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The most-watched video of 2014 on was this video, posted by longtime YouTuber, DAHBOO7 the day after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, in which he runs the radar playback of the moments leading up to the plane’s disappearance. The playback showed a mystery object that did not behave like a commercial airliner, which he termed a “UFO”, because it was unidentified.

Nine years later, Ashton Forbes and his group on claim to have solved the mystery of what happened to Flight 370, with the help of leaked US satellite and drone footage, Chinese satellite images and by consulting with numerous witnesses and experts.

The upshot of what Forbes believes happened is that there was a lithium ion battery explosion on the plane that caused a major fire – and for the Captain to turn the plane around and descend to a lower altitude to allow his passengers to breathe after cabin de-pressurization. Then, he believes a secret US Navy teleportation technology was directed at the airliner.

So, when I hear “US Navy” and “teleportation” in the same breath, it sounds to me like the latest iteration of the Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project, a topic with which I became so obsessed more than two decades ago that I wrote a whole book about it.

In the course of my investigation of these urban legends, I was introduced to a man in his late eighties who had a very similar “Philadelphia Experiment” story to tell but with significant divergences. His name was Bob Beckwith, Founder of the successful electrification systems engineering company, Beckwith Electric.

Bob was an electronics wunderkind who at 23, invented a telemetry protocol that enabled the power generated by the Hanford nuclear plant in Washington State to travel further than ever in order to supply the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The US Navy commandeered Bob for the war effort, where they had him working on experimental sonar projects, to help with the problem of German mines being laid off the East Coast of the US and which were blowing merchant ships out of the water.

Bob always maintained to me that the urban legend’s version of the Philadelphia Experiment story, about the US Navy’s need for “radar invisibility” was bogus. He said radar invisibility was not the pressing problem that needed to be solved at the time. He said it was sonar invisibility from motion-sensitive German mines that was needed.

Starting in the summer of 1943, Bob says he worked on the USS Martha’s Vineyard, an experimental minesweeper in Block Island Sound. Bob was a civilian but there were, of course enlisted sailors aboard, who would share “scuttlebutt” with him about a previous experiment that had been conducted on that ship. (He reminded me that the National Security Act hadn’t been passed yet).

Bob said the sailors told him of a previous experiment on the ship, during which they looked out of the windows and recognized the Philadelphia shipyards, where they’d been docked 2 weeks previously and about how everyone was panicking and how one (not several) unfortunate sailor found himself merged with the ship’s steelwork, near the bottom of a doorway. His body had been cut out and the rest sanded down and painted over. Bob describes being taken by the sailors to the spot, where he could see the fresh coat of paint over the “splash cowling beneath the sliding doors.”

So, here’s why I’m bringing up the story of Bob Beckwith:

In his own self-published book, ‘Hypotheses’, Bob expounded on his theory about “Divided Space”. He theorized that “bubbles” of Divided Space could be created and separated from what he called “Universal Space” by applying three counter-rotating EM fields of enough force. 

He explained this is what enables UFOs to take 90º and 45º turns at thousands of Gs without breaking up; because these craft possess technology that generates a field of Divided Space around them.

So, it’s very interesting to me that the leaked footage seen in this Greg Reese video shows three small objects revolving around the fuselage of the airliner before they all disappear in an endothermic blip with no heat signature – or what Ashton Forbes suggests is a “phase transition” of the plane, “where it is, in our minds obtaining the properties of quantum and able to speed off at potentially light speed or greater, faster than the frame rate can even catch it.” 

Bob told me that by the late ’90s, the US Navy had developed this technology to the point where the entire Osprey Class of minesweepers had teleportation capabilities and that these ships could literally blip themselves to anywhere on the planet that their captains wanted to go and that they could also place the ships one second ahead of Universal Space/Time while cruising and thereby go unseen. He said he’d taken a tour of one of these minesweepers and there didn’t seem to be any secret about these capabilities among the crew. 

Bob wrote another short book called ‘Levitation, Teleportation and Time Travel’. Both Bob and the contents of this book are referenced in a 15-page document that Richard Dolan called “The UFO leak of the century”, which was entered into the public record during the May 17th 2022 Open House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee hearing on UFOs (“UAPs”).

Among many other things, the document confirms the existence of an “MJ-12-like cabal”, the 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, alien bodies and an ultra secret UFO crash retrieval and back-engineering program operating completely outside of government oversight and which was still active as of 2002.


by Greg Reese

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8th 2014. On May 19, about nine weeks later, a leaked video was published to YouTube by a third party who claimed to have received it on March 12th. The video shows what appears to be a jet airliner on fire being trailed by three spiraling orbs. Eventually, the three orbs change to a vertical pattern and disappear in a flash with the airliner, leaving a dead-end trail of smoke in the sky. A month later on June 12th, a second video was published to the same channel that showed the exact same event taken from a different viewpoint. These videos have been deleted from YouTube but can still be found on archive-dot-org.

Ashton Forbes and his team have been researching these videos extensively, and have provided exhaustive evidence that these videos are legitimate. Including digital forensics verified by CGI professionals, eyewitnesses, and government data, Forbes and his team have successfully addressed all de-bunker claims and have listed them for all to see on X-dot-com @JustXAshton. So far, nobody has been able to de-bunk this research.

Their research shows that the first leaked video was taken from a pair of American signals intelligence satellites known as USA-229. Twin satellites capable of creating 3D stereoscopic images by capturing two slightly different views. The twin USA-229 satellites are logged at the exact location, time, and apparent angle required to of captured this video. This event occurred at around two-thirty in the morning, it was completely dark, the wavelengths captured by these cameras are for detail, and the stereoscopic effect allows for added depth perception.

The source of the second video has been identified as an MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned combat drone with Infrared and thermal technology. This video focuses on the heat signature.

And the man responsible for leaking these videos seems to be Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin. He was accused of being a spy, but court transcripts prove that this was just spin. The details of his crimes, including the time they happened, are redacted, but it came out in the trial that the classified information in question was published on the internet. And Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin had full security clearance to the same technology used to capture these videos.

Using Inmarsat satellite ping data and military radar to track its path, and eyewitness testimony to verify it, Forbes put together the final flight path of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370:

On March 7th at 16:42 UTC Flight 370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. At 17:21 the plane abruptly turns back towards the nearest airport in Penang. A witness on an oil rig reported that the plane was on fire. Several witnesses along the East Coast reported hearing a loud bang and seeing a glow coming from the plane as it passed overhead. At 17:52 the co-pilot’s mobile phone pings the local tower. At 18:40 an eyewitness on a boat reported that the plane was glowing orange and appeared on fire. The Inmarsat ping data shows the same sharp left turn that we see in the videos, and then abruptly goes to zero as the plane disappears.

The CCP released Chinese satellite images that appear to be three orbs. They first claimed it was debris, and later said that releasing the image was a mistake. According to Chinese media, nineteen families have signed a statement claiming they made calls that connected to missing passengers after the disappearance but without an answer.

Some people are saying this was alien UFOs saving a plane from crashing. But this doesn’t explain the fact that three different advanced US military surveillance cameras captured this one event. Twenty-three of the passengers on board were related to Freescale Semi-Conductors, a field leading the development of super-conductor technology, which is what this appears to be. Some type of superconductor targeting system for teleportation. Which is reminiscent of what the NAZIs were doing with their highly classified Die Glocke project.

Luminous objects like this were first reported in May of 1940 as Germany invaded Belgium. And by 1942 several people reported seeing them in the skies over Germany. American pilots during World War Two called them, Foo Fighters.

And let’s not forget Gary Mckinnon, who in 2002 was accused of perpetrating the “biggest military computer hack of all time”, and who claimed to have seen evidence of an advanced off-world military fleet.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • looks like CGI & I’ll remain skeptical for now, but when I see fact checkers claiming it was fake by saying “likely a graphic creation.”, it makes me suspicious as well.
    “likely” doesn’t prove it being fake, so I wish these fact checkers would just shut up.

  • Good to have you adding content again! I was born the end of July 1947, after a 48 hour near death ritual with my Mom resolved by a large pair of pliers and a young Dr. trained to use them. So I got a bit of a jolt that left me knowing that I was alive, but not quite remembering just why. So flying Saucers were being talked about in my youth and I was always found them to be interesting, The second world War loomed in my memory as a kid, as I was a child brought into the world by the deeds of the central banks and their band of degenerates The Third Reich. My Mother met my father on a train whilst he was being deployed in the army like the thousands upon thousands of post war boomer kids! 1947 seems to be a year and time period associated with so many pivots and diversions that have led to this moment in our history. The intelligence take over of our government by the NSA, the cover-up of UFO activity, the devolution of of education, the break down of the economy, the control of information from news media, etc.. etc.. all pointing to a moment when we either lose it all, or we awaken in a tsunami of enlightenment that washes over our entire world’s awareness, as in the story of, “The Hundredth Monkey “! So, all I’m saying is…Thanks for sharing the Sweet Potatoes, and have a most beloved Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Alexandra.
    I don’t know the circumstances, but this ForbiddenKnowledgeTV site is really suffering due to your loss. I do miss you.

    • This domain was targeted for destruction by the Censorship Industrial Complex and the job is nearly complete.

      This site has only one person behind it (me). I stopped sending the newsletter for 10 days, because I’ve been driven out of business. I need to figure out how I’m going to survive, because NewsGuard has blacklisted my domain with the ad networks and prevented me from receiving advertising income.

      I will have to restart with a new domain and/or use Substack and find sponsors and do a combination of things I haven’t been doing.

      • Hang in there, Alexandra. My Texas AG Ken Paxton & Elon Musk are targeting “Media Matters”, and they will be the first of the Censorship Industrial Complex to fall. Paxton has been through Hell the last couple of months, and like me, knows how to savor the taste of sweet Revenge. “Media Matters” should be only the first of many, and I hope to see Soros cry.
        Stay in touch and let us know what and where you decide to do.

  • I was delighted to get your newletter today! I look forward to them everyday but hadn’t received them the past few days. Thank you, you are my favorite!

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