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George Burke, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur talks about how taking a daily dose 10% the amount of a normal hit of LSD daily has led to peak productivity for him, especially in solving complex problems. He hopes that an emerging trend of microdosing hallucinogens and public advocacy for this may have the effect of loosening up their strict regulation as Schedule I controlled substances.

Currently, sentences for first-time, non-violent offenders convicted of trafficking in Schedule I drugs can easily turn into de facto life sentences when multiple sales are prosecuted in one legal proceeding.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Chill? Doubt it. Need a little weed for that. The guys here are using LSD to “stay in the flow” of their work longer to solve complex problems, which in their case is creative they argue. Image the military getting creative? Yikes!

  • Interesting but not surprising in the quantities suggested. My question is what effect does micro-dosing have on the pineal gland, short and long term? Does it enhance abilities to connect beyond or will it suppress such? Does synthetic LSD share chemistry with ayahuasca? If so, what? Research time.

    • I’m not an expert but it’s my understanding that yes, LSD shares chemistry with ayahuasca, psylocibin and other entheogens and that these primarily work on the serotonin receptors of the brain. I don’t think that there’s any impact on the pineal gland, which secretes melatonin (although melatonin is derived from serotonin). Very interesting article about the pineal gland here:

    • The man claiming to take the same dose every day cannot be real, as to achieve the same effect from LSD when taking it on a daily basis, one has to double the dosage every 3 days.

      Also, with regards to your question about how LSD affects the pineal gland, it turns it on to produce the chemicals that cause dream activity to take place, or rather, open the door to other dimensions that exist beyond the confines of the body by changing the vibrational frequency of the body and soul, rendering the gross physical body somewhat transparent to the soul, though the chemicals themselves will have other effects to lend a certain ‘colour’ and mood to these experiences.

      Yoga and shamanism etc. can produce the same effect, as can the dancing of the whirling Dervishes, anything that produces an ecstasy will do pretty much the same thing, even regular drumming, and music itself in general is valued for it’s consciousness-changing abilities, and the UK government has long been investigating (and employing) techniques of altering consciousness by employing varying frequencies and rhythms in ‘pop’ music, some of which not only change consciousness, but actually shrink or expand various parts of the physical brain, and such music also forms part of programs of mass hypnosis, to make people acquiesce to certain political programs, or even to support them enthusiastically. There is no democracy. I have actually spoken to a British scientist engaged in such a program.

      These chemicals are not normally excreted in such quantity throughout the waking hours. The gradual effect is that the pineal gland becomes permanently switched on, jammed open so to speak, so the person remains permanently able to perceive different dimensions to some degree even during waking hours, and in some cases, than can leave a person having a full-blown LSD trip for several years, though not everyone gets that. In India, in Goa, they sell a type of LSD that leaves you tripping for 6 months, and another one that keeps you tripping for a full year, there are many analogues of LSD 25, such as LSD 24, LSD 47 and so on, and all have varying effects, one can even be used as a weapon, I think maybe LSD 4 or LSD 6 , which causes chronic depression, so not all the variants of LSD cause a nice effect. Much LSD is produced in Israel, where much of the LSD in Goa comes from, so if you take some sourced from there you are taking a big risk, as you won’t know what you are getting.

      • I agree with your observations because they are wisely skeptical.

        Forbidden Knowledge TV does a fine service by supplying plenty of articles on mind control, to which we should closely attend. It also brings the balance of articles which alerts its viewers to viable alternatives.

        Like yourself too am skeptical of any “external means” that seem to be presented as dependable quick fixes, when one has not explored the naturally internal, less chemically, invasive means, related to meditative practices you mentioned such as yoga, various mental exercise, anaerobic exercise and aerobic erercise.

        Since we know or reasonably suspect that we are cognitively at risk or at least under siege, by rapacious commercial systems that see Humans as expendable. It behooves us to exercise caution in all exploration taken that concern the mind. In brief if the mind is gateway to the soul, we must guard our gateway.

        First it is best we understand the risks involved because, any medicine is a poison and any poison a medicine. It only a matter of amount taken by the individual as well as the individual make up itself and the circumstances. This is true of even natural ingredients such food, water, air, cannabis, dandelion, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, antibiotics, sulfur drugs, pro-biotics, vitamins, minerals and etc. There is a time and place for everything in moderation. Lazy thinking can cost one the quality of living life in a meaningful measure. Investigate, explore, examine, analyze, there are no substitutes to thorough thinking.

        As you so adeptly stated, and I paraphrase; ” one is not sure of what we are getting or the source.”

        This caution is also very important for citizens in the nation whose elementary and secondary traditionally over the last 40 years, ranks near the bottom third in educational excellence in the sciences, among nations of the planet. More importantly, not only is there a lack of knowledge of these topics, but also a lack of basic understanding in the topics of chemistry, biology, anatomy micro- biology and physiology. It must also be considered that many individuals with medical degrees have the rote memorization useful as regurgitated knowledge and many of those who may really have a firm grasp of the topics mentioned, are hindered by a lack of ethos, because their minds have been captured by the same system. Material possessions and prestige are also externals which are difficult to release and exchange for a free thinking mind.

        When considering alternatives for ones mind, it is best to be well informed and honest with oneself about the culture one has chosen to accept the indoctrination and assimilation.

        It is typical in the culture of the “United Fakes of America” to blindly accept the “quick fix”. Take a pill to lose weight as opposed to changing ones habits to a healthy diet and exercise. Take smart pill instead of changing ones habits, to dedicated studying, exploration and experimentation that would cultivate ones betterment . This is like putting on cologne and ignoring to wash.

        It is also important that you also mentioned experiments in mass hypnosis.

        During the time of Mesmer, it was thought that certain undesirables, usually members of the lower class or of a oppressed designated ethnicity, were impossible to hypnotize because of inherent feeble-mindedness. Later it was discovered that mass hypnotism was only possible if the individuals in a group were similar in experience, habits and culture. That is to say they had to be “on the same page” or preconditioned to “think mostly alike”.

        Evidence of this preconditioning can be witnesses and tracked in the ways that popular culture has changed through commercial advertisements and news presentations. United Fakes citizens in particular have been affected by radio, television, movies, and videos. In my opinion, personal and community cultural individualism is being gradually changed in favor of too blind conformity that encourages the “get in where one can fit in, mentality”. It also encourages one to be legend in ones own mind. Make-believe, dress-up and play-acting, are common place for those to afraid to cultivate a true self to confront serious issues and solve serious problems. They are however, well suited to approach pseudo issues and faux problems which are of little consequence and less significance. In short, they are living an under-developed immature lives, that are insecurely rooted.

        Much of what is considered popular culture is invention. Prior to the mid 1940’s, the term, “teenagers” did not exist. The designation was an invention to get a group all on the same page, to manipulate spending responses to stimuli for military and mercantile interest. This manipulation becomes more prevalent from the 1950’s onward.

        It is a form of divide and rule which in the larger schema of distortion and diversion serves the agenda of the ruling classes.

        In conclusion, when it is suggested or introduced to take the next miracle substance that will help your mind, remember the story of the “Gingerbread Man” and the method by which he was tricked to his demise.

        Free your mind and the rest will follow.
        Guard the Gateway.

        I agree. In a system that fails to value free thinking, it is foolish to accept anything which can affect the mind without sufficient investigation, exploration, examination, and analysis.

        Consider the story of the “Gingerbread Man” and the way he met his demise.

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