Updates on the campaign trail, running as an unaffiliated candidate for Ohio Secretary of State.

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  • I commend you for running for office, I commend you for having the guts to call out the pedophiles, and I commend you for standing up for Ohio. I live in California which is a state lost to the Democrats. No one mentions California anymore because it is so lost. California locked down the schools for two years and let poor kids go to school on their cell phones. California got rid of philosophical, religious, and everything but the most restrictive medical exemption for vaccines. Thousands of people protested but it made no difference because we have a super majority of Democrats in the legislature and they take orders from mysterious places. I have no idea if California is run by globalists or the Communist party of China. Maybe it is combination of both. Supposedly our Governor gets money from the Chinese, but he is also for sure one of Claus Swab trained leaders long with the leader of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. People look at California and say, “I’m voting Republican”. I’m not saying Republicans are perfect, but they care about civil liberties, and they do care about children and women more than Democrats. Don’t ever believe a child or a woman is better off here. It’s the worst state for women, the worst state for children. At least be glad you aren’t California.


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