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by John Bowne

Governments have always had a twitchy trigger finger when it comes to wielding the shiny weapon of mass psyops. Beginning in the 1950s, the CIA began to hire and contract students and people in the media to write false stories, or embellish stories to favor the US government. Massive amounts of propaganda were funded using fake companies during the sixties to control the awakening student population. The Church Hearings ripped the bandage off in the 1970s. Exposing Operation Mockingbird, revealing the infiltration of the media by the CIA and interested parties. The 1977 Woodward and Bernstein piece, “The CIA and the Media”, delved further in, revealing the reporters and organizations paid by the CIA.

But the CIA’s craving for harder psyops couldn’t be quenched and as media evolved the CIA expanded their reach into American Film, Music, and Television. Until the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama opened the floodgates in 2012 with the modernization of the Smith Mundt Act. Essentially unleashing unyielding CIA propaganda on the unsuspecting American people.

Now in 2024, the ragged media landscape, weaponized to the hilt, actively serves the public a steady diet of omission. Vomiting out the preordained tenets of a full blown Neo Marxist Color Revolution.

While a historic low of 32% of Americans harbor a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in the fairness and accuracy of the mockingbird media. While a record high, 39% of Americans say they don’t trust the media.

And the media is on life support. In 2020, 16,000 were cut from the print, broadcast, and media workforce. By 2024, major players in the media landscape were cutting staff. Vox, Vice, The Intercept, Now This, Buzzfeed, the Business Insider, Time, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, NBC News and others sent many packing.

And as Rome burns. Old Yeller fiddles. Every time the Bidens check in on how far the ball has moved on the investigation of their corruption. Catherine Herridge was there, detailing their grifting treason in great length. She was simply too damn good at her job.

Her firing reveals that America is experiencing historic communist level censorship. According to Jonathan Turley, The network reportedly seized all of her belongings including files, computers and most importantly, information on privileged sources.

“A former CBS manager, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said that he had ‘never heard of anything like this,'” said @JonathanTurley.

“He said the holding of the material was “outrageous” and clearly endangered confidential sources.”

As Soros eats up 220 American radio stations and the U.S. Government funds the media to the tune of $55 million over just the last three years. The First Amendment and CIA propaganda are on a collision course of monumental proportions which will ultimately result in third world totalitarianism or a return to the veritas of the Fourth Estate the American Constitution and its people defend. The shadow government will be forced out into the open one way or another.

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  • That all got summed up in the last paragraph! What a painful process we, individually and collectively, are going through! It feels like we are teetering on the great abyss. Time to recognize our inalienable rights and cast off these shackles of enslavement imposed by maniacal individuals through the ages and return to God and our true purpose. We do have the US Constitution as a template of balanced governance; we might begin there.

    • Hi,

      I Just had to respond , Nit to be a wise guy , or a nit picker But only to Inform , Just honestly inform ,

      Look up the website: kiss your illusions goodbye dot com

      There’s an article in there titled: Email responses the website writer got from Politicians Asking an Important question a few years ago.

      Thus website: kiss your illusions goodbye dot com
      I’m pretty sure dot com ,
      7 have a link to the website if The Dark History of United States Public School System.
      I Pist it at end. If comment…

      9h yeah the Guy who writes the website kiss your illusions goodbye dot com is a Retired Arizona Cop who Believes in Jesus ,,,
      His articles Focus very much on In Your Face Truth ,

      I can try and find the article about his email responses from nit just politicians , but Judges , and a whole list of different occupations with lots of responses from each of the occupations Saying:
      The United States Constitution Is DEAD and has been dead for years ,
      They all say it ..

      When I read that article it reminded me of what President Ronald Reagan said in the 1989s about the 2nd amendment,
      He said: Funny Thing about the 2nd amendment, you know The right to own a gun.
      And Ronald Reagan jeeps talking and says: a person has the 2nd amendment But There are Currently Over Twenty Thousand Codes / Regulations / laws Pertaining to The 2nd amendment.

      Your Rights Are an Illusion , Technically You (nly hAVE your God Given Rights …

      Technically do enough research and you See and Find out the words: WeThe PEOPLE are code words for The Upper Elite People….

      Yeah it’s messed up.

      This is the Home page I’m pretty sure.
      Under there the section tab on upper left corner is a section , it’s either in section title: Evidence Room
      Or something similar.

      The Public School System From the Very FIRST school was Designed to Dumb people down and get them to listen to instructions to Enter the work Force the video / article explains it much better.. and more shocking…
      The government used a milita on The Public to Build the First Public School , , the militia won ,

      Anyway another good website that talks about Truth of laws in the united states is a website
      Stop The Pirates dot com
      I have that in my email box ,

      IF ya get a chance Look Up : The Zip Code Scam on the website Stop The Pirates dot com ,
      And you Will See / Find Out your First 8 amendments of the 10 Bills OF Rights are Taken away / Null , Invalid UF you ever used a zip code just one time……
      Think about that honestly think about it…..

      Do enough research and you Can See The Word Freedom in Latin Leads to the meaning of Slavery.
      Think about that , how many times have you Thought Freedom was Good , something to obtain only to be helping the elites Lick you down in a world if Coded words that bring the public to there Denise / death of Rights.

  • the lame stream media will go down with ship of state since they are connected like Siamese twins . no great loss the fake news we get is 100% BS including the weather page . the kind of trust we once had for walter conkrite and dan rather all gone the serial liars have no stinkin shame no trusted sources are left on any station on any topic of the day . urinal- ism is a total shit show like the .gov actors and clowns garbage can bound .

    • That trust, at least for Cronkite, was totally misplaced as he was a total CIA asset. Maybe there never was any honesty to begin with.

      • You are correct. We have been fooled for more than 150 years. There were always people who suspected the official narratives, science, history, politics, wars,….however these people were unable to tell the rest of us.

        Today, internet/cellphones became the equalizer. Despite of millions of alternative information, most people are afraid of facing the bitter truth.

      • My father listened to the Huntley-Brinkley Report and I remember viewing it with him from time to time in the late 50s and early and mid 60s. I remembering viewing Ruby murdering Oswald and how that made me feel and how my father reacted—an energy went through both of us yet there were no words between us. I wonder, now, if Huntley/Brinkley were part of Operation Mockingbird…

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