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    This Linda Moulton Howe video is entertaining like a sci-fi movie, all the more so because the information she’s revealing was related to her by a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst named Sherman who claimed that he was telling her the truth.

    We know, however from the documentary ‘Miracle Men’ that disinformation is an adjunct to any official communication regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life, so it’s safe to say that this account likely contains a mix of truth and lies. Can you feel which parts are true and which are lies?

    Linda was told, “The big, big agenda of the Eben Zs (aka the taller Grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli) on this Earth laboratory…is that non-humans made the dinosaurs. He suspected the aliens either allowed or caused the large meteorite to hit the Gulf of Mexico 66 million years ago, in order to deliberately erase their dinosaur experiment. What came next on Earth was the rise of mammals that led to primates and to us humans, over centuries of genetic manipulation by other intelligences.

    “This was reinforced for me in 1999 by a retired Defense Intelligence Agency analyst. He said his job had been to monitor, quote ‘The geopolitical territorial conflicts of three competing extraterrestrial factions or species,’ close quote. The DIA analyst said alien presences have based themselves in various parts of Earth and our solar system and at least one type has been terraforming this planet and genetically manipulating Earth life for some 270 million years.

    “Sherman said that he had been told that the Ebens experimented genetically in Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal and then transplanted some of those altered human ET hybrids to what we call the Yucatan and Guatemala region of Central America.

    “Sherman said the Ebens used DNA, harvested and manipulated from Bhutan for another Eben genetic experiment, far away, to the other side of the world from the Himalayas. Then, in 850 AD, Sherman said the Ebens beamed up most of the Maya, e.g., human hybrids and transported them to another planet for unknown reasons.

    “And I said, well, ‘The Ebens’ genetic experimentation in Tibet, does that connect somehow to the Dalai Lama? I’m thinking about reincarnation through different beings and different cycles of life. Would that concept relate to an Eben supposedly telling an Air Force captain in 1949 that recycling of souls is the machinery of this universe?

    “And to my surprise, Sherman said, ‘Exactly!'”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra, Thanks for a tolerable , to the point rebroadcast of this. It strikes the root BUT does not propose “solutions”. Let me propose one here: daily practice Out Of Body protocols whereby you can learn to control the processes of reincarnation and return OR NOT as one desires. Evolution of the spirit is a one off experience. You need not put a “quorum” together to make this happen . I recommend studying the protocols of William Buhlman and Robert Monroe as an or try point into this realm…. You needn’t spend years or decades this is spiritual technolgy” available TODAY NOW…

    • I’ve long been a fan of LMH, the high priestess of the ET religion. Her fascinating tales are a mixture of temporal reality and fantasy. It’s a little like reading a novel meant to depict reality.

      I appreciate her investigations even though I don’t believe all of her conclusions or all of the conclusions of others whose imaginations are limited to a three dimensional temporal recycling operation.

      Its entirely possible that LMH is either knowingly or unknowingly part of a deep state psy-op intended to deceive the nations with the ultimate objective of causing them to believe in some awesome thing or another about beneficent super beings much better at governing humans than humans.

      Though LMH is entertaining, her audience should keep it in perspective, it’s not entirely real.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      As I have oft explained, I am part of an unknown organisation set up initially to backward engineer the two space-craft following the Roswell crash. The same organisation owns the now-defunct research centre at Area 51, currently in the news.

      I was first contacted by a member a decade ago after I published the initial design of my Healing House.

      It turns out that contact was my Ancient brother in many earlier lives.

      I remember him writing to say when, several years ago, a lot of Ancient artefacts starting washing up on the coast of India: “You and I walked the shores of Dakwar together a million or so years ago, and we shall walk there together again in this life, of that I am certain”.

      My Ancient brother, Dan Carter, has produced a series of four books entitled Outremer ‘Who Controls the Past, Controls the Future’, presently in an initial trial sale on Amazon. Anyone wanting to know the truth about our past would be well advised to purchase the inexpensive softback versions.

      Since that initial contact, the extraterrestrial whom was my Ancient father in many former lives has befriended me and given my research much support, details of which I cannot reveal on here.

      Despite all the nonsense that has been taught in universities, colleges and schools around the world, extraterrestrials really do exist on earth in vast numbers, and regardless of what Linda believes, they are here only to help save our planet and humanity from those whose intentions are pure ‘Evil’.

      I and my fellow siblings all lived as one family at the time of Moses, and subsequently in numerous times in between.

      Those of you whom have studied history will know that the Nazis sent many scientists to Antarctica at the end of World War ii, and discovered a working Portal there, that enabled them to go back in time. There was apparently a considerable fight with ‘Our Friends Out There’, aka OFOT, for the Nazis tried to go back in time to change the course of history.

      It is the reason, Admiral Byrd hightailed it back to the USA and would not speak of what he discovered.

      Today, despite all the nonsense that one reads regarding our human attempts at space travel, my colleagues regularly travel the full extent of our universe and beyond using Portals, much as in the Sci-Fi series Stargate, that is extremely realistic I would add!

      I could write so much more, but would likely get my fingers wrapped, but do rest assured that whilst there is an ‘Evil’ presence in the Universe, namely the Anunnaki, we should soon be clear of their danger once Nibiru and its twin dark star has moved from earth’s presence once again.

      All other extraterrestrials on earth are friendly to us humans, unlike we humans I would quickly add!


      • Hi Christopher,
        I am a Christian and trying to find more information on reincarnation because I am a therapist and have the experience of people spontaneously going to past events, when it is helpful to their treatment. I would like to reconcile these behaviors and hoping that you might point me to something very real and concrete as the orthodox Christian community just writes it off as demonic influence making you see past events to lead you from God. It does the opposite though. It makes me thing that God is loving and not a fire and brimstone one chance only kind of Father.
        Also, when should Nibiru and the dark star be moving away? I am a therapist and am seeing a lot of evil influence especially on teenagers. They tried to stop me as well. I am looking for hope here that we are near the end of the oppression.
        I got an answer during prayer once that Annunaki and Nephilim are essentially the same as the “fallen angels”.
        Can you help?! Thanks so much in advance for anything/everything you provide!!


    • I have seen and have had my share of contact experiences, I do not know what is going on or why I have seen these “things” and others have not. They are here and have been around for sometime. Linda offers a theory, I do not trust anything that comes from this military government or the intelligence agencies. But we should keep an open mind and be aware that “they” are here. I guess that is why we have mysteries…

    • Love Linda, however, I do believe that she has been led for quite some time, for she has lots of followers.
      In the words of the late, great Lloyd Pye, “We were modified” of that I am sure.
      As far as soul harvesting, I believe we are recycled, I myself have had glimpses of past lives while on this round. Also, when I was 19, I had a motorcycle accident, was comatose for a day and a half, when I was out and about without the flesh, I went into a white tunnel, and met some-thing that told me, without words, “you must go back, it’s not time yet” then I woke up in the hospital, and I was sedated.
      Take what you will of my story, and Linda’s.
      But of one thing I am sure of, we are an experiment.
      And religions, are a control device. I am not saying I don’t believe in a higher power, I do.

      Make it a better one.

    • I know no thing is coincidence, chance or by accident. In the past couple of days, I have watched SerialBrain2’s decodes on chemtrails. The technology to clean our skies is not from Earth. I then watched the interview with the #QBaby parents on YouTube IntheMatarixxx. Listening to the mother talk about her radio going off and then back on, and what she texted to her guy, I realized that a seed was planted in her mind. That seed inspired her to go to Trump’s rally in NC. I had already watched the rally in which Trump made such a show of the “beautiful baby” wearing the Q T-shirt. And today I get this timely post from Alexandra.
      It is my contention that the #Qanon population is being gradually and lovingly informed that disclosure is coming. I have no doubt. It is a beautiful thing because I know we have great beings who love us in our midst. SB2 is right. The poisoning of our atmosphere was for the benefit of those beings who own/run the “machine” of recycling humanity through reincarnation. And Yes. A Jehovah being is and has always been in control. That’s why the satanic element of our society is being exposed. It is the Jehovah mindset we have always struggled with, lifetime after lifetime. The self-destructive survival attitudes we call hate and its many adjectives. Love is the answer. We are being helped. And like our president says, we are going to keep on winning.
      Religion is a concept purposefully given to humanity to keep our focus on “making better.” A concept so beautifully portrayed by the life of our internet boy, Aaron Swartz. Motivated by much, much, much LOVE. Disclosure is near.

    • Linda is always entertaining but I sobered up a lot by reading JP Farell’s book; Roswell and the Reich. I don’t doubt aliens exist but as I see all around us today and what the PTB need to do to contain the majority I wonder if it isn’t the other way around.

      Yes, humanity momentarily is damaged and we need to heal ourselves but ultimately I think it is our potential that scares the bejeezus out off the aliens.

    • And the video ends on a very creepy note re the Ebens, of which I hope is false. If not, this world definitely is a hologram and all religion, a complete fraud.

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