Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan is the guest of Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt this week to discuss the details of his viral article, “The Truth About Corey Goode,” which attempts to explain the bizarre story of this man, who claims to be a member of high security Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, but who has offered zero direct evidence for his incredible assertions. Goode often points to the testimony of retired aerospace engineer William Tompkins to support his story, but Tompkins’ story dates to World War II and says nothing about Goode and it has no relation to his claims at all.

Ryan had known Goode before the latter went public and he believes Goode’s story to be unreliable. Ryan sees the case of Corey Goode as a test of the future direction in which the independent research community will take on the subject of UFOs and government secrecy.

And that relates to you, Dear Reader. I know that many of you are fans of Corey Goode and your opinions will drive the future of this narrative unless or until such Unacknowledged Special Access Programs are made public.

One might well ask whether Goode’s output is the work of an imbalanced opportunist and one might also ask why a venue like Gaia TV (part of the massive but troubled entertainment conglomerate, Gaiam-Vivendi Entertainment/Cinedigm, whose debts currently outweigh their assets by $13.5M) has promoted the unvetted Corey Goode and given him his own show. ‘Cosmic Disclosure’ is co-hosted with David Wilcock, who himself burst into the UFO disclosure community, with claims of being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Wilcock’s predictions over the past several years, about imminent nuclear war and the “Cabal Arrests” of elite evildoers have never come to pass, to say nothing of his one about “Obama UFO disclosure.”

For his part, Goode has developed a comic book series based on his allegations, featuring what he calls the “Sphere Being Alliance,” complete with an extraterrestrial race of “Blue Avians” possessing blue skin and feathers. Respected authors, like Joseph Farrell and Richard Dolan have been shocked to find their research recycled in Goode’s colorful narrative.

The question for Bill Ryan becomes, what is driving Goode to promote his bizarre, unverified stories? Is it part of an effort to deflect from genuine research into the missing trillions, which more reliable sources say have been pumped into a Secret Space Program? Are all of these New Age Sci-Fi fantasies being presented as the truth, with no corroborating evidence in a concerted effort to discourage legitimate research?

Bill Ryan, Daniel Liszt, Steven Greer and others believe that the time has come to say that with no evidence presented, Goode’s schtick is exactly the kind of thing that should be investigated in the independent media as a possible intelligence agency psychological operation.

You don’t want to miss this informative and revealing Dark Journalist episode!

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  • At this relatively late date, in spending near full time investigating these kind of issues, I can never begin to cover but a fraction. Thus this is first that I have heard of the “official” controversy.

    So let me say this; as a somewhat enlightened person, I have been told, and I pretty much believe, that we actually do make our own realities, co-created with those others we are involved with, directly, and less so indirectly.

    Some such realities then are more based upon perceived truth, and others also on perceived truths also except the personal standard for truth may just be more lax. Of course others have hardly any standard at all and their reality may well be closer to a complete fabrication.

    The real justice then comes from Karma in the greater picture. We all end up with just what we deserve, what goes around comes around. So all of this is just as it should be and it is up to each of us to make of it what we will. 🙂

    IMnsHO and E so far

  • I was so disappointed that Corey Goode (CG) began to look quite suspect to me a number of months back. This was before anything Ryan released. I’ve read all of CG’s releases, watched his videos and interviews from conferences, Gaia, etc. I have several reasons to think that CG has been compromised or possibly began under false pretenses whether he knows it or not. The most pertinent issue: Where is he getting his funding? He doesn’t work and hasn’t on his own admission. He has a family of four. Donations? Doubtful. That’s a lot of money each month–if we are to believe David Wilcock’s constant dialogue that they are all broke and need more money (whatever). He has been going on several vacations a year funding his entire family’s participation or someone has.

    Knowing this, I have to juxtapose a personal experience. I paid $7000 for a one week cruise to Alaska (including airfare) for two people–no shore excursions, no special spa days onboard. I purchased via a discounted rate with an inexpensive room inside the ship, no view. So, how is CG making a living monthly, vacationing four times a year (which he publicizes) and enjoying so much leisure when it costs a lot just to vacation, let alone living expenses? Does his wife earn a load of bucks? I understood she did not work. That’s suspicious to me. I could go on with other details, like the computer expert question, but the money is the most significant of all questions. Always follow the money. Always.

    • Suggest you listen to Corey’s responses and use your own discernment to determine which of these individuals is speaking from greater integrity. It’s hard to eliminate predispositions, but try to be open. I personally find it sad and disconcerting that Dark Journalist and Forbidden Knowledge seem to be favoring material attacking Corey. I wish the Forbidden knowledge at least would publish the response.

    • I would prefer to listen to Corey’s actual responses than to this meandering and difficult to listen to computer program, reading off a boring litany of internecine stuff that nobody knows or cares about.

      Why can’t Corey get on camera to rebut the claims against him, and substantiate his own, personally?

      • My impression was that Corey made a written response, which I see as a valid tactic. It is easier to stick to the facts and avoid getting emotionally triggered in writing as opposed to speaking on camera. It appears that third party chose to use text to voice in order to put this on YouTube. Text doesn’t work very well on YouTube. I’m not sure it is wise for anyone to devote a great deal of time and effort addressing the concerns of one’s detractors. It only leads to more conflict and tends to lend greater importance to the detractors than they deserve.

        Bill Ryan said the first question to ask is “who am I talking to”. So, I would like to add that I am part of a group of 6 people who watch and discuss Corey and David regularly. We are not the young inexperienced people that Bill talks about. We are in our 50s, 60s, and 70s. Between us have maybe 240 years experience in evaluating unconventional and even outlandish claims in the new age, UFO, and conspiracy arenas.

        While we don’t always agree on everything, we all find Corey and his multiple corroborators on the Cosmic Disclosure show quite credible despite the outside-of-the-box nature of their claims. David has devoted a significant amount of time to corroboration and documentation (to the point that it gets boring and detracts from the substantive material that we tune in to hear).

        I tend to stay away from debates in forums like this because I am averse to conflict, but I think someone needs to defend Corey against flimsy attacks from Bill Ryan and Steven Greer. I’m not going to stake my life on anyone’s claims except my own direct experience. I will say that I find David and Corey much more credible than their detractors in the matter of Corey’s veracity. I know that Bill and Steven have significant achievements of their own. I’m not sure what is going on with them, but it could be natural to feel threatened when you have devoted decades to a subject only to have someone come forward whose information greatly supersedes your own hard won achievements. I don’t see why each person can’t just let their own material speak for itself without feeling the need to attack other points of view.

        You are doing a wonderful job Alexandra. I enjoy your work and will continue to pick and choose what I watch based on my own discernment of its value for me. I’m not so thrilled with your choice this time, but one can’t achieve much with out the occasional questionable call. I’ve certainly made my share of bad calls. I wouldn’t even have watched this, but I felt it was important to expose myself to alternative views to information that I value very highly. It seems that it is getting increasingly hard to discern the truth as the war between truth and deception intensifies.

      • Alexandra, why don’t you ask Corey for and interview, yourself. He may not want to since he doesn’t want to spend his time defending himself against every detractor that comes along, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. I think it would be appropriate to inform him of any predispositions you might have going into it. I think is would be a fair gesture if you are going to share material like that. The Dark Journalist interview really amounts to character assassination (and possibly libel if it isn’t true.) Bill Ryan calls him a pathological liar at one point. That pretty strong language, based on the substantiation he presents. Even Greer didn’t say that he was lying.

        • Greer was taken to task by the community you are involved in (devotees of DW and CG) for merely mentioning, and very nicely too, that Corey Goode (CG) could be brainwashed and the public should be cautious about anyone, not just CG, who has such a background as he and Tompkins. Greer supported that caution by noting that Goode stated he was taken as a child and grew up in the Secret Space Program. This alone should give rise to the consideration that CG does not actually know from where his memories arise. They could be false, false mixed with actual or any combination thereof. Even CG, himself, would not know what is real given the circumstances. Greer’s caution sounds like good discernment to me. Bill Ryan has his own issues with CG. They are noted herein as you said. I agree with Alex, however. This Ryan thing has been all over the internet and hotly debated. If CG wants defuse it he should address it all directly. An honest response would go a lot further than religious devotion on one side and complete denial of him on the other.

        • Libel might have weight in the UK and in other Commonwealth Countries (among others) but it’s very weak in the US, owing to the 1st Amendment Rights of all Americans, which Google and other social media do not respect, because they are private corporations and not technically government entities (although this could be debated as part of the galloping Fascism in the US).

          Yes, Free Speech has the effect of fueling the outrageous politics of personal destruction that is so endemic to the US, to extremes unimaginable in other countries…this, in turn, leads to the growth industry in “Reality TV Programming”, where pilloried persons can vie for their second act, `a la ‘Logan’s Run’!

          Real slander of non-public persons is another matter, from a legal standpoint. Corey straddles the worlds of a private citizen and a public figure, as his show on Gaia TV does not exactly make him a household name. However, the critiques lodged against him have not risen to the level of slander, either. Doubtful that there’s any case, here.

          I have been interviewing self-described veterans of time travel experiments and missions to Mars for 20 years now I’m a bit jaded about the whole thing but it might be “fair play” for me to have Corey on with me to say his piece/peace.

  • Conspiracy theories always have an argumentative nature. Debates run high amongst those who believe in them, real or imagined. They take away from the more pressing need for transforming our way of doing business and educating our children on planet Earth. They give us a way to consider and discern, seeking the sensation within that reveals their truth or not. I hear that a lot from the grapevine, the contact underground that Dr. Joseph Burkes has engaged for a couple of decades. More internet radio hosts are exploring the grapevine, giving us more information to analyze and discern.

    The general sense in this ‘free’ population is that things are progressing toward a beneficial end. Statistically over time the perception of events even changes toward the beneficial. It seems that as consciousness develops, the perception of events can drastically change as the experiencer progresses. Long-term contact tends to result in a vastly different understanding, congruent with the theme above. Hopefully the Ufology industry will recognize folks with integrity and take a chance on elevating the conversation.


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