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    Max Igan joins Richie Allen to give his dystopian take on the imminent roll-out of the 5G wireless communication network.

    He explains 5G isn’t an evolution or an improvement upon the previous cellular network technologies, it’s a whole new form of communication that can be used in military applications. 5G is all about the Internet of Things; about everything talking to everything else. As Former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler said, “From pill bottles to plant waterers.” Everything will have an IP address. Everything will be categorized, everything will be digitized. It’s about self-driving cars and connecting everything up to a “smart” infrastructure; smart appliances, broadband everywhere.

    Everything will become a node on the Smart Control Grid. The 5G frequency band is also used for crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. 5G can see through walls, it can see through your clothes and it can see if you’re carrying a weapon. Igan says it could be used to target you with a millimeter-band wave and disable you in your house while the police arrive. The potential for abuse of this system is hair-raising.

    Dr. Devra Lee Davis is one of the leading voices against the 5G roll-out. She asserts that the frequencies to be used haven’t been tested for safety. Prior to his departure from the FCC, Tom Wheeler was very forceful in his opinion that no time should be wasted on such testing, so that the US could be first in a market which he said was going to create billions and billions of dollars in new wealth.

    Davis is very highly-credentialed physician, as the Founding Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the US National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She’s taught at numerous top-level universities and has had articles published in the Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association to Scientific American and the New York Times. She has said:

    “Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that [5G uses] the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons…[the 5G network] will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things…Verizon just announced that 5G networks will be tested in 11 U.S. cities. 5G Networks will involve the deployment of millions of antennas nationwide, thousands in each city, because millimeter waves cannot easily travel through buildings or other obstacles. Proposed installations have led to public outcry in residential areas where homeowners do not want antennas mounted at their yards or near schools.”

    Igan continues, the roll-out of the Smart Grid begins this year 2017, with plans to have it fully online by 2022. Then he says there’s a 15-year plan to hand everything over to Artificial Intelligence. They’re saying that by 2025, AI will become self-aware and it will start running things, which is a very disturbing proposition.

    Igan ventures that in a world “Where everybody is given an economic value and everything is run by AI then it becomes…very dehumanized. Everything will be run according to economic parameters. Humanity becomes completely expendable at that point.”

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    • At first, the spiritual soul never dies, moreover reincarnates until this soul is fulfilled.
      I meanwhile doubt, whether this is possible on planet earth inside the body.

      All techical instruments are body oriented and not soul oriented.
      Where buddhas say: I am not the body, they sould now say also: I am soul energy.
      This soul energy can evolve in mass.

      On the long run, all technical instruments will kill themselves.

    • It is difficult for the average human to understand what is happening. I watched a documentary about 10 years ago. I can’t recall the name. But five experts in their fields were discussing what was the greatest threat to humanity. Of course there were the usuals, water shortages, peak oil, nuclear war, etc. But the expert who scared me the most, and at the time seemed far-fetched, was a computer scientist. He said there would be a series of robots released to the public for sale. These robots would gradually become smarter, until and I think he used the year 2030, an average robot would be able to obtain the equivalent of a PHd in 3 hours! The computer scientist said that robots will become so smart they will flick us off like a fly. Those were his very words. Sex robots are already for sale, verify for yourself, and boy are they creepy. But with groups like MGTOW growing exponentially, it will be like purchasing a car for many men. No matter how smart a computer gets, it is still a freakin robot AND IS NOT SENTIENT.
      All in all I am glad I’m 60 years old, and I hope to bypass the worst of it. I got rid of my “cell” phone, and don’t want a “smart” phone. If people would not purchase these phones, that would slow them down.

    • Jesus. Level 9 News has been informing us about the control of the global grid for a while now–very smart woman.

      I’ve already seen one of these free-floating AI devices, firsthand. It was surveilling my house in Dec. 2010. There was no doubt that the thing was being controlled. I assumed it had an operator not that it was sentient. And I thought it could have been holographic. At the time there was no way to know. Thereafter, searching for answers, I found an inside person who was familiar with the technology I’d seen. It was explained to me that the bot was sentient, not technology. It did not originate from Earth. The NWO shadow government had been working with and learning from, what was called a “species”, for decades. Their intent was to set-up a worldwide control grid through the input of quantum computing to inform the AI about humanity and then put a cap on us. At the time, I found this creepy but far-fetched. Then came Level 9 and now this.

      The bot creator that Igan discusses named Charles Michael FOX is no doubt a placeholder ID. The statement made by the Alexa coder that the sentient AI he creates will go away, eventually, to colonize other planets is true. Although he did not create an immature AI as he believes. He’s feeding the already present AI and the control grid that supports it. We ARE the other planet.

      What incentive would a sentient AI have to keep what it will surely see as an inferior species once it is deployed? I suppose we will see soon enough.

      • Great Post, Elle!

        The gov’t has a number of captured, crash recovered, and gifted antigrav-based alien disks, and MAYBE the Vril Germans like Schauberger, based on others like Tesla, may have worked out the subatomic physics concepts needed to create artificial gravity, without using a super – heavy element. I know that as of 1990, the US covert military could NOT reproduce the alien tech (evidenced by Bob Lazar), in part because the tech & physics provided by various star visitors – of which there are at least 5 different species on EARTH at this time – are about 4500 centuries ahead of us in terms of math & physics (and philosophy).

        Plus, they lie, because would YOU give a nuke to a kook? Or, in their eyes, would you let children play with high voltage?

        I have seen levitating, material objects (off white color in daylight, no markings), or an orb. Based on its remote control, I HAVE to believe it’s one of the ET surveillance drones/droids, that watch our environmental toxicity, EM & Radiation, etc., because the military is too cheap to run these things from orbit. All we have is a mall and a Hubble Telescope contractor down the street, so I highly doubt the RAT Bastards running any covert military SpecOps (not the soldiers, and not so much the generals, mainly the politicians, who are all basically f&–ed.., but I digress) would give a shit about this area. Thus, likely ET. My other sightings have confirmed the existence of ET and Secret Space Program.

        But ETAI?

        Of course, they have it!! As a former mathematician/computer programmer, I used neural nets in my s/w. I learned AI from Douglas Hofstadter, so I have a clue, and while we can SIMULATE aspects of a human’s interactions, I can guarantee you that humans are not doing it. AI Bots are not really AI; AI requires the emulation of a human consciousness. And we are good at simulation of some things, but we’ve a long way to go. The Philip K Dick AI Robot is impressive, though.

        The question is, “Is silicon consciousness REAL?”. Maybe, but we can NOT make it yet. Watch the film “Ex Machina” – this will let you explore the idea further… Also, I can only believe that such systems do not have a soul, but I could be wrong.

        But ETAI can, evidenced by many eyewitness testimony to cybernetic beings, used by the Zetas (Emerthers). You can do a little research and if you do not reach this obvious conclusion, you’re in the wrong field.

        And the Ray Kurzweil ‘Singularity’ is fantasy. But as the universe is an “infinity machine/ infinite being”, ALL thought eventually gets manifested, evidenced by the many perverts and violent psychopaths & national leaders through history, so somewhere this ‘single consciousness’ may exist.

        In the USA, such a ‘singularity’ is called the ego/id.

        And don’t we already have too many of these? Why do we need a silicon version?

        The universe is the body of GOD; we are but microbial bacterial at best. GOD may prefer silicon souls, who knows? But I suspect that in THIS universe/dimension, Life follows Nature’s vectors. For thousands of years, Native Americans thrived (after having previously arrived from an extrasolar planet, they were seeded here, as were ALL other foundational species of which there were the original 7: Caucasian, Black, Asian, Indian, Mayan, Siberian, Egyptian conehead). So on Earth/Urth (named after the City of Ur) /Terra/Gaia, all our bio-anthropological history is confused: we did not evolve HERE from apes, or chimps; were we planted here by anthropomorphic reptilies?

        As these species interacted and interbred in the alien Petri dish, the alien program managers (Egyption coneheads, also found in South America, which means these beings has a Global civilization, with high tech, based on megalithic evidence). Check out Waffle Rock in W. Virginia (, is it:
        – Ancient alien spaceship?
        – Artificial planet?
        – Asteroid fossil?
        – Antediluvian hi-tech civilization ruins?

        So the ancient aliens thought of a curious experiment: Take humanoids from several planets, with similar – not identical – DNA, shake & bake, then observe, sort of like in Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, without the black goo or gore. Well, out black goo is oil, and our gore is US hegemony, but I digress again. We MAY have been seeded this way, or the aliens used another method, possibly by a terraforming asteroid, with life cells on it. Regardless, the star visitors have been observing us since they placed us. No other model works, nor makes sense. Now there is a DNA trail, claiming to prove humanity started on the African continent, and migrated, but this is wrong, because it was post-cataclysm migration they traced, and NOT ‘evolution’. Graham Hancock’s Comet Cataclysm has now, after over 20 years of research & Analysis, has concluded that in fact, a comet likely hit Earth in 11, 500 BC, trigger the Younger-Dryas Ice Age, wiping out most of the civilization at that time, which may have been in existence for a MILLION Years (recently, fossils have been found with dinosaur AND human footprints, meaning they lived at the same time. Then they found another set of dino-man prints in the sandstone several inches lower, implying a LONG cohabitation). Could the aliens simply be the First species – an interbreeding of man and dinosaur (or reptile…) – who became our first interstellar species, then brought more variations of human, to breed with, and then they left?

        How else did we get so hi-tech so quick? Either the ‘Gods” of antiquity were extraterrestrials, or the Reptilian Humanoids were the FIRST race, and they’ve moved underground and off-world.

        Whomever, when they founded Ur, it was primitive, ripe, and teeming with life. Aha! Some hominids among the monsters (Dinos), perfect for our experiment… whatever, it was so long ago. The important bit is that our efforts are puny compared to these creatures. Just think what kind of world we’d have if we could work together as well? Instead, we get douchebags like Trump, greedy Jews like Greenspan, and traitors like Dick Cheney & George Bush. I’d rather have AI.

        • Well Doc , you sort’a left me back there somewhere in the conversation. So much information in so many directions. Clearly, you know things. You should write a piece that lays out your thoughts and theories, in detail, and get Alex to post it. She said she was thinking of opening a section for her subscribers to do just that. There are a lot of smart, informed, non-adversarial people on this site. I hope she does.

          BTW–X-Machina is an excellent movie and unbelievably creepy in the end.

          *As far as sex bots for men goes I’m all for anything that has any hope of slowing the tide of males preying on children and women worldwide. If they have their own creepy sex bot to defile maybe they’ll stop defiling the rest of us. I can only hope.

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