These interviews with three centenarians is beautiful. Neither of them looks a day over 80! Each of them has a childlike enthusiasm. The first man, Cliff Crozier looks like he’s living completely independently in his own lovely house, walking without a cane.

They’re all fundamentally upbeat and have a sense of humor. Their stories are adorable and the production is artful, with lovely views of the Wirral peninsula and the Irish Sea on the Northwest coast of England.


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  • Who wants to get old?
    These extreme outliers (6 sigma) illustrate
    how rare good heath is amongst old people.

  • Don’t look a day over eighty? Egads, I had to run to the mirror, I’m eighty and surely I don’t look like that do I? Nope, not even close. That was a relief.

    This is what I’ve come to expect from fifty year olds.

    There is no secret to long life, there are many factors, but frankly long life has never been an objective for me. One can set in a pickle jar for a hundred years for what purpose? If you’ve got a worthy purpose, pursue it until you drop no matter what age.

    If one hasn’t such a purpose, find one and pursue it, but be careful what you wish for.

    • I’ve become so used to looking at my 70-something parents who each fought cancer for years before they passed away over the past 2 years and they were not looking so good. My 84 year old stepfather plays tennis 3 days per week but he’s not normal.


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