TruthStream Media is back with another incisive look at the emerging Technocratic future and at the ultimate implications of the Internet of Things, which is not just about nonstop monitoring but of behavioral modification using Artificial Intelligence. Generations being born today may know no other kind of life.

Consider the implications of this when we know that Google is doing everything in their power to rig elections in favor of Globalist candidates who will turn the planet into a “no free speech zone”, like Europe – or worse, like China, Google’s favorite business partner.

Last week, PayPal Founder Peter Thiel urged an investigation of Google’s “seemingly treasonous acts,” in allowing its contracts with the DoD to lapse, in favor of working on projects with the Chinese Communist Party.

Thiel asked whether the Deep Mind Artificial Intelligence research program of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. or their senior management had been “infiltrated” by foreign intelligence agencies. “These questions need to be asked by the FBI and the CIA,” Thiel said, “And I’d like them to be asked in a not excessively gentle manner.”

Examples of related questions might include: 1. How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated Google’s Deep Mind? 2. Does Google management consider itself thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence? 3. Is it because of Chinese infiltration that they will work with the Chinese military and not with the US?

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  • Voyeurism is the essence of this technology. Thank God, there is a divine plan that nullifies this creep system!

  • Truthstream Media has done it again. Great presentation of the nature of 5G. I am so glad to be aware of the 30,000 foot view. We will be freed from this invasive technology because our #GreatAwakening comes with the expansion of spirit and help from the unseen. Bots may control the material, but No Thing can control our truer nature which is divine, unless we invite it as Truthstream has shown. This is why this technology is being rolled out. Those developing it are terrified of the power we have when we are UNITED and INFORMED. #Q Everything is already connected in nature and consciousness, that aspect of self that seeks to know and make better (think quantum entanglement). I feel certain the day is coming when all of this technology will be turned off. And humanity will be lifted into a greater awakening of who we really are. Divine beings evolving a planet and the journey of the human being to remember our origin. We are divine. We will win.

  • Daniel Hopsicker [] once penned, ”
    the MSM is 10 miles wide and a 1/2″ thick.” Nothing deep there.

    Deep state is a misnomer. Nothing deep there either.

    Should be control state.

  • Invasion of the body snatchers.
    You too can be programmed to do the left thing!
    How else is AI going to learn to program you?
    Freedom, what does that mean to YOU?
    Google works for China, and the socialist UK, and EU. The US patent office is the UK. I believe I know what “our” FEMA camps are all stocked up for, reprogramming, and elimination of those not reprogrammable. Big Brother is at work.
    Someone please tell me I’m wrong.


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