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Last week, COVID vaccine injury victim, Brittany Galvin appeared on the Stew Peters show and her neurologist confirmed that her injection with the Moderna “vaccine” is the cause of her affliction with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune condition that affects the peripheral nervous system, resulting in a rapid-onset muscle weakness, paralysis and death.

Since her appearance last week, the Stew Peters show has been contacted by hundreds of other victims who say they have received this exact same diagnosis but as Peters says, “When they try to tell the world, they’re censored, blocked, banned, canceled.”

Another symptom that has become undeniable is the magnetization of the body, which everyone initially thought was a hoax.  Thousands of people have taken to social media to record themselves sticking refrigerator magnets on their injection sites and house keys on their foreheads but few physicians have been willing to step forward until now.

Heath Economist, Dr Jane Ruby, with more than 20 years in pharmaceutical research joins Stew Peters to explain why we’re seeing these magnetic effects associated with the COVID injections. She explains that manipulative magnetic nanoparticles were deliberately added to the shots, because “It is a more aggressive delivery mechanism to get it [the mRNA that creates the spike proteins] into every cell in your body. It’s a process called ‘magneto-fection’…they are using magnetic fields through different chemicals to actually concentrate the mRNA into peoples’ cells. This is in alignment with everything we’ve been reporting for weeks, now. We just know what and how is behind these magnetic phenomena, where people are having these items are sticking to them.

“So, what it is is a lipid nano-particle and it’s a super delivery system and there are places in your body that synthetic DNA and RNA should not be going and yet, this approach forces the material – the mRNA encoding – to force your cells to make, over and over again, these dangerous spike proteins all over your body. It’s actually a forced gene delivery system.”

She says we’re going to hear more and more about SPIONs, which stands for Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, “Where they’re putting this magnetic field technology in and around the lipid-nanoparticle envelope…to get this mRNA into your cells.

“Why do they need to do that? Because the mRNA is so delicate, so easily-degraded – it’s another reason why it has to be stored, you know, the Pfizer shot material needs to be stored at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.”

There are hundreds of components called “polymags” that are available in 200-mcg vials that can be used to put magnetic fields around your molecules. Dr Ruby cites a German company called Chemicell which sells these with the following disclaimer, “‘The magno-fection reagents and all of its components are developed, designed, intended, sold for research use only.’ And here’s the frightening part, Stew, ‘They are not to be used for human diagnostic or any drug intended for humans.'”

Dr Ruby believes Pfizer and Moderna are using these substances illegally, which is a crime against humanity and that the mechanism of these magnetized nanoparticles and reagents is what explains what we see in the chronology of Brittany Galvin’s videos, where, at first, we see magnetic objects sticking to her injection site and later, the objects are seen sticking to her forehead and cheeks.

She says, “This is why you must be given informed consent. You must be given the ingredients of anything going into your body and last but not least – just wait! We’re learning more and more every day.”

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  • Reading about Brittany Galvin’s experience with Guillain-Barré Syndrome and the magnetic effects of the COVID injections is deeply concerning. It’s shocking to learn that manipulative magnetic nanoparticles were intentionally added to the shots to forcefully deliver the mRNA throughout the body. This raises serious questions about the ethical practices of Big Pharma and the potential dangers of these gene delivery systems.

  • If the dumb parents that got vaccinated do not allow their children to be vaccinated then who is going to take care of these billions of children when their parent die?

    Also, I have never been vaccinated since I left was in the military nearly 40 years ago and my forehead is very magnetic. After a thorough cleaning using 99% Isopropyl alcohol can place a large steel paper clip and a mason jar lid on my forehead and they are clearly magnetically attracted. The lid will stay on even with my face parallel to the the floor (looking straight down) and the 2-inch paper clip stays on almost all the way down as I face the floor. I’ve not been able to locate any information on how this can be. It is not a vacuum attachment as some claim it might be. The lid clearly pulls itself onto my forehead when it gets close.

    • I did not know you could build a magnetic force! Good stuff haha I wonder if Decking nails would stick

  • i imagine that all drvers/pressers of covid vax (jew media, freemasons, satanists, illuminaty ,governments) are telepaticly steered servants of enemy aliens which want depopulate this planet for themself . therefore i plead :
    KILLED !

  • The purpose of this substance is to make people magnetic for the Wifi . Making people very ill, in a drop of a dime. The agenda is genocide against the people. Next time believe in Alex Jones.

    • Gee, I feel cheated. Got both doses of Moderna vaccine and neither magnets nor iron nor anything metal sticks to me unless I glue it or tape it on.
      Furthermore, shouldn’t I be sick or dying by now, since the vaccine is part of Bill Gates plan to depopulate the world, and kill off all his customers who buy his products? Heard that big Pharma somehow benefits from killing off all the people who use their drugs, and certainly big Government has plenty of reasons to kill off all its taxpayers.
      Odd thing is, the only people in my area who are dying are the unvaxxed COVID patients filling up our local hospitals – those poor folks are dropping like flies.

      • you should probably look at real world data. government based. which you would find it is not unvaccinated filling up your local hospitals. you should also pay attention to super fit athletes dropping like flies. I dont suppose you have seen so much of that when you get your dribble from the MSM. I cannot wait until you realise they’ve abolished your immune system. then we will see how enthusiastic you are to mock people that used their own brain to decline this poison. further more, you dont know the ingredients of this experimental vaccine you boast so highly about.

  • The say get the vaccine, get the vaccine, someone gets the vaccine and they are injured due to the vaccine being considered foreign by the person’s body and as a result the body attacking itself, then no one wants to hear it. It is amazing how there is pressure being applied to get jab, but when you do what they say but get injured , they either want to ignore you, blame any pre-existing condition you may have , or just straight out censor you

    • I don’t know anyone who has been injured by the vaccine, though I’ve read of a few rare cases. All the vaccinated people I know are doing quite well and have remained healthy all year. Unvaccinated folks are dying off like fruit flies in my local hospitals, however. I got injured recently and thought about going to the ER, but who wants to land in the middle of COVID Central? ICUs packed with really sick people.

      • Honestly? It’s quite the opposite in my experience. Everyone I know that has gotten sick with covid have been the ones that took the experimental jab.

      • My 38 year old son has had 40% of him s colon/anus removed and has micro blood clots!My family know 3 young people who developed stage 4 brain cancer who are going to die..I know more but I doubt you want to know👹stay safe from the boogie man from Davos.

  • Very interesting. Most folks are completely unaware of today’s nano technology’s. The accomplishments in this field are truly amazing. Things that were the stuff of science fiction are now mainstream. That being said I do have a beef with something in this very informative video. The girl shown sticking metal objects to her face has a penny stuck to her cheek. Magnets only react (stick) to metals that contain iron. A penny is a non ferrous metal. It does not contain iron and therefore does not react with a magnetic field. Real shame this scene greatly detracts from an otherwise very informative piece.

    • 1963

      Mr /Mrs you are already owned look at any of your documents they will all be in capital letters. If the are And they will Be, then you are owned by the (powers that be) : AUTHORITY.

      You are just a Bond traded on the NY stock exchange. All the PTB want you for ? Is your signature and the interest on the Bond. This is where the money is for THEM.

      Of cause, its Fraud. But not many sheep believe it. Just like they don’t believe Covid 19 is a fraud.

      Look up strawman.

  • All these grapheme oxide will damage to the heart, lungs,kidneys, will this set off my AFIB Rythum? I have diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and I might have kidney problems caused from a AFib stroke a year ago and I have a pacemaker implanted permanently to monitor my heartbeat and afib

  • Not to be unpopular BUT the developing world is NOT getting mrna vaxes. Any folks that will die will be your neighbors and ALL the healthcare workers. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t get vaxxed and hope to hold out. What do “they” stand to gain after all the docile dupes die?? “They” would be left with a group of sceptical critical thinkers and no doctors. The vaxxes very much could be something but they are not a one size fits all death pill.

  • If these SPIONS (superparamagnetic ioronoxide nanoparticles) are truly attached to the nano lipids carrying the mRNA coding for the spike protein (or whatever other mRNA recipy they decided to stick in there) and were purposely added to force the nano lipids + mRNA into the cell, still an external magnetic field is required to actually interact with the SPIONS to direct them their payload into the cell, right?

    So what external magnetic field(s) would be interacting with those SPIONS? Are the people displaying magnetic effects in viral video clips carrying a cellphone in their pocket, or standing close to wifi or other electrical appliances?

  • What socioeconomical effects can we expect when millions of people are not in the streets but in the morgue or rather dead at home or wherever they succumb to the vaxx?
    What is the globalists plan? Finish off the rest of us? I see a very strange future perhaps not worth living but since I believe there so much evil and ignorance there´s cause for a change to the better. Enlightenment. And in a way second coming of Christ. So very much worth living for and live for a normal society without corruption and fraud and all the problems and agendas I am witnessing in Sweden.
    I haven´t trusted the regime for a long time, more so the past 3 years and dismissed most of it as lies and fraud. As soon as covid 19 was all they talked about I saw right through it. AGENDA.
    I guess I wonder if it´s going to result i war between antivaxxers and illuminati/free masons or if the NWO is going to be overthrown/neutralized by powers we´re not aware of now and who would they be? The survivors perhaps. 3 billion people against the satanists.

    • I here they are flooding your country with criminals. Bad in the U.S. too. Chicago Mayor lets out murders and then they guess what ? ….murder days later . She then proceeds to blame guns and advocates for gun control.

    • Graphene Oxide is everywhere and builds up in the human body causing some people to be more magnetic than others.

    • The Chem trails might have nano particals in them. Because I heard the same as you from Dr. Lee Merritt. A family out in the country somewhere.
      She said 40 something percent of jabbed have become magnetic..not sure percent on unjabbed..I’ve also seen and out of the package have a magnet stick to it. Soooo air or food is my best guess..evil..I’m not getting a covid jab either. Magnet doesn’t stick to me. They are desperate to get the poisons in us. My Doctors assistant called today to try to get me in. I told her I’m healthy, and don’t need to come in now. Half hour later they called again..I didn’t answer.

  • The Globalists are culling the human herd, and the sheep are willing.

    I want to thank Dr. Ruby for her precise and truthful information, and for her courage.

    Just think……the Globalists took over the most heavily armed country on earth, with a scary story.

  • Prior to injections being available, there were very specific warnings about their safety being raised all over the internet, by actual doctors.

  • Excellent coverage – thank you. I was wondering who the female head of state might be who made the “useless eaters” comment in 2003 and think I may have a potential candidate. Could it be Helen Clark, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008? She has impeccable globalist credentials, having worked in senior positions for both the UN and WHO. In 2020 she was appointed co-chair of a panel set up to review WHO’s handling of the Covid pandemic but has been criticised for alleged favouritism towards China and WHO.

  • Well all the magnetic nanoparticle stuff checks out and even found where it’s not supposed to be used on humans. But all this is based on the fact that they put this stuff into the jabs, which this doesn’t prove. Without that, this is a unproven theory that I can’t pass on. This may put me behind the curve some, but makes me right and reliable in a world full of misinformation. So please provide that proof.

  • Your Death Sentence Awaits You! As These Jab are not cure But A Bioweapon. Sent By the China & Fauci to Destroy humanity in a Massive Genocide. Does anyone Think that Injecting Magnetize Particles Into Your Body is Going to Benefit You! Your Stone Crazy your life is on a Count down Clock..

  • Generally speaking, the philosophy behind science is that men and women are machines, and they have no free will, and they do what they do because they are obliged to.
    So we are not accorded any divine spark; this is why they feel that they can experiment on animals in whatever disgusting and inhumane ways they think fit.
    So experimenting on people, and not even telling them what they are doing, is simply an extension of this underlying attitude.
    Those who think that we should “trust the science” are therefore trusting in a very dark and soulless entity, which by no means has your “interests” at heart, because you are not even considered to be alive.

    • the why of the depopulation agenda. Dark skinned people must be considered even worse than not alive.
      Ever see the video Behind the Smoke Curtain: The 9/11 Pentagon Attack? Just how pathological was hitler? Well, in this video Barbara Honegger says that nazis/neocons took over the white house and the people working there did 9/11. She names them as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Chalabi, Perle, Zakowitz, etc. etc. etc. etc.
      So we have nazi criminals at the center of the american government. AND they are in cohoots with big pharma and fauci which Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. David Martin say are criminals.
      Truth second season episode 8 with Kennedy and Martin video.
      Butterfly of the Week Jan 11 2021 Dr. David Martin Hidden in Plain Sight video

      • The “Nazi” & “Hitler” Narrative is dead. Move on & find yourself a new enemy that Never existed to blame!

        • I have news for you, my grandmother died in the concentration camp. And my mom and her brother were on the list for concentration camps with 80% of all Polish kids. I know you think that you know better, but guess what my family lived just outside of the concentration camp . 2 kilometres exactly. And you think, living a whole life in New York or Chicago, you know better what was going there than my family living next door, with neighbours working as delivery food farmers ??? really ???

        • Victoria,
          I also found the book MERCHANTS OF DOUBT to be enlightening.
          What you wrote causes me to think that you don’t read or watch videos that say what is happening now is using the same propaganda used by hitler during WWII. So how can the nazi and hitler narrative be dead?
          2001 is not that long ago. Within the first five minutes I could tell that energy weapons/lasers had been used to dustify those towers. Then I found a book on this subject that showed a huge amount of pictures of all the lasered vehicles and burnt/melted fire engines and cars hanging in the air and holes shot into buildings, etc.
          Beyond that, I have been reading that China was being sold many western countries including america. I read that China bought the Grand Canyon and Hawaii and parts of Texas. I read that many oligarchs were selling off all this land so that they could move to east asia and rule from there. Then I read that China reneged on the deal because they didn’t want any american oligarchs owning any of china. I read that then these oligarchs that created the bioweapon used this bioweapon on the chinese in revenge.
          Still others say that ‘covid was made up” to hide that 5G is the real instigator behind those ‘vaccines” that are not vaccines. Many doctors are saying to not take those magnetized nano particles because they are very dangerous, as they think people have only a year or so to live past the jab. This is all about the depopulation agenda.

          • You mix things the wrong way. Propaganda is not nazi exlusive and cannot be generalised as such. This exactly type of propaganda exists for hundreds of years and every ideology can be pushed in extrems with it. Extrem left under Stalin was overall the same brutal and babaric minus the geno zide. And geno zides are also not nazi exclusive and can be found in many parts of the world over the centruies.
            You are right with you assumptions and explanations however Lidia is right too with her point the nazi narrativ is dead. Because what we face at the moment is not specific national socialm extremism paired with racism but a new form extremism of global technocratic feudalism paired with anti-humanism or something like that…

        • Well said Victoria. People blindly and foolishly throw out “nazi”. These same people eat up all the propaganda about how evil the nazi’s were but now suddenly dont trust the government. They Government has been lying to you for a long time. Do some actual research. The usa backed the wrong side. We defended a system of government that murdered 10’s of million of Christians and other innocent people. A system that doesn’t believe in your individual rights to anything. A system of government that is now poised to take over the world.

  • Are these companies trying to render humans into unsuspecting receiver/transmitters for future control purposes???? Extrapolate on this as you may, but the possibilities are endless!

    • Most likely yes, first to experiment upon and toy around with. Then control and finally destroy.

      • It is defnitily no accident that 5G and this type of vaccine come in the same time range. I fear the order will be one day: go after the not vaccinated they are the reason for all this death. :/

    • Exactly. Either China can kill 70% of Americans in one fell swoop with a high-altitude EMP (HEMP), or the Globalist Deep State regime can control/torture/neutralize/kill individuals or mobs/riots with small-scale directed EMP’s / directed energy weapons.

  • Something to know if you’re presenting Guillain-Barre symptoms. This requires very aggressive treatment right away. Physical therapy and deep massages that aren’t the pleasant, relaxing kind. You can make progress against this, but it’s difficult. It will take everything you’ve got, and God’s grace. But you can make it.

  • Thank you for exposing these disgusting people, may they all be held accountable and severely punished for their crimes against humanity xx

  • Well…now we know that these magnetofection substances are going all over the body as the vax is distributed (where it probably shouldn’t be.) Does this also mean that if we get an MRI…we might have a brain aneurysm or a stroke or a blood clot –or intense pain? Due to the interaction of the GIGANTIC magnetic field of the MRI machine, and the lipid nanoparticles????????? Inquiring minds want to know!

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