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    There’s a technology that’s been around for about 20 years, that AT&T is just itching to get out there. Bioacoustics uses your unique skeletal structure and hand gestures to let you open your house and office doors and to basically act as you unique identifier and login “password” for all sorts of things.

    The problem with this system is that like all digital systems, it can be hacked – but in this case, the thing that could be hacked is your skeletal structure!

    Aaron Dykes explains.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • “Shoulds” do not calculate with the corporate/government model of anything goes if it makes a buck and controls you.

    • Besides the man made frequences and data send all over the globe, there is also an increasing impact of the frequency of the sun. The impact of the magnetic waves on the surrounding of the sun inscreases strong. This causes a stronger up and down inside the brain of human beings.
      These up and downs, can develop wars of any kind.

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