searched results for “men can” in the real world. These auto-completes have been savagely intervened upon with the most ham-fisted transgender-centric ideal of “Social Justice”.

    Google has completely jumped the shark, as far as being a search engine and it is now more concerned with brainwashing users and controlling politics.

    Esteemed behavioral research psychologist, Dr Robert Epstein agrees. His data shows that in 2016, Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that shifted at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton and that in the 2018 election, bias in Google search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2 million votes, spread across many races to the candidates of the Democratic Party. This number is based on bias in data captured by Dr Epstein’s 2018 monitoring system.

    There is every indication that Google will seek to sway the 2024 election.

    As Zach said five years ago, “The biggest threat that we face in America, right now is Google.”

    What Google’s Gemini AI also showed us is that all of Zach’s incredibly brave whistleblowing did nothing to stop Google’s war on truth.

    What has changed since five years ago is that the woke establishment has lost control of the narrative and Google’s algorithmic f@ckery has now become PR disaster that they need to publicly address.

    India Today reports that, “Google has paused the image generation feature of Gemini AI after receiving multiple complaints regarding its historical inaccuracies. The company has issued a statement on the same saying, ‘We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature,’ Google said in a statement posted on X. ‘While we do this, we’re going to pause the image generation of people and will re-release an improved version soon.”

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