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Robert David Steele has been trying to interview me for nearly 2 years and we finally got together for a half-hour on Tuesday, to mainly talk about the current stealth war.

Robert continues to have faith that the dictatorial Biden regime, with 56 Executive Orders signed in less than a month so far was allowed to steal the election and to pursue every America-killing policy they wished in order to red-pill the dummies who actually did vote for him, thereby triggering mass buyers’ remorse and a Great Awakening among Democrats.

I told him that after witnessing the most brutal, systematic betrayal of the American People in US history, with the Dominion-Scytl cyberattack and the mass election fraud, the courts’ refusal to hear evidence, the mass certification of this fraud, the betrayals by William Barr, the Joint Chiefs, Mike Pence, Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani, that to continue to hold out any hope that the military is eventually going to “save” us makes increasingly little sense to me.

I also shared an anecdote from a friend of mine, a retired Marines Special Operations Captain who is annoyed by the “hopium” sellers, like Steve Pieczenik, Simon Parkes and Juan O Savin, who he feels are doing a major disservice; that what the people really need are strategies for surviving this Globalist-Communist takeover.

This friend is a member of the officers’ club in San Diego, where the lower-ranking members have mutinied against the higher-ranking ones. They’re seeking to eject them from the club, calling them “traitors” for allowing the theft of the election and declaring that they will no longer work for them as private contractors. The higher-ranking members have responded that the others should not be “armchair commanders” and that they don’t have the full picture.

The anecdote is interesting, because it shows a potential rift within the military and it actually does leave open a possibility that the hopium scenario could actually play out.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • How do i contact you so that I can support you or subscribe to support you and your work. I have followed you for years and would like to stay in touch

  • Russia has officially announced that she is joining the “race” for brain chips and gene modes of humans, and no one has announced it. (How did it happen?)

    pre-history with curious connections and synchronicities (for Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Musk, Tucker and the brain chips..)
    (*only the comments of this user, without his answers to other users)
    …and the rest of this user’s comments down (there is a slight break from some stupid conversation of another user with the author of the article, scroll down)

    Only valid links to sources.

  • Love forbidden KNOWLEDGE… thank you ALEXANDRA BRUCE
    From Queensland, we are currently masked, locked up by the gates Nazi government

  • Alexandra- UFO sightings in Brazil, common right now! ARE they the old Nazis, good or bad guys?

  • “China is a cutout of the central bankers” — quickly diverted by Steele substituting England for the central bankers. Best comment of this vid. Annoying overall.

  • its all frequency
    the cities are 5G dense
    cell phones, all wireless and satellites will en-train their mission into their brain
    you must understand this or your efforts will not have a chance

  • Alexandra,
    Robert David Steele not allowing you to complete your thoughts by asserting himself into your answers makes me think there may be multiple definitions to the term, “Counter-intelligence. I think RDS is intimidated by you… and your work. Just sayin’.

  • My first time watching R D Steele and I found it very annoying that he constantly cut off and talked over guest. Not the way to get people to open up. Learn how to actively listen and zip your pie-hole. Very self-centered and unprofessional.

  • Why do an interview and post anything that this QAnon says?? Steele claims there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride, so that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony. What total lunacy. Oh, and he insists most of Hollywood are pedophiles who terrorize children to adrenalize their blood to take adrenochrome for its anti-aging benefits. He is a total nutter and is insane.
    He is ex-CIA and an agent provocateur. Him and the rest of the Qturds.

  • A good interviewer learns to listen and refrain from constant interruption. This guy should have let Alexandra speak.
    Watched less than half of the interview.


  • Compliments on a great show, both intelligent interesting and knowledgeable, great to learn the truth from Kuranda, North Queensland Australia-

  • Great conversation with Robert David Steele, Alexandra! Having been one of your followers for many years now, I totally agree with him that you are one of the best in what you do to bring awareness to your subscribers on what is going on in the world and in particular in this country that MSM will never tell us. Keep up the great work and all the success to you in your future endeavors.

  • Robert, I do not usually get involved in the comments section but your comment re grandmother groupies hit a chord! I am proud to be one of them. Although I follow many patriot and truth seeker sites from here in Scotland, you are my go to every single day. I trust you and your judgement and honesty more than anyone else, period. Thank you for all you do and your dedication to America, Trump and truth in all things. God bless! x

  • Please let you guests “especially of the calibre of Alexandrs” finish their story. Great questions. Tantalizing half reply due to being cut off. Sorry guys love you all otherwise.

  • Wow, I have been following U & received your FKTV newsletters for so long now & never knew there was this Beautifull & Amazingly Brilliant Woman, Alexandra Bruce behind all of this. U & others like R.D. Steele as well as Benjamin Fulford & James Guilliland & All the active Q – ones like Rob & ..? from “the Edge of Wonder” & Jordan Sather, Simon Parkes & Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock & Michael Salla & Corey Goode on the SSP & Steven Greer & so many others whom I’ve listened too & your newsletters have been guiding me all throughout these difficult years, in what to consider being really happening behind all of the lies & deception coming out in the MSM. Thank U so much for that. Being a Dutch older woman on a small pension since 5 years now & most of my life running a Holistic practice in Holland as astrologer -psychologer, I have spend a lot of free time trying to keep up what is Really happening in our World, actually already since my younger years. I woke up with the murder of JFK in 1963 & 9/11 was a Great Awakener for me as well & as an empath I could feel that what was shown on TV did not reflect the truth behind the veils. I run 3 main Blogs since 2011 & am active on Twitter & Youtube & have a lot of followers & friends on FB, as I presented myself there as a lightworker since 2008 . Your remark about the value & wisdom of the people on Twitter goes straight to my Heart . Blessings of Love & Peace of Mind & Heart to U. I am so happy to hear about the San Diego “uprising “. I am in a Twinsoulrelation with a retired top US general, so I hope he will also be encouraged by that (I will send this interview through to him ) to take his Stand more openly like general Mike Flynn does on the side of the Republic & “We The People”.

    I will share this interview with Love & Gratitude on my Blog & on my Twitter. See for my Mission & other links,

  • I have listened to many Alexandra Bruce interviews and really love what she has to say. However, Robert Steele interrupted her so many times I became angry, started calling him names every time he interrupted and I moved on to another website. He reminds me of my previous wife. She couldn’t let me finish speaking without answering for me. She was so enamored with her voice, her intelligence?, her need to control the conversation that I finally had enough and left her. Doing the same for Robert Steele.

  • I loved the interview. I agree that the military is not going to save us, but maybe this needed to happen to reveal to the younger people the nature of the managerial class–the zombies. My children are older millenials and were able to work from home, or office–so they didn’t wake up like being one of the non-essentials. And I don’t think they really care about the non-essentials, the vaccine injured, and now the disinfranchized. It takes being on the other side to see it clearly. I haven’t rejected my children obviously but I’m so done with all my old neo-liberal, New York Times reading, book club types. DONE! I grew up among deplorables and now live blue state…oh well. I see the corruption like ooze out of a wound here. I knew that the ADL was going after free speech after 9 11 because they said so. Anyway….where is hope? Well, stealth, exhaust them, and evaporate them like the wicked witch. Stealth is really understanding who they are–that comes under “know your enemy.” Exhaust them is they can’t enforce the laws they create and what good is a law if it can’t be enforced. I love that some governors are already catching on–make me, do it. I don’t know how to evaporate them but don’t allow them to subvert your consciousness, stare them down, I suppose. We’re lucky because it’s a big country.

  • Robert David Steele has been trying to interview you for nearly 2 years and he still did not interview you! The man never lets you finish and just interrupts and goes on and on about himself.

  • I love Alexandra and the Forbidden Knowledge website! I have watched other videos from Robert Steele and I find him very frustrating to watch – constantly he interrupts his guests and he also promotes himself far too much. I realize he’s “in the know” but he needs to not ‘bud into” the interviewees commentary, we’re there to listen to their knowledge.

  • you asked how do we get rid of these people that are destroying the world and you come up with this convoluted plan that will never work .
    These people you want to get rid of are killing us . Fuck your non violent plans your reasonable speech . Make a list put a bounty on them and you will solve the problem . The 300 people that attended Davos
    is the start . Keep dancing with these monsters and they will win and you will be dead or wish you were

  • You were great in this video, Alexandra. I wish RDS didn’t interrupt you so much, but most hosts feel the need to hear themselves as much or more than their guests.
    Personally, I think you’re right on – It’s the Communist take over of the free world. Our education system has been indoctrinating us for decades. The commies are within our Government right now. Blatantly undermining our Constitution, which was meant to constrain federal reach and empower the people. They used to keep their sedition hidden for fear of reprisal. Now, it is in our face, unrestrained.
    Thanks for being a sane voice in these crazy times. How’s that Chinese curse go? May you live in interesting times. We’re there, aren’t we?

  • Great question, how do we rid ourselves of the commies. They’re in a terrible trap, I expect many of them have been born into this. A life of tyranny no choice but to support the nwo. Do you think there’s a chance that many of them will flip if they’re offered a safe way out.

  • I’ve been following you since 6/23/12 and will continue to do so for as long as you can still post!
    Thank you for helping to open my eyes, and mind to all things on Earth and beyond!
    And yes, I still share your site, where I can, I got 86ed from twitter the same day. LOL
    But you must keep pushing forward, we all do! I will not give those Pedophiles and perverts in government the time of day, they would try to make it hate speech!

  • Hi, I’m Canadian and proud of the fact BUT I do not like what is happening here, it looks like we have no alternative selection among the gaggle of fools for politicians except maybe Maxine Bernier but the thing on my mind is there anything about any kind of investigation into that thing we call the prime minister, you may notice I don’t capitalize the name of the position, it compared to flying my flag inverted, love your program and hope to hear something in regard to my aforementioned question. Thank you!!

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