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This is a completely hilarious, profound, stark, realistic and brief talk by the brilliant Alain de Botton.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • You have to fall into this guys classification or paradigm to fit his ” knowledge” notice how when he says we are all addicts, he then says we need to redefine addiction to fit his theory .interesting sort of, not very useful .

  • At a certain age, maybe at about 33 years, I discovered that I am not the product of my education. I am something else. I realized I lived a kind of love by education and found out this is not right any more for me. I started my search for universal love and found it at my age of 37 years.
    On this search I told the one who wanted to hear it: I am not a father, not a son, not a brother etc. I am a human being, maybe playing such roles.
    Now I could find out which roles were wrong according universal love and drop these roles/behaviors.

    At my age of ca. 15 years, I said to my girlfriend:
    love is a feeling, which my feeling feel when I feel somehting what I never felt before.
    Love is renewing my being, where I steadily discover new forms of I.
    This love transforms old love/educated love.

    In fact love is an attraction force, where like attracts like,
    so where pain attracts pain and love attracts love.
    By this proces it is possible to transform pain and grow in love.

    Psychic love happens by the bipolar big brain, by good and bad.
    Spiritual love happens by the stem brain, where love is right beyond any gender/duality.

    I agree with the speaker, moreover it is just the beginning of love.

  • Whew! A potpourri of a subjective, snowstorm of philosophic and pop psychology ideas from a male chatty Cathy who hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. Entertainment for pseudo-intellectuals, but really bad advice if one takes it seriously.

    • I totally disagree with Jon on his assessment. I am a psychotherapist and Alain is pretty much spot on in this easy to watch presentation. You might read some Harville Hendrix on this topic as well. “Getting the Love You Want” for example. This is definitely not bad “advice”, rather some delicious food for thought in my opinion.


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