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    Parallel universes have haunted science fiction for decades, but a surprising number of top scientists believe they are real.

    In the mainstream, it is argued that there are three main types: 1). Some exist at the furthest edges of our universe; 2). Others hang out in an area surrounded by Dark Energy, cald the “multiverse”; 3). Others are right here, in the same space.

    It’s believed that you can’t travel to these other universes – but you don’t need to: there’s already an identical clone of you, who thinks s/he’s you…


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This program’s ‘revelations’, while well done and which is probably quite eye-opening and mind boggling to the neophyte, is old news to those of us who’ve read Science Fiction and Fantasy literature for most of our lives. I am quite comfortable with the fact that there are not only multiple universes/realities, but with the idea that there are ‘wormholes’ and sudden shifts; ‘glitches’ in the ‘matrix'(;0), as it were, that I’ve experience first hand.
      I had a subscription to ‘Analog: Science Fiction /Science Fact’ magazine from about 1972 to 1992. Back in the early to mid 70’s, they printed a scientific article about Quantum Mechanics that blew my mind, but at the same time, my 10 year old brain said, ‘Oh, of course!’ The article showcased the thought experiment of Erwin Schrodinger, which is simplified to ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’. The article I read paraphrased the experiment, thusly: A cat is placed in a box and we fire a shot into the box. Now, at this, exact moment, EVERY OUTCOME, EVERY POSSIBILITY, EVERY *REALITY* EXISTS, SIMULTANEOUSLY and only when ‘YOU’ open the box, will ‘YOUR’ randomly generated outcome/’reality’ assert itself and create ‘YOUR’ timeline.
      Heady stuff, but easily assimilated, if you’re a child and young adult, who experienced deja vu moments fairly frequently, but the concept was cemented when I experienced a quantum ‘time skip’ event that no one can ever explain: In 1976, my family moved across the street, into the house my parents had just bought. My sister and I were painting our new bedroom which was empty except for the step ladder that I was on, painting the ceiling white. My sister asked me to give her some money to go to the store to buy us some sodas. I dug a crumpled $5.00 bill out of my pocket and dropped it to her: It never reached her! In less than a foot of space between my hand and hers, it vanished! We were alone in the house; the room didn’t even have carpet, yet! We chalked it up to ‘the black hole’, as ‘Linda’ above, said. Now, in 1987, after the moving van left with my mom’s furniture, on it’s adventure to her new home in East Tennessee, I was making a last walkthrough and farewell to my teen years home. I was turning to walk out of my sister’s and my old room when I heard a swish noise. I turned back around and there, in the middle of the EMPTY ROOM, on the forest green carpet, lay a crumpled dollar bill. Amazed, I picked it up and straightened it out: It was a 1975, $5.00 BILL! Now, y’all can believe what y’all want, but it happened.
      I KNOW, by the level of pedantism, absurdity, stupidity, and outright nihilism that I see on a daily basis, that I’ve ‘slipped’ the time line that I was living on, in my early 20’s, because this ISN’T where MY WORLD was heading, back then! MY WORLD, that produced ‘Hands Across America’, wouldn’t, couldn’t have, JUST FIVE YEARS LATER, had ignorant, arrogant people writing letters to the Editor of the ‘Los Angeles Times’ calling for the imprisonment of the Homeless BECAUSE THEY WERE AN *EYE SORE*!
      In 1989, I read Richard Bach’s ‘One’, where in he’s able to return to his previous timeline, in which his wife survived a plane crash they were in, just by his belief that he could get back. Wow, if only *I* could!

    • This video can’t be read in Áustralia … strange as I’ve not had this problem before. best regards Karen

    • I find it most annoying when I want to view somethings that was sent to my email but then it says……”sorry not available in your country”. Please don’t send it then

    • Very thought provoking, I can only hope my many other “selves”, made better choices at different critical moments leading to a more positive outcomes. I would like to believe my very vivid and sometimes crazy dreams arw the result of my subconscious tapping into those other realities.

    • I think this film makes it more dramatic that what it really is. We go through changes up and down Parallel universes all the time. With every decision we make every day, it changes where we are.
      Example: Edgar Cayce gave a date of polar flipping in 1998. In that time line, he was probably correct. Everyone dismisses his prediction and says he was wrong because it didn’t happen…not in this time line. But who’s to say it didn’t happen in another. ( this is why time lines are really a sequence of events and if you pick ‘ dates ‘ instead, you will most likely be wrong.)
      I think it is more seamless and so beautifully orchestrated you can’t tell the difference. Except for little clues that tell you it has happened. Example: Did anything ever go missing in your house? Something small that you swore you bought or placed in a certain area but it’s not there. We jokingly call it the black hole. “Well I guess it went down the black hole, I could have sworn I put it there last night.” We are taught to pass this off as a memory lapse or forgetfulness. But like in the move The Matrix, that one little glitch with the cat caught everyones attention because they new what to look for.
      If you live your life in fear, that is what reality you will move towards. If you live your life with fearlessness that is the reality you will move towards. Easier said than done, but a very good goal none the less.

    • This is so facinating. I have a different story to tell, I have four adult children who seem to me very different! First off, their ears. Not one of them have earlobes, they were definately not like when they were small! My oldest has had very bad eyes since was a baby, he has evey one of the 8 muscles operated on. He has one eye that was much, much worse than the other and the lense on that side always had to be made in a special lab. He has worn glasses since he was 2 years old, and I had take him for therapy monthly for 12 years. Recently on a trip that the kids and I took I picked up his glasses, it was very strange to me because the one stronger lense was no longer thicker than the other.and when I tried them on the were barely stronger than my own eyes! Then I noticed that the lg. toe that had been operated on for a seriously infected hang nail was no longer different than his other foot! I swear to you that my son had never wanted to show this toe since the operation because it was horribly unattractive. If anyone has gone to a podiatrist they know how much of the nail is removed, never to grow back!

    • Dear Alexandra,

      Not available in the UK!

      Thank you for all the good works you do.

      Sadly most people prefer not to look up, prefer not to know and prefer not to hear!

      In other words, see no truth, hear no truth and practice not in the name of truth!

      Christopher xx

    • Hi Alexandra,
      The vidéo cannot be read as it says it has been blocked by you in our country (Canada). And what I find strange the message that is shown is in French!!


    • Hello Alexandra,

      Thanks for the link and the good work that you do.

      This video Living in a Parallel Universe cannot be downloaded.

      I am writing two books which includes the Parallel Universe.
      The first focuses on the Janus Principle of the Khazarians which is where the parallel universe comes into play but not in the form you necessarily would expect because we are talking about their Reptilian DNA Codes which makes them act in Terrorism with no compassion at all in their make up. Which is exactly why the off world and on world reptilians like them. The other face is still brutal for example in its banking form amongst many others. (Chemicals, Space, War are others)

      We are just food and in another sense just an animal for them to play with.

      Best regards

      James Hyslop
      +27 83 326 8887

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