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Check out this amazing footage from Australia and elsewhere.

I don’t envy the job of secureteam10, with many people calling them frauds every day.

Everything that I’ve come to know about them is they are squeaky clean.

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  • My question–IS THIS REAL? Not the posted videos of the ship but the actual ship. What appears to be the same type ship has appeared in several countries. The obvious question, even with the search lights appearing to scan the ground, has to be is it real or a created mirage for the benefit of the topside populations–a trial run over several countries leading to something less apparent? I don’t know but I have not stopped at, “it’s ET”. If it is real… then another question–who does the ship belong to–us or them?

    • A great question. Is it a real high tech craft, of either human or non-human manufacture or is it the “holographic” product of Project Firesign, the latest iteration of what was formerly called Project Bluebeam? A great leak came out last October in WikiLeaks, don’t recall if it was from the Hillary, DNC or Podesta stash but here’s my post with video about it, at the time, having to do with the release of a document by the Benenson Group, Hillary’s campaign strategists:

      I showed it to someone who showed it to a retired Admiral who became so insensed that this Top Secret technology was being circulated among Hillary’s campaign staff that he wanted to sue everyone who came into physical contact with this document revealed in that video and ensure that they all did hard time in Federal Prison.

  • I used to live on the Gold Coast in Australia. In 2002 I saw to orange globes that looked exactly like the two either side if the big craft in the France video. They rose up out of the ocean 1 on top of the other. Then one shot south over the ocean and was gone within seconds. The other flew slowly north. It was witnessed by 4 people with whom I lived with.

  • 100% FAKE, Clearly it is an LED bar that is hang with two string at both ends. above the horizon line. I duplicated in less than 15 minutes.

    Now extraterrestrials do exits no question about their existence. but fakers and lies just to build their egos are everywhere.

    CONCLUSION: For the ET to travel in space at speeds greater than the speed of light to visit their experiment on the Blu Dot (Planet Earth ). technological advance range at least more than 5 million years ahead of us. they do not need a search light (like a helicopter) and propulsion systems are way beyond our imagination. they do not come here to destroy us or to kill anyone. ET’s are our creators and our parents for millions of years.

    • Don’t know about the ET parental thing, although it’s passed around the internet as fact. Nevertheless, you make a good point. It’s the one I’ve heard before–why would ETs need search lights or for that matter even a ship? They are interdimensional beings. The ships belong to the break away civilization, of course.

  • Secureteam10 is one the biggest hoaxer/scam/fakers out there today. The link below is a current article with a lot of references, info about the very bogus Secureteam10 . Check it out, although there is plenty of other info out there exposing Secureteam10 as a fraud, promoting hoaxes and fake news for $$$.

    Here is link :

  • I just have one question!
    How come no one has ever shot at one of these crafts? EVER! Curiosity is killing me about it, isn’t it you?

    Please don’t send me emails
    Thank You!

    • Garry – The government and individuals DO shoot at these things. This is footage taken from the Shuttle in the mid-1990s, which resulted in the end of live Shuttlecam feeds on UHF TV frequencies, soon after this event. We see 2 UFOs hovering in the field of view of the shuttle’s camera at different distances. Suddenly, one takes evasive action at breakneck speed (estimated by Richard Hoagland to be over 19,000 mph) to avoid being shot by what look like particle beam weapons:

      If you’re receiving newsletters and don’t wish to, it’s easy to unsubscribe by clicking the “SafeUnsubscribe” link in the footer of the newsletter. However, I do not find that the address you used to make this post is in my newsletter database, so you will not receive newsletters. The service is 100% voluntary by all parties involved. No data shared by me or sold, ever. I can’t account for the wretches who lurk for a living.

  • This is not the SSP Alliance it the Cabal’s MIC SSP (MilitaryIndustrialComplex-SecretSpaceProgram) 70 years of retro-engineering crashed space craft plus deals with the Draco & other negative Aliens and the Nazis after WWII. The Cabal wants to stage a FalseFlag Alien Invasion, thinking they can then grab total control over the global population. Both SSPs began as one in the mid-1950s. The Alliance is aligned with benevolent ETs for the benefit of all humanity. They want to assist us through our upcoming transition, they have dismantled nuclear rockets and warheads, and they are not here to interfere nor reveal themselves as gods. That is what the MIC-SSP is attempting to do. Aliens is a negative connotation used by the Cabal and ETs is the respected term used by the Alliance.

  • Referring to the photographs from the Gold Coast in Australia, if you look at the clouds in the background you can see that the ambient atmosphere is clear. However the light beams from the craft are shining through what seems to be quite a dense suspension of airborne particulate matter. Perhaps the beam from the craft is exciting airborne particles from an earlier chemtrail dump over the area. The craft itself may be using the suspended metallic nanoparticles as a means of materialising into the human spectrum of vision.
    Regarding what was described as “a portal”: Where I live in Kilcunda in coastal southern Victoria, Australia; from time to time a similar object appears in the sky due south of here, about 40 degrees above the horizon. It is usually off white in colour, approximately double the brightness and appears to be about five or six times the size of what Venus appears to my eyes. It is a stationary object and I have no way of knowing whether it is within Earth’s atmosphere or outside of it. On the occasions that I have seen it the atmosphere has been clear with all the usual stars being visible. I have been able to observe it for only a few minutes before it becomes gaseous. The ‘gas’ is then visible for a further few minutes before it is no longer visible to my eyes.

    • Back in 2010, I posted a video about one he cites (because it looks the same), which involved numerous events at several airports, at that time. It appears to be a frequent phenomenon at Chinese airports.

  • sorry luv, but if you had spent a few more minutes researching you wouldn’t see tyler’s secureteam 10 as “squeaky clean”.
    the net is full of comments and users who have tyler way way up on the fraud lists. he has been caught out umpteen times showing his fakes.
    for me, secureteam is a top 5 candidate for any annual award handed out for the most fraudelent ufo sites on the net. another proven hoaxer/fake ufo site is “thirdphaseofmoon”.

    never the less, I still luv ya :-)))

    • I have contacted Tyler a few times over the years to vet out his posts and he has sworn up and down to me that he doesn’t promote hoaxes and that it isn’t what he’s about. Tyler *hates* to be compared to 3rd Phase of Moon. People compare them all the time and it’s not fair. People talk a lot of trash on web forums. I’m happy to say that this doesn’t happen in my comment sections (I had a lot of trepidations about allowing comments on the new site but my peeps are uncommonly smart and civil – like you, even when you’re kind of trashing me, you still say you luv me!) 🙂

  • when hanging out with my good friend,how worked at J.P.L. and his whole education was from the Military,told me about a cigar shaped space ship,he worked on,was the same thing people were seeing long after they created it.

  • Are you going to the UFO conference Contact in the Desert in Joshua Tree this May 19-22, 2017? I am volunteering at the conference this year. Maybe I’ll see you there.

    • Not this year. I was just in nearby Palm Desert last month to see my mother who was traveling there and became too ill to leave and died there, one month ago today. I’m too busy, still trying to get this site’s business model to work.

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